Welcome to Team World Corps’ Blog!  Here you can find out what we are up to now, our history, and what we are planning to do in the future!

Team World Corps’ (TWC) Update

In 2007:

  • We were granted our 501c3 Federal Tax Exempt Status
  • We did our first TWC Event/ Fundraiser in Malibu, California
  • Our TWC website went on line: http://www.teamworldcorps.org/
  • We  launched the solar roof at the Sunset Restaurant: Team Solar Energy Project
  • We formed Team World Corps’ Committees
  • Our Honorary and Advisory Boards were developed


Federal USA Tax Exempt Status Approved!

This was the year TWC moved from planning, ideas, concept and being a fledgling California non-profit (born in January 2005) into a becoming a full-fledged public beneficiary non-profit 501c3 Federal Tax Exempt Organization.  Team works, we are most appreciative of the many people, like you, who have shared their resources: time, money and energy to support TWC.   Now donations are eligible for not only state, but also federal tax deductions, to the extent allowed by the IRS.  We are very thankful to the law firm Alston & Bird for the donation of legal services, and especially our lawyer Glenn Fox, for his expertise with the application to achieve this status.



2007 was the year that TWC’s social & environmental mission became a public trend,   and awareness of the global challenges we all face being part of this world and living in balance with our resources, became prevalent.  International boundaries have shrunk as technology and consciousness changed the perception of distance, and time. Many of the core competencies of the World Team project, (including TWC) are in vogue, especially “The Climate Challenge” and the ideals we have carried for almost two decades about solutions to the many issues facing our planet at this crossroads for humanity.  Emerging in form is a growing global social and environmental movement.


A special “thanks” to all of you who have contributed to Team World Corps!