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“Groundhog Day All Over Again”

© by Suzanne Maxx 2-2-2016


It’s Groundhog Day! Today the Groundhog has not seen his shadow, so we can “SPRING” past winter! This is according to Punxsutawney Phil, and a team of other Groundhogs, in different locations.

Today, the energy sector mirrors the Groundhog Day’s dynamic, not seeing the shadow, overcome by light! Fossil fuel drops further, till #100%RenewableEnergy is global.  This is the kind of global Groundhog Day that deserves repeating!

“The energy sector reflects #GroundhogDay dynamic, shadow-fossil fuel shares drop, light #100%RenewableEnergy grows!” WorldTeam1 wrote on Twitter. Does it sounds like we said this before? Well, “Yes.”–it’s Groundhog Day, and we will repeat! May this reality repeat.

The iconic movie, “Groundhog Day” is one of our favorite comedies- forever, and we are not alone. Today, this must see comedy too deserves repeating, and if you have never seen it before, it is a “must see” film.

“Groundhog Day” lives now not just as a weather, or community ritual to predict when the winter ends and spring comes.  Groundhog Day has grown into a collective expression.  The expression “Groundhog Day” refers to a situation that repeats until it changes.

We reflect on the core stages of awareness with the movie Groundhog Day. Each time when the situation repeats, there is growth. When the situation stops repeating altogether, then there is total transformation, and freedom from the past.  Sound familiar?  Watch to see hedonism transcended  or uncover many religious, moral and ethical principles through Groundhog Day’s stages of awareness that reflect upon life’s spiritual journey. Dig deeper and you’ll see hints of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ principles on death and dying–All played out in a comedic way in the movie Groundhog Day.

May this Groundhog Day dynamic repeat until we have reached 100% renewable energy globally. Power to the People shows, we can participate in renewable energy power generation.  Our energy’s source of power can be in balance with our resources. Let’s do it, and REPEAT! “Groundhog Day” is true for us too, “Living Into A World  Team”! Let’s play to transform ourselves and our world.

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2015: A Year of Global Transformation

I think we all can agree that the time for change is here, now, and ripe! Next year, as the clock turns to 2016, may we look back on 2015 and realize we were able to take advantage of the freedom to play in the peaceful transformation of our world, and we indeed chose to take action and use our highest capabilities to imagine a better way forward.

Ready, set, CHARGE! Back when Electric Vehicle public chargers were just coming out in California, World Team Now helped the City of Malibu lead the EV charge. Screen the premiere of the edited footage of our “CHARGE”:

Jumping into the future we wish to look back and label 2015, as a year of “global transformation” –where our media platform; “World Team” became a tool to give all people the freedom and ability to play in the peaceful transformation of our world.  World Team Now’s mission, vision and goals were better fulfilled. Beyond the division of language and culture all people began to see the possibility of our World Team project.

In 2015 we teamed up to support our partner organizations and campaigns, in the environmental movement focusing on #Action2015, and honoring the clock’s time here on earth sounding, TckTckTck, the science behind made sense, and through Avaaz, our voices sung in harmony reaching more people, as we all teamed up for stewardship of our planet. A year everybody embraced change— to live in better balance with our resources.

2015 was a year world leaders reached an agreement to take action with global policy, better serving our environment with respect for nature, and humanity. Pope Francis’s Environmental Encyclical connecting faith and science helped  to move all people to better understanding and into climate action.

2015 events built the foundation for change in our structures; with actual buildings in “Getting to Zero”- National Forum, and uniting the nations in, Paris France at UNFCCC’s COP21 for climate action, resulting in global policy, that did justice to our planet’s situation.

Projects like Planet Solar, and the all solar airplane; Solar Impulse 2 succeeded in the around their world flight; and these projects also inspired many about the possibilities of renewable energy, like solar in 2015.  The 10 Island Challenge, moved vulnerable island nations as examples of being powerfully responsible flexible and adaptive.  All of this inspired us to take responsibility and really consider the triple bottom line— people and planet, along with profit.

2015 was a year we made a different choice as to what industries received subsidies, cut industries and projects that didn’t serve the collective stewardship of all people and for our world’s sustainability. Instead we chose to prioritized our collective resources for renewable energy. We were indeed “happy” inside ourselves, and our outer world reflected this happiness within ALL.

We imagined a better path forward in 2015, took action, and it became our reality. Are you willing to imagine, act, and team-up to make this possibility real?

May we all charge forward to live with love and stewardship for all species and our planet! We can imagine better possibilities of ways to live! Let’s team up for change in 2015 and realize our dreams!

As we look back at the year prior, and imagine the possibilities for the year 2015, we can let it inform us now.  We wish you a wonderful year that is prosperous, healthy, and where love lives present.

Earth days? Or an Era of Conscious Choice About Climate

In these days, times, call them “sacred” days, or “Holy days”— named differently, depending on religion or region of our world, but commonly viewed as Holidays!  Regardless of yours, we are wishing you happy ones!

World Team Now is an organization that is part of the TckTckTck global climate action campaign

World Team Now® is an organization that is part of the TckTckTck global climate action campaign.

The days are going faster blurring into years, beyond decades— more like an Era. This Era is different.  The question of our species’ future existence here on planet earth is up.  If you think this statement is extreme, read, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just released groundbreaking report on the impacts of climate change.  We need to begin to take immediate #ClimateAction, as scientists have declared from now to 2040 “The Era of Climate Responsibility”

Urgent Climate Action is needed not just for global leaders who could ratify game changing public policy, but also for us each to choose to prioritize action now with our choices.Take Action Memes

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just released a groundbreaking report on the impacts of climate change.

The report details the harsh realities of a warming planet, including increased food shortages, more floods, droughts and greater levels of poverty. Many of these impacts are already being felt around the world. U. N. ‘s IPCC report scientifically spells out the cause of the threat, also focuses on renewable energy solutions— calling  again for urgent Climate Action.  If you want some highlights of the of the IPCC report, check out WTN’s blog post on the IPCC report .

“Years of Living Dangerously,” a new television series that premiered this past Sunday, powerfully documents the real stories behind climate change and breaks through many myths that disrupt understanding about  humanity and earth’s reality.  It transcends usual bi-partisan and religious divides, which unfortunately are often associated with comprehension of Climate Change. If you missed it, or want to see it again the link to watch the Series Premiere is here. We think it is fabulous.

Blood Red Full Moon

Blood Red Full Moon
© World Team Now® (WTN) 2014. All rights reserved.

Recently many of us witnessed a Total Lunar Eclipse of the Blood Red Full Moon! Amazing is the grace of these natural cycles.  Clearly both the IPCC’s latest report and the television series deliver the same message in different ways, about the distinction between man’s choices and how we are indeed influencing natural cycles, yet have choice. World Team Now® looks at these times as a chance to exercise the wisdom we have in order to be better stewards of our planet.


