The global day of Climate Action orchestrated by 350.org was indeed a success if measured by the people and venues around the world who all participated.  What a fun way for the public to learn about climate science, through community team work.  We at World Team Now had our “O” make it into the North America 350 Montage, and were excited to be on the team that produced events. We all have to celebrate our moments of success especially now.  The tasks are daunting with the USA energy policy facing Congress, and with the hopes of a Global Energy Treaty coming out the upcoming international COP15 UN conference. It is time for our world to create policies with the best interest for all and commit to a plan of action for humanity to live in balance with our resources.   This  seems impossible, but knowing our future is at stake, based on Climate Science  presses the urgency of protecting our natural resources now while we can make a change. But the steps occurring, now like the funding for  smart grid projects,  electric vehicles, incentives and programs supporting green buildings & jobs, and  alternative energy projects  are  all  good places to begin a huge transformation.