30th Chili Cook -Off in Malibu, CA

World Team Now (WTN) was part of our community in the 30th Annual Malibu Chili Cook Off, carnival and fair on Labor Day Week End.

Genna, Suzanne, Laura kick off Volunteers@ the Chili Cook Off

At WTN’s booth people got a free massage & renewed more than your own body’s energy, they learned about alternative renewable energy options for our world. Participating in our local community where WTN began, we shared with the public information on environmental initiates, held raffles, gave away t-shirts (thanks to Ozzie Silna) & samples of eco friendly cleaning supplies with a team of 8 volunteers.

World Team Now's Global EV enthusiasts

Ironic that although we had a booth, our all electric vehicle (EV), charging to the new City of Malibu’s Chargers drew much more curiosity from attendees walking by on the way to the fairgrounds. There were crowds of people from all over the world gathered around our car eager to hear how EVs worked and about charging.  They were surprised to learn they could rent an EV from Hertz, and also shocked the charging was free to the public.  We are grateful this event provided yet another great opportunity to educate the public on the importance of alternative energy and vehicle electrification.

Global Climate Change is being brought front and center not just by all the extreme weather events occurring around the world but people are now taking action to create events, to better educate the public;