The Beauty of Malibu

Reflecting on the Word Team Now®’s local campaign, the Natural Beauty of Malibu, and how we have a choice to use our world’s resources, are we, as humanity, individually doing our best, with our home planet?   Is the way we have organized our lives, in the context of the natural world, sustainable?   This is the driver behind the World Team Project— to show a different way.  For now, we have been working to demonstrate change by choosing renewable energy solutions to raise public awareness about one’s personal choice, and collectively, the responsibility we have, not only for the next generations, but also for our species at large.

It all becomes easier when it is a team effort.  World Team Now is teaming up with the local community in Malibu for another annual Earth Day event.   Come join us on April 27th— the details are here.  Click here to learn more about the history of Earth day, or find the nearest Earth day event for you, on the Earth Day Network.

World Team Now® understands that energy is a key, renewable energy wherever possible but especially in the transportation and the building sectors, plus teaming up to make it happen at the speed to meet the challenge.  The more renewable energy solutions that  we can find to combat the present sources of dirty extracted energy, the less chance of political unrest, civil war, famine, hunger, and drought, and other unthinkable extreme atrocities that can be brought on by Climate Change.

PV60 Event April 18th in Palo Alto, CA

PV60 Event April 18th in Palo Alto, CA

So days, like the one called “Earth Day” is  just like a birthday— it is what you make of it.  Celebratory and yet confronting, at least Earth day is a day for humanity to realize what the earth gives us. The promise of the Holidays associated with this time of year promise a resurrection, a passing over from one land into the next, a blooming— a coming to spring forward, fertility or ripe season— so are you ready for 100% Renewable Energy?  We are. What about a time of global transformation? Another step is we’re a supporting partner for the PV60 event in Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto, to celebrate 60 years of Solar Energy.  Go 100% Renewable Energy!

Solutions to the climate crisis are available now – a world powered by 100%  renewable energy is possible.  Aspen, Colorado is one of many towns, cities, businesses and other institutions  switching to 100% clean, renewable energy.  The solutions are here, now we just need leaders willing to take #ClimateAction.

Solutions to the climate crisis are available now – a world powered by 100% renewable energy is possible. Aspen, Colorado is one of many towns, cities, businesses and other institutions switching to 100% clean, renewable energy. The solutions are here, now we just need leaders willing to take #ClimateAction.

World Team Now's Facebook Page

World Team Now®’s Facebook Page

Flying around the world in an all-solar-powered airplane like the Solar Impulse 2, net -zero buildings (where one can pick fresh grown vegetables from a vertical growing farm outside your apartment window),  drive across the country in the all electric Tesla and use their EV solar charging stations with DC fast chargers, imagine renewable energy microgrids powering whole islands… These are not pipe dreams, they are really happening now— check out World Team Now®’s FaceBook page.  Here is where we try to move to the fast paced rhythm of global transformation and it is happening.  See posts on these topics and more renewable energy solutions in action, from brilliant entrepreneurs that inspire to cities like Aspen, Austin  and Palo Alto with climate ambition taking action now.

Each year, like a birthday, Earth Day’s meaning has changed.  Like a centennial with full memory intact, of the 100 years they have lived in their body, knowing that each breath matters, a metaphor— for where we may be as a species?  Why not make every day be an Earth day and every breath a powerful choice for the day to create our next Era of Energy— let’s reevaluate how we choose to power our world.  Do we use the wisdom and knowledge we have gained, to responsibly focus on what’s the highest good for all?

UN Climate Summit in September 2014, New York.

UN Climate Summit in September 2014, New York.

External energy and consciousness are not dissimilar— they all rely on a source.  Do you feel good about how you choose to source your energy?  With the World Team Project we are so eager to launch our World Team Platform, so you can come along while we demonstrate how we source our energy to renewables.   We hope to have the full World Team of twelve in action, together in Paris for COP21.  We all need it to be a game changer this time; meanwhile if not one of these holidays, we hope to see you in September for the UN Climate Summit  in New York City. Or join World Team Now® for our annual event October 12th— please save the date!

© World Team Now® (WTN) 2014. All rights reserved.

Nelson Mandela’s Heroic Leadership

nelson-mandelaNelson Mandela’s leadership is so admirable, and his life’s journey— heroic, and inspirational. When describing the acronym in World T.EA.M. Madiba, (Nelson Mandela’s clan name) was one of the people I used as an example for explaining A.ction. It was his choice to act for freedom at all costs, that set him apart from others.   Madiba was willing to use his life force for a greater truth then oneself only, or his own immediate family – a rare quality. Madiba gave of his T.ime, E.nergy, A.ction and M.oney. Madiba will live on in us with respect for redefining true freedom.  This is a freedom that lives in our hearts, an actual freedom standing courageously with reverence for the end to apartheid, and for a virtuous freedom that would embrace forgiveness.  This kind of forgiveness has self-sacrifice within it, and allows peace to reign within. His humility shined a light that was so bright it would elevate him to not just lead a movement, but as a former prisoner, lead a country. He stood for truth and persevered, living true to the virtues of a real life hero, an icon and living saint;

“I ‘m not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying,” President Obama recalled him saying.

Coaches2.qxdMadiba personally inspired World Team, with his stand for both social and environmental justice. We had planned Madiba would be a coach when we were up and running with the World Team media platform.  I could be stopped by the people who have crossed, who we had planned to be part of World Team, but instead they inspire, and as learned from Madiba, dreams, can be realized.  I pray that at least a little of the light that you were able to shine on the world will come through our actions for change.  Madiba, we are left here knowing that we have much work to do, by your example– to flesh out your vision for a free, equal, and just world, that lives in reverence of our natural resources; and one another.



In advance of Nelson Mandela’s funeral service on Sunday in Qunu, South Africa, these respected leaders His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Reverend Mpho Tutu, the first female Irish president, Mary Robinson, and Sir Richard Branson came together for a digital eulogy and shared using Google+ Hangouts.

President Obama’s speech at Madiba’s Memorial was indeed one of those moment where he communicated  the spirit and virtues that were written within USA’s original constitution,  upholding the premise of freedom.


MandelaSSPX0114 We are blessed that his legacy will live on in our hearts, with so many books and charities he had supported. Around the world  tribute, and honor continues to pour out in honor of Madiba, Nelson Mandela– to a life given in service,  that change our world!


The Solar Impulse— Living Dreams of Transformation

Across America 2013:Final leg from Washington DC. to New-York City. Final Approach © Solar Impulse |Revillard|

Across America 2013:Final leg from Washington DC. to New-York City. Final Approach © Solar Impulse |Revillard|

Pioneers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, the pilots for the all-solar plane, had the dream for The Solar Impulse— the first manned flight to fly both day and night. When we first met, it was a model plane and now it has made history.  There are few people who choose to live their lives by pioneering inspirational projects that prioritize the global dream of transformation; in that spirit we are united.  In this way, even when I met Bertrand Piccard and André Roschberg for the first time in Copenhagen, Denmark 2009 at the United Nation’s conference COP15, they shined the light through their eyes, with words and ultimately deeds of inspiration.

