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World Team Now


World Team is a multi-media project with a platform supported by people, like you, who realize that they are citizens of the world.

We are committed to discover ways to unite people beyond country, culture, religion, politics, or economic status and awaken the common commitment to live in balance with our natural resources and embrace global environmental and social issues of consequence...

You are being invited because you realize the importance of raising consciousness. You value our natural resources and know it is important for the world to come to a more responsible balance of what we use, and to realize the power of how our actions can influence future generations.


We intend to show people what it is like to create a big vision one person at a time, one resource at a time… and to share the journey with the world. There are many ways you can be part of the team; Follow our adventure through the blog, become a volunteer, make a donation, or collaborate as a partner, and join our Friends and Allies' programs.


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We are inviting you to be on the team, the World Team, and to join our non-profit organization World Team Now (WTN).


World Team Now's Gala Event June 9th

Join our nonprofit  World Team Now   for an exclusive event to celebrate the launching of the World Team project's  SOS-IS multistakeholder partnership and surprise announcements of members in the World Team. The event includes open bar, oyster tasting, amuse-bouche, softshell crab, sea scallops, ricotta toast, tomato and watermelon, and french fries. The event is being held at Grand Banks, a celebrated oyster bar aboard the historic wooden schooner, Sherman Zwicker located on Pier 25 in Manhattan on the Hudson River. See to take in how special this event will be. You might have noticed the .org – Grand Banks is famous for its leadership in the sustainable seafood movement and is a partner in The Billion Oyster Project and generates funds to support maritime conservation, education, and preservation.


The gala is sponsored by  EARTHx . Our deep appreciation goes to EARTHx


More details on our Gala will be updated here and on our Facebook Page at and Twitter feed WorldTeam1 as we know them.


Grand Banks Pier 25 @ N. Moore St. and West St
Hudson River Park New York, NY 10013


There is an Icon parking garage on Greenwich St. just south of N. Moore, and limited street parking on the northbound lane of West St. There is also street parking on streets in neighborhood of Grand Banks,Tribeca







Malibu Charging Station Installation


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