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Earth’s Day? Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill/ Fukushima Nuclear Radiation

 It’s Earth Month (EPA’s is celebrating) and this Friday, April 22nd is Earth Day.  At the one year mark of the Deep Water Horizon  Oil Spill –I remember the grief process that caused devastation, the loss of our resources, the harm done to the ocean, the air, the  biodiversity and all of us in the surrounding habitat. Last year I became inactive and silent.  This year, we hadn’t yet recovered when three more disasters in Japan have left radiation spreading from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. I have taken baby steps this time, to write this blog, to join Facebook and Twittter and producing a small  local event; please join us.  Please share this link!   

Local Event to Raise Awareness during Global Catastrophy

It is for the article on “Energy and Our Future with Earth” click here.  

When you view the first images of the Fukushima nuclear power plant’s explosion of the Japanese coverage  or the German coverage, it is understandable why it did not get wide visibility in traditional media outlets, as it would have cause public panic. How many people realize that these explosions at the nuclear power plant included the classic mushroom cloud?  It is also important for us to have the courage to look at the reality of the tragic situation, authentically with courage.  If the dark part of humanity can be embraced we have a chance at moving on to the Light.  This process is a path to true lasting change, looking deeply inside ourselves and within our world, and asking; “Is this what I choose?”

What is surprising is that I have heard this response when Fukushima is mentioned, “I thought that was done?”  No, like the Deep Horizon Water Oil Spill we really all need to watch this situation closely as it affects that status of not only Japan as a country but all of homes, the earth.

The story through videos;

Live coverage of Tsunami arising

Live coverage of Tsunami hitting Sendai CNN

The crippling first images of Fukushima nuclear power plant’s destruction

Mushroom Cloud Reactor #3

The explanation of what happened at the nuclear power plant CNN

The present situation thoroughly explained from a scientific perspective by nuclear expert Arnold Gunderson. We recommend viewing the past entries too, for a detailed understanding of what is happening see these sites.

Lewis Arms Control

Japan Atomic Industrial Forum

Tokyo Electric Power Company

Season for Change- Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

Seasons for Change

Photo courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office

During seasons of change ushered in by catastrophic events the song made for  World Team,  gives hope.  World Team Now took action and approached the US government with a coalition to support energy policy.

Silence, contemplation and inner retreat has helped to reflect on the past seasons of catastrophic events; first with the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill and again this year with the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant’s radiation (here is a visual story);

The metaphor of Groundhog Day, with the concept of “seeing the shadow” as how it relates to the coming of the Spring season, and it’s cycle of renewal, an opportunity for new growth! Dedicated to the environmental and social issues–to raise consciousness through the World Team project, these events are unfathomable to comprehend especially as our World Team concept began in Japan.  Appreciation of our clean air, water and earth’s precious resources is key along with food, shelter, sleep and love.  Prayers go out to our friends and extended family in Japan and in the Ivory Coast that are challenged now.

The situation now at  Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is best understood from a broad perspective and a scientific one, so please click on the below links to keep up to date with the radiation, and for concerns about the nuclear catastrophe.  The Agencies list the facts of the situation, and are worth to check on daily.  The Media Coverage listed are the news outlets that are intelligently and consistently publishing solid stories. The Articles are one’s we have read and found to be of significant value.  The Blogs we selected are credible scientific sources that post accurate information before the traditional media outlets can, because they are the experts.  Traditional media coverage is slower with presenting the news, because they need to check and validate the facts with experts.

International Atomic Energy Ageency (IAEA)
All Things Nuclear Archive of Events
Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF)

Media Coverage:
NHKNYTimesKyodonews,  CNN, and NPR

Status of the Nuclear Reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant
Energy Secretary Chu Says Reactor Core is Damaged
Do you live In A Nuclear Danger Zone?
Fukushima vs. Three Mile Island vs. Chernobyl
Preventing the Next Nuclear Meltdown
Dangers of Radiation for Workers at Fukushima Daiichi
Radiation Threatened Japan Accuses Fukushima of Information Void
In the Event of A Nuclear Meltdown, Well, Go West?
Japan Extended Reactors Life Despite Warning
Nuclear Watchdog Report Highlights: US Near Misses
Japan Disaster Puts Spotlight on 4 Decade Old Excelon Nuclear Power Plant
Renewables or Nuclear: Maybe we Do Have to Choose?
Nuclear Industry Shielded From Big Disaster Costs
Preventing Nuclear Meltdown:Assessing Regulatory Failure in Japan and USA


The known 5 stages of grieving in the process of loss are valuable to understand as they help to shed light towards catastrophe and death. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross applies below to any form of catastrophic loss (job, income, freedom), as well many tragedies and disasters. The stages, known in its abbreviated form DABDA, include:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

Dr.  Ernest Sternglass changed my understanding of the power of nuclear energy in an interview I did with him more than 15 years ago about the cumulative effects of low level radiation.  He was is brilliant man who shared about his meeting with Albert Einstein.  He explained that Albert was near the end of his life about the same age difference as between Sternglass and I.  Sternglass described Einstein as a” broken man” who was guilt ridden with the effect of his contribution to science that helped usher in the nuclear error (or era).

The prayer offered by Dr. Masaru Emoto has a powerful intent to change  the property of the radioactive water, see below for his suggested words.  Try praying it in a way that communicates truth and pure intent for you;

“The water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer.  Please forgive us.  We thank you, and we love you.”

If his goals are realized healing an awakening would occur for Japan waters and our sea that connects all of us  around the world.  What is there to loose with prayer? Only if it works, globally we would have to re-shape and change our perception of consciousness to see the power of both science and prayer.

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