Bertrand Piccard and André' Roschberg of the SolarImpulse at The United Nation's Conference COP15 Copenhagen, Denmark 2009 when the SolarImpulse was a model and a dream.

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg of the Solar Impulse at The United Nation’s Conference COP15 Copenhagen, Denmark 2009 when the Solar Impulse was a model and a dream.

The Solar Impulse when it was a model at COP15 in 2009.

The Solar Impulse when it was just a model at COP15 in 2009. Now its mission has been accomplished — to demonstrate that flight can be done in a totally sustainable way. Now on to the second Solar Impulse airplane, the HB-S1B, in 2015!

Betrand would say, “Life is not governed by chance, but by encounters”.  We shared about realizing dreams against seemingly impossible challenges; we shared visions, and together laughed louder than the chorus’ that sang songs of cynicism and doubt, and knew this was an important time for our planet.  A time where human’s challenge to live in balance with our natural resources needed demonstration. The Across America journey was then a distant dream.  From San Francisco to Texas to Arizonia to St. Louis to Washington DC and ultimately to New York.

The Solar Impulse the all-solar airplane follows in a rich tradition of risky aviation demonstrations from the Wright Brothers to Lindberg’s hop over the Atlantic. These pioneers used their flights to push the dream into reality, launching new industries by piloting courageous first flights for the public to witness.  Bertrand’s family has a lineage of this type of pioneering legacy as well, with a message. But it is more than the technology, it is a model for a path that is needed—and each major step, is a metaphor not just for realizing aviation dreams but also for a demonstration project about renewable energy to combat climate change. It’s more than teaming-up unique pioneers like Bertrand and André. Herein, this project is a marriage of innovative technology and sustainability, both needed to come together for real change at a rapid rate with public adoption, for global transformation.

We at World Team Now watched from afar as the plane became a reality, as it was tested and flown in different parts of the world—following, promoting to the public, sharing, blogging, tweeting and holding the light that we would unite, and all of our dreams would indeed be realized. We watched and followed the stream in real time through the pilot’s journeys watching one major step after another.

In the tone of realizing dreams, and being an inspiration for the Wall Street financial world at REFF Wall Street our friends André and Bertrand, the Pilot's of the Solar Impulse airplane teamed-up for a game changing keynote speech.

In the tone of realizing dreams, and being an inspiration for the Wall Street financial world at REFF Wall Street our friends André and Bertrand, the Pilot’s of the Solar Impulse airplane teamed-up for a game changing keynote speech.

What a surprise to learn that both Bertrand and André Borschberg who I just followed virtually from St. Louis to Washington DC, would be the key note speakers for Renewable Energy Financing Forum (REFF) -Wall Street. REFF-Wall Street, an event World Team Now participated in as a supporting organization is held in New York City, and they, us, and the event would all be in New York.  Their key note’s message to the extremely traditional Wall Street financial brokers was that “green” was not just good for the ecology; it was also good for the economy, stimulating new industries, and many green jobs.  The Solar Impulse’s approach to financing going beyond traditional methods was indeed an entrepreneurial approach with integrated marketing partners, branded with their technology and services within the Solar Impulse, patrons, angels, and other fundraising mechanisms. This all hit home harder when President Obama  gave a speech on his plan to fight climate change which echoed similar sentiments that were spoken by the innovators of the Solar Impulse team. When we connected after the key note, I learned of the challenges of the last leg to New York with what was then an exact unknown departure date and time; there were still formidable obstacles. To top it off, it was a surprise to see Bertrand and André again in the same day during NY Clean Energy Week’s event at the Tesla showroom celebrating along with other innovators.

We at World Team Now worked diligently to find a way to support the last leg’s landing of the Across America from Washington to New York, and through our contacts at the Governor’s office were able to team-up people and bring in the Port Authority to participate and contribute to help overcome some of the obstacles.

Visit our gallery of the Solar Impulse JFK Landing by clicking on the picture.

Visit our gallery of the Solar Impulse JFK Landing by clicking on the picture.

We were honored to participate in a slice of history and be present for the successful landing of the Solar Impulse at JFK on Saturday July 6th 2013 at 11:09 pm. This “dream come true” moment was ineffable. To be in the presence of all who made the living dream of transformation a true reality, to share in the moment of completion of the Across America Journey with them and be there to see with one’s own eyes is an indelible moment that lives in many lives, besides mine. There was only a small group of us VIPs, journalists, and 50 lucky contest winners allowed to this special historic event. Not only was aviation history written in New York, but it was such a victorious event, as the plane continued to fly even after a rip in the fabric about 8 feet occurred in flight, forcing the plane to land early and modify their originally intended route and landing time.

Had the plane crashed, instead of the one in San Francisco, of course all eyes would have been on the Solar Impulse (a commentary about our society’s present values).  Those of us that bore witness to this historical moment were so elated; a spirit that was contagious with looks of awe in the silence and lack of noise, with clean fresh breathable air free of burned jet fuel, with a wing span (208 ft / 63.4m)  a bit larger than a 747 ‘s  (195 ft 8 in / 59.6 m) when it landed a few feet in front of us on the tarmac where we waited.  We met others who were equally blown away by this moment and also captured it here in Roland Pabst’s blog.  The media impressions surpassed expectations with  8.3  billion thus far—which is significant, especially given the poor presence of traditional media sources at the New York landing.

The public at large has had a hard time of truly understanding the full potential of solar energy and other renewables as well as the importance of the change to a more balanced energy source.  So when people can see that the all-solar plane flies at night they begin to really understand the battery storage concept— the choice to be able to feed energy back into the electrical grid and/or store energy, and even sell it back to the grid or use it.  As Bertand explained, “Our plane, Solar Impulse, was never designed to carry passengers, but to carry a message”.

We learned more about the message at the press conference on Monday; events continued reaching the public like the opening of NASDAQ where Tom Werner from SunPower rang the bell with Bertrand and André.  Then the meeting at the U.N. where the Clean Tech flag was planted—hopefully this will further inspire the U.N. towards a binding climate treaty— finally (especially after the horror of Copenhagen) —  we are long overdue for global action for collective energy and for our one environment, our one world.  The people of New York got other opportunities to share in the gift of the Solar Impulse at the various other community events hosted by sponsors, such as Schindler at the Intrepid.  We hope this inspires you to see for yourself and take advantage of the Solar Impulse’s Public Day.  If you miss the Solar Impulse this time, keep it on your radar, as in they will return during their World Tour in 2015.  Say good-bye to this airplane yourself— it is for all people to see here in the USA at JFK now for the public, click here to find out more. Be an ambassador for our future, and go and see the beauty and possibility the Solar Impulse represents.

