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Change seems to be accelerating. Change, not just with our climate, but also with the “systems” humanity has created, spurred by Globalization.  Whether that be the legal system, political system, financial system, health care system, or educational system— the systems in place to provide the world’s basic needs.  Have we learned to scale our systems to meet Globalization’s challenges? Humanity can learn  from how nature scales to support the whole—  Biomimicry of man-made systems seems key to the stewardship of our earth and for an organically sustainable future.   

Global transformation is in the works, and is needed within all systems including those within our one global governing body – the United Nations. Friday ended the two week climate talks in Bonn, Germany. The disappointment was all too familiar as it seemed like yesterday, but it was a year ago when World Team Now produced the event as part of the UNFCC’s Rio+20, and also an event at The People’s Summit.  We went down to Rio once again with great expectations for more progress than what was able to be achieved inside the United Nations’ RIO+20 conference’s time. So now, it is distressing that there was a huge snag caused by foot dragging by Russia in a key entity, the Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI). At least there was some progress in the overarching 2015 international climate action agreement. Why wait until disaster? We clearly need more projects that influence public perception. “To see is to believe” for most, so we need more examples to inspire the masses to embrace change.

At World Team Now, we are growing, and eager to see the change that happens once our non-profit World Team Now can be supported by our World Team multi-media platform, and broadcast.  Our World Team project too needs to be demonstrated to be fully understood, and to that end our development of our pilot project continues.  While we are working to have this World Team model up in full scale, we have been occupied with events.  In California, for example what we did in Malibu with Earth Day (photo album here), with our “Ride & Drive”, and “The Circle-Up  Around Renewable Energy”.  We owe a shout-out to all of those who showed up to participate or volunteer, and for the support of Nissan of Thousand Oaks, and Edwards/Wildman.  We hope to be sharing some of the edited footage soon at WTN’s upcoming event September 26 and 27.   Another example is what World Team Now is doing in NY to support ACORE’s Renewable Energy Financing Forum (REFF)-Wall Street. Join us and get 20% off registration by using this code “SPT20WTN”. REFF is the perfect activity, included with more than 20 Energy Industry Events for New York City’s Energy Week, June 24th-28th.

Please save the dates for World Team Now’s upcoming annual event in Malibu September 27th & 28th, 2013. Watch World Team Now’s Event’s page for more details about the timing.

Speaking of timing, two great renewable energy demonstration projects born in Switzerland also have “New York” as a destination.  PlanetSolar, is the world’s largest solar boat, and it includes an interesting research component with the project it just arrived in New York.  The soaring approach to change done state by state has value. The Solar Impulse is a renewable energy demonstration project with great potential. You can take flight and  follow in real time on their final segment of the “Across America” trip, and join the history in the making as they land in New York early July.

Planet Solar is in New York

PlanetSolar reaches New York, the second american stopover of its 2013 campaign

The two states where World Team Now is based are proudly taking leadership positions in the environmental transformation needed to address climate change— let’s hear it for California and New York, especially Mayor Bloomberg’s action plan to address the affects of climate change .  The water situation and the issue of drought is rapidly becoming more serious, due to climate change.  Often, to execute solutions at a scale needed to address the affects of climate change, bonds are created.  California is taking the lead with creating a Water Bond.  World Team Now was present when Senator Fran Pavley, Chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee, hosted the Hearing; “Encouraging Regional Water Solutions: Implications for a Statewide Water Bond” at Pepperdine University.  Californians are set to vote on the $11.1 billion water bond in November, 2014.

More action needs to be able to take place on a state level and even city level, which gives more weight to the “Think globally, act locally” mantra—  but not to preclude think global act global actions which are needed as well— the local can catalyze the global.    It is a huge victory to finally permanently close the troubled San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant in California, not just for the immediate risk of radiation, but also in respect of the long term issue of what to do with the radioactive rods which are byproducts of nuclear reactors. With no safe disposal protocol for these rods, even closed plants will continue to pose risks to the public and our planet forever The pressure is on for Southern California Edison to strive towards truly renewable energy— the kind with no radioactive byproducts to threaten public safety. It is time for us citizens to spearhead energy independence, be active in supplying a diversity of local renewable energy resources (supporting grid stability as a benefit), and to learn how to responsibly use energy.

But it is time for the whole of us in society to consider “Act locally, Act globally- Think of us all as part of ONE”.


Renewable Energy Financing Forum-NYC

REFF-Wall-Street-960x157-banner-3Join us in New York City for ACORE’s Renewable Energy Finance Forum.  World Team Now is a supporting organization of  American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) and we team-up on renewable energy events. The Renewable Energy Finance Forum REFF-Wall Street will address the rapidly changing state of renewable energy finance, and give insights about the path ahead.  Renewable energy projects are the solutions for transforming the present energy models that are based on the past. The past is no longer prologue to the future of this market, and a new path is emergent, evidence from the presentations and discussions at REFF-Wall Street.   Often the scale of renewable energy projects can seem daunting to approach. The Renewable Energy Finance Forum is an opportunity to gain the valuable resources to undertake your plan, or simply understand the tremendous long-term growth potential, the renewable energy markets hold.    Use 20% Off Discount Code “SPT20WTN” and Register now.

Eco-onomy/cology Movement

Leadership “Yes, WE Can…”
We , humanity are at a cross roads, and now the many plans emerging from The environmental movement in the USA are finally being considered, and taken seriously by our new President of the USA, Barack Obama. Hard to believe it was just one month ago today that he was sworn into office as the 44th President of the USA.

The first monday morning President Obama’s first full work week in office, he took a stand for renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal), green jobs, plug in electric vehicles (PEV’s) and was able to communicate the integrated correlation between where we are environmentally, with where we are in the global ECOmony.  He signed docs before the press, and started his week with action. He froze all policies pending from the past administration.

After President’s Day, less than one month in office, President Obama made the largest investment in clean energy and green jobs in our history of the USA with his signature on the previously reviewed 787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is now legislature..

Thank you to all at World Team Now who believe these issues around energy and transformation are important.  We are benefiting from your time, energy, and money with our actions and events. Our example is heard at a level where change can begin,  with small actions like our net metering project, and larger ones now in government with policy.  If governments can change why can’t we the people of the world unite together and  work together for change?

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan offesr possibilities for our alternative and renewable energies to emerge into mainstream, with programs to support change and inspire innovation now.

Closely tied in content to the stimulus package, for economic recovery and environmental transformation, is the RETECH event. Towards the bottom of the page along with UN’s NGO Committee, and the The U.S. Green Building Council, World Team Now joins this prestigious team of “Supporting Partners” for RETECH.   This is the one of  the 1st major US conference’s and convention following the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. ACORE’s RETECH in Las Vegas, Nevada teases out many of the core topics we at World Team Now are focused on in energy, with not only solar thermal farms, and nano-technology, but also tidal; and wave. This is a chance to learn more about net metering, the smart grid, EV’s, LED lighting and more through a large fun event, that seeks solutions form being on.  This is the place to be on the cutting edge of renewable energy and technology, which may translate to “green” for you, in many ways. Join in this coming week February 25th-27th in Las Vegas.

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