Our path for World Team Now is to create change, show it through the journey of teams of people, as they take on environmental and social projects.


Our pilot World Team project is the Malibu Solar Roof on “The Sunset Restaurant,” in 2009. Team World Corps'(“World Team Now’s”) first gala dinner event was held in December 2, 2007 at The Sunset. To learn more about the event and the Sunset Restaurant, click here:




Policy & Politics: Shining the Light on Solar Energy


A good for beginning real change in politics is to know that Congress passed an 8-Year Extension of Solar Investment Tax Credit


This historic legislation extends the 30-percent federal investment tax credit for both residential and commercial solar installations for 8 more years.


This legislation will:


  • Extend for 8 years the 30-percent tax credit for both residential and commercial solar installations;


  • Eliminate the $2,000 monetary cap for residential solar electric installations, creating a true 30-percent credit;


  • Eliminate the prohibition on utilities from benefiting from the credit;


  • Allow Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) filers, both businesses and families, to take the credit; and


  • Authorize $800 million for clean energy bonds for renewable energy generating facilities, including solar.


The energy presented with the Inauguration of President Obama is historical and represents the best of what can be united within us: unity within the possibility of freedom, and change for ALL.