The “Green” Inaugural Weekend with World Team Now

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. who is also celebrated this week end declared, “I Have a Dream”….  His dream changed the world with his words, inspiration and “Call’. This Inauguration we are hopeful that President Obama will use his term to achieve some much needed milestones for our environment,  and our people in this nation.

However it is unreasonable to expect any politician with the present political system to change the nation alone,  but with all of our help, transformation of the world is possible. We only ask that President Obama can live into his greatest potential, and realize a higher Call.

Regardless of party or partisanship, here we are, and we have choices about the kind of earth we want the future generations to inherit.  We have some serious issues up in our nation and our world; There are things to change in defense for our earth in the USA that others in the environmental movement are focused on like; “The Keystone EXL Pipeline,” “The Nuclear Waste Situation”, the “Nuclear Power Safety” issue, “Natural Gas Fracking”, ‘Granting Permits for Drilling Oil in Wildlife Refuges”, and places like the Antarctic, “Farm Fisheries” and “GMO Food”.  Teaming up together is the key.

World Team Now is primarily focused on the issues to stand up for— we are on the offense— like “Protecting Clean Air”, “Clean Water”, and “Permitting of Large Scale Renewable Energy Projects” such as “Tidal’, “Wind”, “Solar”, and “Geothermal ” energy campaigns, demonstration projects, and educating the public. Let’s help fulfill the “Electric Vehicle” goal set out last term, and fast-track “Charging Infrastructure” and “Energy Storage”.   World Team Now supports “Clean Transportation”, “Net Zero Buildings” with demonstration projects that use fewer resources, for more efficiency, and ideally are designed with natural resources in mind. Let’s stand together for protecting “Endangered Species,” and loving all.  Let’s include the whales and dolphins and different species, and people in different parts of world.  We can be a World Team Now.

The change needed is daunting, we need both offense and defense– but here is where we plan to start this weekend.

Our three day week end kicks off with Beach Clean Up at Zuma Beach, Malibu CA for the National Day of Service (sign up here to RSVP and for more details)

National Day of Service

Join us in honor of this National Day of Service at our local Zuma Beach, Malibu! Meet up at the main Life Guard Headquarters (near Morning View). Bring comfortable shoes, bags and gloves.

All wheels are welcome— skates, blades, boards, and bikes! Let’s clean up the beach and demonstrate clean transportation! Come to the beach in a clean mode of transportation please— EV, hybrid, walk, or bike— if you can!

After this, there is another LA event that goes much of the day and into the evening  to encourage President Obama to make it a “Green Term”.   Find a local event to participate in the National Day of Service.

Environment & Clean Energy Ball

Pull out the formal wear, and grab your dancing shoes… If  you would like to be rather spontaneous and join for the Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Ball, in Washington D.C., here is the invite.    World Team Now was invited to co-host this Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Ball that is a bipartisan event.

Green BallYes, there is another “Green” Inaugural Ball on Sunday night that if we gather enough of a team of friends, we are considering.

One must be very present to move on this one with short notice, contact us at ASAP if interested.  (We get a group discounted rate.)

Wondering how to pull a Cinderella?  So are we! The gowns-to-go concept might help a little with runway rentals— regardless it is a good find, as you are. Thanks for being part of this team and taking the time to read what we are up to and hopefully join in— to “Teaming Up” on a wing and a prayer!  If nothing else keep up with us on Facebook—”liking us” helps us grow.

COP15-COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Outcome Fluctuates Like Extreme Climate Change ©

COP15, Outcome Fluctuates to the Extremes- Like Climate Change” ©

By Suzanne Maxx

“All Just Spin? “A Quantum Leap for Climate Change?”– Maybe both.

COP15, like Climate Change itself, seemed to bounce from one extreme to the other; perceived by some as total failure and by others a success, yet the reality is both were present in different moments with time to give the verdict, judged on the long term outcome.  I know it was personally significant.

The art of negotiating our future may lie not in agreement but may depend on, as Carl Jung said, “How long man has the ability to live with the tension of the opposites”.  As the surface issue of not reaching a binding global accord in Copenhagen is merely the symptom, the disease may be more complicated to diagnose.

There was the question of if the Kyoto Protocol should remain intact and if it made sense to forge forward with the goal of two track documents, one sustaining the Kyoto Protocol and the other,  this possibility of the new Copenhagen Accord.

Amidst the chaos of registration and the logistics of the Bella Center venue, yes it was extreme with not just weather, but with actions.  Not just  because of the regions lack of day light either, with the sunset close to 3:30pm.  Yes, there were many NGO’s thrown out, and many journalist never able to make it in.  There were walk outs, demonstrations, protests, civil society actions, many people wearing polar bear suits, chicken suits, and those all in red protesting nuclear energy’s “green washing” and many versions and ways of communicating the possibility of humanity’s extinction through song, films, art and protests inside and outside the Bella Center and around Copenhagen.  One article I wrote that was published  in ENS was on Our Future, titled “Youth Commands Action at Climate Summit”

United in Copenhagen, Denmark perhaps it was impossible not to be impress with their country’s “green” lifestyle and policies, a country that led through examples of energy policy but may have fell short in regards to personal liberty and freedom—but in fairness, the buildings’ capacity was said to be 15,000 and they had more than 50,000 registered to attend, so it may be unfair to judge the liberties, they seemed to do their best to manage the logistics..

As President Obama said when he arrived in Copenhagen on Friday morning;

“We come here together in Copenhagen because Climate change poses a grave and growing danger to our people. You would not be here unless you-like me-were convinced that this danger is real.  This is not fiction, this is science.  Unchecked, climate change will pose unacceptable risks to our security, our economies, and our planet. So the question before us is no longer the nature of the challenge—the question is our capacity to meet it”.

So what happened that allowed this opportunity which for a moment felt like Obama (with his campaign promises) would step into the Martin Luther King/Gandhi role we have dreamt of, and use the recent EPA health ruling to exert his executive power with targets that would inspire, and lead the rest of the world into a solid accountable commitment to transform?  For the many of us that believed in this possibility and who were in Rio in 1992, or been in the environmental movement prior, or even just became clear about humanity’s collective path now– the outcome of Copenhagen was painful and a huge disappointment.  Especially since he declared, “I believe we can act boldly and decisively in the face of a common threat.  And that is why I’ve come here today.”  So why didn’t the US commit to targets of 1.5 degree temperature rise maximum, and 350ppm of CO2, and the 100billion that Secretary of State offered to mobilize a climate fund by the year 2020-all unconditionally?  Why was the best offer from President Obama, “cutting emissions by 17 percent by 2020 and by more than 80 percent by 2050—in line with final legislation”.  To translate; these targets may be meaningless without approved legislation.

