The spotlight is on renewable energy as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) releases a new breakthrough report that moves us closer to World Team’s vision for our future.  This report supports this unprecedented era with our earth and energy for transformation. The report on renewable energy announced in Abu Dhabi by the UN supported IPCC shows that a rapid transition is already underway as renewable energy technologies grow quickly.  It solidifies that renewable energy has enormous potential and still remains largely untapped.

World Team Now is about renewable energy demonstration projects around the world by global teams.  We plan to demonstrate how renewable energy can meet 100% of the world’s energy needs.  Our goal is to demonstrate the rapid transition from unsustainable sources of energy such as; coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear to these ideal renewable energy sources gifted to us:

World Team Now focuses on how these specific renewable energies sources can “team up” together to supply 100% of our energy needs with projects like solar desalinization, electric vehicle charging from renewable energy sources and net metering.

–       According to the IPCC report, renewable energy capacity grew in 2009 despite global financial challenges: wind by over 30%, hydropower by 3%; grid-connected photovoltaics by over 50%, geothermal by 4%, solar water/heating by over 20%, and ethanol and biodiesel by 10% and 9% respectively.

The electricity produced from these renewable energy sources combined with the transformation of building and transportation sectors, the storage and transmission of energy, and the emergent smart grid hold the key.

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We want to rally to encourage all leaders in a position of influence to support renewable energy policy, and to read the IPCC member countries report’s Summary for Policymakers that shows what can be done and how to do it effectively, and inspires immediate action for the low-carbon transition. The report includes over 160 scenarios on six renewable energy technologies reviewed by global team of technological experts and scientists who underline the significant future role in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and powering sustainable development.

We can solve the climate change crisis and have our economies grow simultaneously. Reminder of the “eco” or ecology and economy, Germany, Denmark, China, Brazil are the new leaders with thriving, vibrant economies geared up for the future. Projected investments in renewables are expected to create at least 20 million jobs in the sector – more than today’s fossil fuel industry.

The volume of newly installed renewable energy capacity in 2010 was almost the same as old-energy – the tipping point is predicted within a couple of years. 2010 was also the second year in a row where investment in renewables outstripped those going to new fossil fuel plants. This is not a specialist niche market – renewables are where the future lies, and the opportunities for growth and innovation are there now.

Private investors and businesses are going green. Major fund managers are diverting vast amounts of capital to projects in countries where governments are showing clean energy and climate leadership. The leaders in the clean energy race all have one thing in common: strong national policies. There is huge opportunity at this time, and with global policy frameworks, we do have the changes to transform our world.

We especially want to acknowledge the work of World Wildlife Foundation with their report that also reaches for 100% renewables like World Team Now, and the Energy [R]evolution campaign from Green Peace with their video and their work with the IPCC.  Our mission at World Team Now is to use teamwork to help build the environmental movement and each of the partners in the Tck, Tck, Tck campaign hold a key to our future.  We honor how each organization from different parts of the world can make the concept of a “World Team” work. The IPCC report confirms the fact that with infrastructure, technology, and policy we can re-invent our world.