Ironically the words Obama said early in the day were words we are left to face.  Obama arrived, and spelled out the three conditions for the Accord and requested accountability, mitigation, transparency and financing.  He further explained, “For without such accountability any agreement would be words on an empty page”.  That is what we ended up with, The Copenhagen Accord that the U.N. has simply taken note of, and is not a legally binding Accord, but it is also the opportunity to appreciate how far we have come, and as president Obama said, “We can embrace this accord take a substantial step forward, and continue to refine it and build on its foundation”.

The positive look at COP15 is that all the leaders of the world, in their opening declarations at least, have now agreed that Climate Change threatens the extinction of humanity, and most all declared this boldly at the U.N.  conference.  They spoke about transformation and ways they plan to cut emissions.  Most all came forward with actions they were willing to make on behalf of their countries for our world. This united consciousness is a significant step, as awareness is the beginning of change.

It is just that the people of the world seem to be well aware of this already, whether or not there is a global constituency strong enough to effect the governments, is the question.  For this reason, this non-binding accord may forge together, provoke or draw out a call for affirmative action and to awaken what may lie within all of humanity, an innate responsibility for our home and our future. With social networking and media the power is surely moving to the people of the world, with the ability to hold leaders accountable by their constituencies. Advocacy on behalf of just the US alone was significant with actions from Tck, Tck, Tck,, 1Sky, Greenpeace, World Team Now, WWF, and many from around the world, culminating in the demonstration being over 100,000 people deep in Copenhagen alone, in addition to vigils held around the world.

Many countries and industry sectors alike had come to Copenhagen taking new measures upon themselves to declare and enforce their own plan of action to be responsible for change, regardless of what others did, to bear witness to the effect of Climate Change was enough motivation. SAS airlines is a good example in the aviation sector,  they voluntarily began many environmental programs including Biofuel.  They have imposed targets of  20% lower emissions by 2020, with traffic growth included, 50% lower emissions per passenger mile by 2020,  and they have an emissions calculator too.  They were the first to practice a” green approach” and they lead in their industry with  the declared goal to get to zero emissions by 2050.  India, and the EU took on powerful targets on their own too, and Japan made a powerful announcement at Cop15.  H.E> Dr. Yukio Hatoyama, Prime Minister of Japan said, “I announced Japan’s aim to reduce it’s emissions by 25% by 2020 if compared to the 1990 levels, despite concerns of industry.    Japan announced that it would provide assistance to developing countries in the amount of about 15 billion US dollars in total up to 2012.”  India adopted and started to implement a major National Action Plan on Climate Change, relying on their own resources, with a commitment to install 20,000MV of Solar energy by 2022, improve energy efficiency by 20% by 2020, add 6 million hectares of forests, and voluntarily target emissions reductions by 20% of GDP by 2020 . K H Florenz and J. Leinen, of the European Parliament shared they have committed 20% cuts, and if compelled can go to 30% with strong efforts by other developed Nations by 2013.

Negotiating anything while mastering the art of peace may be a challenge for our leaders representing China and the United States, and representing the values these power countries place on economic development— both of who ended up occurring like two children fighting over a Christmas present– to the rest of the world, who painstakingly worked through documents prior and came into Copenhagen with a basic consensus for an agreement and worked to forge one,  at the cost of many things- including sleep.  Uniting 194 Nations is no easy task, but opening statements by President Obama on the last day that begin sentences on  the world stage’s  with, “As the world’s largest economy and the world’s second largest emitter…” might have occurred as provocative to others, even if true.  Unfortunately humility has yet to be a virtue of the USA, and it is especially frowned upon now when the world has tolerated years of poor behavior on the political world stage, where redemptive action is what is needed from the USA.  These and other subtleties might have contributed to the already contentious negotiations.

It would be one thing if the USA demanded transparency and stood in Copenhagen with solid energy legislative targets passed with a bill from Congress to regulate CO2.  It didn’t help the situation when James Inhofe, Oklahoma Senator took it upon himself to create a media frenzy when he enter the press center and declared,

“I came because I want to make sure the 191 countries around the world didn’t have a false impression of what we in the USA were going to do, I want to educate the world press about the U.S. ’s position on committing to any kind of energy legislature what so ever, either national  or otherwise, there will be no energy bill passing through Congress, at any time in the near future, or any commitment of the U.S. to participate in any kind of global deal..”

This was prior to US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s presence in the global Climate Change conversation at COP15 which at the moment brought in new light and optimism with the announcement of the contrary, proposing, “The US will commit 10 million per year until 2012” and continued with the other tenants of what would be in the Accord. This dynamic of contrasting US stand between Clinton (D) and Inhofe (R) made our bi-partisan US look all the more extreme. The reality is the US energy bill is still stuck in the US Senate, although one is approved by the House, we, unlike China, do not have any legislature now.  So when we ask for China to be accountable and transparent in regards to controlling their emissions, when that country already has passed energy legislature it could be perceived as an extreme challenge.

H.E. Wen Jiaboa, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China’s shared his point of view saying,

“China was the first developing country to adopt and implement a National Climate Change Program.  We have formulated or revised the Energy Conservation Law, Renewable Energy Law, Circular Economy Promotion Law, Clean Production Promotion Law, Forest Law, Grassland Law and Regulations on Civil Buildings Efficiency.  Laws and Regulations have been an important means to address climate change”.   He further explained; “By the end of the first half of this year, China’s energy consumption per unit of GDP had dropped by 13% form 2005 level, equivalent to reducing 800 million tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions”.

He further shared, “Between 2005 and 2008 renewable energy increased by 51%, representing an annual growth rate of 14.7%.  In 2008, the use of renewable energy reached an equivalent of 250 million tons of standard coal.  China’s CO2 emissions per unit of GDP were reduced by 49%.  Building on that, we have set the new target of cutting carbon dioxide to emissions per unit by 40-45% by 2020 from 2005 levels.

Another interesting point he made is, “Developed countries which are already leading an affluent life, still maintain a level of per capita emissions that is far higher than that of developing countries, and most of their emissions are attributed to consumption.  In comparison, emissions from developing countries are primarily survival emissions and international transfer emissions.”

Then another challenge came when President Obama made the USA’s offer conditional, he reminded us, “And yesterday,  Secretary Clinton made it clear that we will engage in a global effort to mobilize 100billion in financing by 2020, if and only if-it is part of the broader accord I have described”.

This was in the face of China’s H.E. Wen Jiaboa’s declaration; “The Chinese Government has set the target for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.  This is a voluntary action China has taken in the light of its national circumstances.  We have not attached any condition to the target, nor have we linked it to the target of any other country.  We will honor our word with real action.  Whatever outcome this conference may produce, we will be fully committed to achieving and even exceeding the target”.

Now there are many stories about what actually happened behind the close doors where the super powers and wealthiest took the initiative to usurp the democratic process, and try to come to a deal without input of the voices of poorer counties, or the people.  Some bear witness to China setting the US up, others say the US took the lead and control publicly,  then China merely reminded the US who has the emergent power now.  The two year democratic process, and two weeks in Copenhagen ended up being controlled by a handful of leaders who decided to take it upon themselves to draft the Copenhagen Accord for the rest of the counties of the world.

Extreme outrage came when President Obama held his own press conference, not open to the international press while the Accord was just given to the UN to review.  The process of accepting the document hadn’t even begun, and yet people in the USA via broadcast were hearing about Obama’s victory when the UN had not voted or adapted this Accord, let alone read it..  This was before he departed, in fact the press were herded into a conference room several times for a supposed press conference with Obama– that would never take place.

In retrospect it is said it was during the time President Obama was leaving and set up to distract the media.  But whatever the case, there was no opportunity for the global press to address leaders, or ask any questions regarding the process, or the new Accord.  President Obama held an internal press conference with his traveling staff reporters and announced to the world he had come to deal, via a televison screen reporters gathered around.  We searched the web and’s website after, as they usually post these speeches, and this one is yet to be found.

Anger that was palatable came from the Bella Center.  This action occurred disrespectful to the rest of the world,  it was said there was only an hour to review this 3 page document drafted by the few powerful when many teams had worked long and hard to create very detailed documents.  This action seemed to confront the UN and it’s process of Democracy and the US looked arrogant at best, even though Obama said he had to leave early due to bad weather in Washington—there were strong dramatic speeches from several countries lead by Tuvalu, (which based on climate science will be under water soon) and a dramatic show of bloodletting from Argentina, among others that were strong armed into accepting the Accord or nothing..

The person that emerged as the global leader that seemed to resonant to all, speaking a truth and fairness that garnished the respected attention of a global audience, was  the President of Brazil, Luiz Ina’cio Lula da Silva, more commonly referred to as “Lulu”.  One of my favorite remarks of his, “..It is necessary for us to play the game not thinking of who will be winners and who will be losers”.  He continues;

I should say very bluntly to all of you that I am a little bit frustrated.  Why so?  Because for a long time we have been discussing the climate change issue, and more and more, we see the problem is even more severe then we could have imagined.”

He later elaborated about the situation, and spoke of Brazil’s choice to take a bold position and action;

“We have presented our targets for the year 2020, we have assumed a commitment, and have passed a bill in our national congress, stating that Brazil by 2020,will reduce green house gas emissions by a range from 36.1% up to 38.9 % based on some things we consider truly important: Changes in the Brazilian agriculture system; We will have to make changes in the Brazilian steel industry, we will have to make changes in our energy matrix that is already one of the cleanest energy matrices of the world; and we have also made the commitment to reduce the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest by 80% by the year 2020.  We did that, building on an economic structure that would oblige a developing country like ours that faces many economic difficulties like ours to spend US $166 billion by 2020, which is the equivalent of 16billion a per year.  It is not an easy task.  But it was necessary to take these measures to show the rest of the world that just through words and bargaining, we would not find a solution at the Copenhagen Conference.

He shared further: “I had the pleasure to participate last night until 2:00 in the morning in a meeting where sincerely, I should say I did not expect to be participating in because many heads of states were there.  Very prominent figures of the political world were meeting, but once again sincerely to submit heads of state to certain kinds of discussions as the one we had last night for a long time, I haven’t seen such a meeting”.

The humility and truth about the situation could be heard clearly.  He asked, “Why did we face all these difficulties?  Because we did not take care in advance to work within the responsibility that was required of us”.” He further spoke a core truth, “The issue is not only money.  Some people think only money would solve the problem.” He clarifies that has never worked in the past, present nor will for the future.

The bigger issue than money itself is the way we perceive money, as the rich giving to the poor or the developed countries helping to support the developing or least developed poor countries, when this issue is really different.  These countries that are most effected by Climate Change have not done anything to suffer the ramifications of Climate change, and the industrialized countries have bought this situation, have made the mess and it is time it is cleaned up and paid for by those responsible.  This really sunk in when entering the Bella Center hearing thousands chant, “Pay up. Pay up, pay up your climate debt”.  When something is bought, or used, one is responsible to pay for it or handle it appropriately.  This goes for anything and especially our collective natural resources.

President Lulu elaborates, “Let’s not think that they are giving something to us that we are begging for.  The money that will be put on the table is the payment of greenhouse gasses that were made over two centuries..” He continues with core issues.  “It is true that those countries that will contribute funds have the right to demand transparency.  They even have the right to demand compliance with the policy that was financed.  But it is also true that we need to be very careful with this intervention into the developing and least developed countries”.  He later elaborates, “Each country has to have the competence to do its own oversight”.

Lulu went further out on a limb when he shared, “..If it is necessary for us to make more sacrifices, Brazil is willing to tap money to help other countries.  We will do it.  Now what we do not agree is that the most important figures on the planet earth sign any kind of document or paper just to say that we signed a document or paper”.  And unfortunately that may end up being the result of what has happened.

The resources and the values  of the super power countries are in question, and as it has been pointed out Brazil is in the shape of the heart.  In this spirit President Lulu said;

“In Brazil we still have many poor people, in Africa there are still many poor people, in India and China there are many poor people, still.  We also understand the role and responsibilities of the more wealthy countries, and that they cannot be the one to save us.  What we want is only that we can work together, rich and poor, to establish a common ground that will allow us to leave this conference, and to preserve and conserve future generations of the planet earth without the sacrifice of its main species which are men, women and children that live in this world.”

Well it sounded great but unfortunately the exact opposite of his wish of working together was what happened. But many countries took it upon themselves to set targets and make concessions with or without a global legally binding agreement.  And in that sense the conference was a success.

Especially when the prime Minister of Japan reflects what many others leaders have said, “We cannot pretend that we have a lot of time left.  And that makes it all the more essential for world leaders to continue to be personally engaged in the process.  I reiterate that I intend to spare no effort in this endeavor, and I sincerely call on all of you here today to join forces and work together to realize our shared goal.”

To take action not because others are taking action, but because of being responsible for your actions, and your resources –is a higher virtue.  Many may continue on this path and who knows it may end up being a success if all countries decided to make the emissions cuts themselves and reach out to help other countries with funds, technology transfers, and building capacity.

There is also the question of if the United Nations is indeed the best forum to tackle issues like the Climate Challenge, but right now it is the primary game in town.

It brings yet another question about the value and significance of global legislation that holds a specific measurable result, in light of Civic Action.  Yet in the mystery of life sometimes the ineffable, the unseen- holds more power.  The power of  being present to people from all over the world striving to work together for our future, all in a “energy model” country, Denmark that is small and very responsible with their resources is something (this article explains it well).

This action alone happened in Rio at the Earth Summit/Global Forum and for those of us there, many seem to share it was one of the most significant moments in our lives.  But this time through the evolution of media and technology the world came, and how do we evaluate the interactive attention of the world?

Embraced are expressions of the diversity, artistic approaches to the very same issues we are striving to form policy around, that may best reach us in a deeper way through various modalities, like sculpture, art, music, the voice of the people through blogs, the images and shorts on Utube, the meetings, the demonstrations, the gatherings, an EV parade (check out my article here) and the meals all shared together.. and not the outcome, but the fact that this actually took place and that we, the world have chosen to either participate or watch, and finally make it important.  For this reason what happened at COP15 now may have immeasurable significance.  For example in the town hall square renamed “Hopenhagen”-Desmond Tutu handed over 500,000 signatures from the people to Yvo de Bour, and there was the Light and Art-Glowing Climate Festival, Rethink Contemporary Art and Climate Change, and Cool Globes in Copenhagen .  As the creative ways a consciousness grows is not just through politics it is through the movement in the hearts and the minds and the expression of people.  We each can take action, and find our own sense of responsibility.

Valuable questions were brought up by H.E. Arch Bishop Celestino Migliore, Head of Delegation of The Holy See;

“Is the political will slow in taking shape due to the complexity of the interlinking issues that we must tackle?  Is it mainly the problem of conflicting national interests?  Or is it the difficulty in translating into numbers the by-now acquired principle of common and differentiated responsibility?  Or is it still the predominance of energy policies over care of the environment? Undoubtedly, there is a little of all of this.”

“It should be noted how many the considerations that are being developed during the process converge on a central aspect: the necessity of a new and deeper reflection on the meaning of the economy and its purposes, and a profound and far-reaching revision of the model for development, to correct the malfunctions and distortions.  This in fact, is required by the good ecological health of the planet and especially as an urgent response to the cultural and moral crisis or man, whose symptoms have long been evident all over the world.

“With realism, trust and hope we must assume the new responsibilities which call us to the scene of a world in need of a deep cultural renewal and a rediscovery of fundamental values on which to build a better future.  The moral crisis that humanity is currently experiencing, be of economic, nutritional, environmental, or social-all deeply interlinked-oblige us to redesign our way, to establish new guidelines and to find new forms of engagement.  These crises become thus the occasion for discernment and new thinking. The degradation of nature is directly connected to the culture that shapes human coexistence: when the human ecology is respected within society, the environmental ecology will benefit.  The way humanity treats the environment influences the way it treats itself.”

And the disease perhaps is the state of consciousness. The question remains:  Will nations and all people of our world come together behind a common purpose for our future in time to effect a change? Hopefully the success possible from COP15 will be realized before COP16 in Mexico 2010 or COP17 in S.Africa 2011.

Freedom, Choice – Independence Day

Independence, Freedom, & Choice

"The Statue of Liberty"- photo by Suzanne Maxx

By Suzanne Maxx

I love celebrating “The Declaration of Independence” and this year, Independence has great meaning on 4th of July in NYC.  True independence is within our vision, now evidenced by the sweeping changes abound;

We have a new Energy Bill thanks to representatives Waxman & Markey’s; American Energy and Security Act (ACES). It  just made it through the House of Representatives(HR2454). This bill is a step towards the first law of its kind for the USA, which could help us on the path towards Energy Independence and allow the alternative sources like solar; wind, tidal, geothermal to grow.  Obama  seems to be in favor of it, although there werelast minute controversial changes.

Independence from Oil, now that would merit a big celebration, and fireworks.

With “Copenhagen” in December there is a true possibility of the first ever Global Environmental Treaty ratified for our world.  We have more countries than ever before attempting to work together to take on the Climate Crisis, that is significant.

The USA is manufacturing electric vehicles and the automotive industry is transforming. is one example of how Service, Contribution, Integrity and Environmental Responsibility are being valued as a commodity and the world of business is being reformed.

The Web, social networks, streaming media, multiple channels of TV:  withviewer “Independence” and so much choice, the entertainment industry is transformed.

EPA declares Greenhouse Gases pose threat to public health–and a greater accountability from polluters is born.

The ARRA creates green jobs, and funds the kind of projects that will insure our independent future, and asks for a smarter electrical grid, and Utilities are being transformed.   Solutions are born.

Let us celebrate our greatest gift we have in this country-freedom.  It is so exciting to live in a time of change, where the possibility of creating a future independent from the past is real.

World Team’s green building (that intends to have the option to function independent of the electrical grid is closer to reality)—and a new for profit Delaware corporation ;  “World Team –Building LLC” that will contribute to World Team Now, is born.

In truth we are all dependent on the love that we need from one another and more that is ineffable: the air we breathe, water, food and something bigger and beyond each us— some call it “nature,” I say “God” (call it what you will, but let’s answer the call with reverence and respect).

May you realize the greatest gift that grows from Independence; Freedom

Freedom gives choice—how do you choose to use your resources; Time, Energy, Action and Money?

A twist of irony–to celebrate independence at a time where there is “dependence” on the Team of people who are all working on our growing World Team Now.    Thank you All— and we welcome All!

Copenhagen”Off Sets” –The Big Picture Game

Courtesy of NASA

Courtesy of NASA


Copenhagen Cont’d. 

Think Global: Act Local Act for ALL

by Suzanne Maxx


We put the countdown to Copenhagen’s Climate Conference up on World Team Now’s website with exactly how much time we have left, because of the mounting pressure to have some specific measurable results in Copenhagen (UNFCCC).  The importance of raising awareness about this critical global treaty for our world is palpable — especially now before the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012 as per the road map created in Bali, approved by the 2007 UN Climate Change Conference.  There are several events designed to increase the chances of Copenhagen’s success from the UN’s framework; one announced at G20 by President Obama.  The USA will host a “Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate” in a preparatory session with 16 major economies, April 27th & 28th in Washington DC. to help facilitate a U.N. agreement on global warming according to The White House, inviting both “developed” and “developing” counties. The U. N. scheduled events leading up to Copenhagen, the first round was March 29th –April 8th, the others are June 1st-12th and then August 10th-14th all of these in Bonn, Germany; September 28th-October 9th in Bangkok and last November 2nd-6th with the location to be confirmed.  In addition to these events Media Mogul turned Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi will host a conference in La Maddalena, Italy in July, riding G8. These events intend to strengthen communications, and step up points of agreement such as deforestation and clear cutting of tropical rainforests, global levels we can cut carbon emissions that will at least create sustainability, a deadline date, and a plan for enforceability, all so the Summit in Copenhagen we will end up with a global treaty with targets that are reasonable.  So far the areas of agreement are around clear cutting our trees and rainforests, the precious lungs of our planet — the logging and burning of which accounts for a fifth of CO2 pollution. When I flew over these sites of deforestation I wept with the pain of baring witness to a massacre.


There is a need for a leadership position here amongst all the countries that are members of the UN that demand “the lead by example” model of accountability. With the help of some behind the scenes experts and people who have spend years in the financial world designing a market made of “carbon off sets”, or the cost of pollution, like the UK & USA team, Blood and Gore-they have a first movers advantage as does the USA now with “green” opportunity.  I am not sure if China’s push for a global currency reserve should be dismissed easily. This is one of the first times in my life since beginning World Team in 1989, which I have not been embarrassed about being born in the United States, since embarking on this mission.  Obama’s stand for change shows he is willing to pick up where Gore left off with regards to the environment, and to carve out an action plan by 2012 on the premise of the Carbon offset game that would auction the U.S.’ emission trading credits and cut back  to 1990 emission levels by 2020. The Dec 7-18 conference will map out what is next for the future with an emission reduction plan, and hopefully spell out a game of carbon credits, wherein the caps-and-trade are offsets and will become a global market with commodities that will re-value and transform our monetary system, but with new legislation, if all goes according to plan.

In time for the events that happened in Bonn this March and perhaps going by the “big picture” plan, Chairman Henry A. Waxman of the Energy and Commerce Committee and Chairman Edward J. Markey of the Energy and Environment Subcommittee drafted clean energy legislation for the USA. The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES) is a comprehensive approach to America’s energy policy that charts a new course towards a clean energy economy.  According to Waxman, “The American Clean Energy and Security Act” will create millions of new clean energy jobs, save consumers hundreds of billions of dollars in energy costs, enhance America’s energy independence, and cut global warming pollution and for more detailed information visit the Committee on Energy and Commerce’s site .

The stakes are high, it is our future and if you still don’t believe all the scientists who have proven that our planet is warming by human activities, NASA‘s look and this new report from the National Snow and Ice Data Center shows the decade-long trend of shrinking sea ice cover is continuing at a surprisingly fast rate. New evidence from satellite observations show ice caps thinning as well. Researchers from the Snow and Ice Center report the largest cover this winter was 278-thousand square miles less than the average largest cover for 1979 to 2000, making this winter’s maximum ice extent the fifth lowest on record. They explain, “Arctic sea ice works like an air conditioner for the global climate system. It naturally cools air and water masses, plays a key role in ocean circulation, and reflects solar radiation back into space. Scientists believe ice cover to be an important measure of the health of the Arctic.  Look at the vanishing ice to bear witness to the change of our earth. 

 If you are wonder what you can do about all of this besides trying to understand it, join World Team Now, and allow the synergy of team to move us all into a responsible future, and join us in celebrating Earth Day,


Copenhagan-The Big Picture


Courtesy of NASA

Courtesy of NASA


Think Global: Act Local  Act for ALL 

By Suzanne Maxx

The reality of one home and shared resources for us all is starting to take priority for many who had been previously concerned only about personal survival or achievement.    Global philanthropy is an at all time high —  ironically this comes at a time when personal survival is challenged and despite these times many people seem to  continue to seek the bigger picture, beyond their own challenges.  Regardless of country, we are all dealing with the world now, and our potential future.  We all have a need for air, water, earth, and energy.  Our collective resources are shared and how we use them regardless of where we are, affects us all.  An emergent question is how we put a value or “price” on responsibility to these elements.  What can that replace or transform our present monetary structures and support the global “eco”mony/ology ?  This is what humanity is beginning to awaken to with our global environmental movement.  How do we live on earth in balance with our resources?
Growth is challenging.  Is there a higher reason we all are being called to look at the way we have structured the game of life in our world now? Here’s to human evolution, and global transformation.


This is an exciting time for those of living inside the environmental and social movement for two decades or more…. Our time is now — people, like you are listening, and want to participate, as we are all stake holders in our children’s home.  With perseverance, the battles to convince people of the existence of environmental and social challenges facing the planet are not over, but we have succeeded to begin to educate the masses.  Multi-media telecommunications have shrunk the world, and some powerful leaders (without countries) have emerged on the global scene — thank you, Yvo de Boer, Al Gore, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and Bono. Now the challenge lies in doing the work to create the change in enough time for the change to take hold so humanity has more options.  The speed at which we are able to move now is exhilarating, if not overwhelming.  Just when I’m ready to post about G20”, or “solar energy”, something changes or the technology advances — it is a challenge to keep pace with accuracy with the speed at which the transformation is happening.  Please forgive me if by the time you are reading this the information is obsolete.

For the future direction of humanity and our global environment, one thing is clear; there is a lot riding on the potential of the upcoming United Nation’s Conference in Copenhagen.   The possibility of a global treaty that is enforceable and honored by the world for our world — could be a global game changer or life transformer.  One of the challenges with the U.N. model is the way the world is divided, described, and regulated — by the concepts of categorizing countries by their “development”.  Is there a more powerful framework to view with the world?  Does it serve us to label the USA as “developed” and China and India as “developing” nations?  We have to at least try to work within the U.N.’s global framework as it is the only global framework we have now.  Just like we have to work within our challenged systems like our legal, educational, political, monetary and healthcare systems, as that is what we have now.  How can the “systems” better serve humanity, and what role can the machine play in the transformation?

The outcome of a powerful Global Treaty could be like what The Constitution is for the USA, or like what the Declaration of Human Rights distinguishes for the world. Personally I have been following this dream of a global treaty for our environment, since Rio De Janeiro 1992, when I was there where it all began in the global community, at The Earth Summit/Global Forum.  Then the treaty was just emerging as the “The Climate Change Treaty” or more formally; “The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC or FCCC), with more nations ratifying this global document than any other in the history of our world — for our environment. The idea behind the climate treaty is aimed at stabilizing greenhouse gases, in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent change in our climate system.  It became The Kyoto Protocol, after a rocky history of trying to get the USA to ratify, but the distinctions between developing and developed countries made the playing field questionable, when developing giants like China and India would not have to play by the same rules as the USA, for more history click here.  The UNFCCC or FCCC roots grew back to The Earth Summit /Global Forum, formerly The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). The acronym “UNCED” remained the joke that many told which summed up a strong underlying truth, of the outcome for many with the frustration of what was “UN-SAID” in the United Nations’ conferences. We believe at World Team Now name’s are significant.  What about a new name for what could become “The Copenhagen Treaty” (It would be nice if we could evolve past the place it was created, and call it something that could have meaning for all in the World;  like “The World’s Action Treaty for Environmental  Resources and Sustainability”, with the acronym; “WATERS”…. This name is more encompassing as it could allow the off set, trading game to apply to more than Climate Change but also to other environmental contaminants that affect our earth and humanity offing a reward for the clean up, and cost to pay for those who chose to take our collective resources.