We know times are changing when a department store’s holiday window decorations moves the Christmas story to outer space. We found humor here — a contrast for levity

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through each house, Renewable energy was chosen, with a click of a mouse; The last of Hanukkah candles burned ever so bright, Winter Solstice, darkness, a time awaiting the light; A year of change began causing everyone to look, At our earth, our resources, to revise our world’s book; How we live with another, beyond every divide, Caused question, unrest, not a peaceful tide; We knew from all stories that salvation was near, Could we reflect, go beyond, and eliminate our fear? 20141215_205329Electrons were net positive, zero energy from the grid, we had to use, All energy sourced from wind, sun, earth, and water — a menu, you’d choose; Governance, politics, law, countries, religion, cultural- which had all caused a divide, We lived into the possibility to re-imagine, to live in harmony, letting peace abide; The real war was realized in a willingness to change, Old structures, transformed — now stewardship remained;20141215_205142 Teaming-up all us people, everyone together in action now, A tool, our platform, World Team could be a way how; Every structure, system, convention, protocol to regulate how we lived here on earth, Was re-thought, renewed, re-purposed, and transformed to better live for our planet’s re-birth;20141215_205304 Paris 2015 promised global policy all countries made the choice, All nations for stewardship considering the planet and giving all people a voice; With global partners like TckTckTck , Action 2015, Avaaz, 350.org and more campaigns teaming-up, T.ime, E.nergy, A.ction and M.oney our TEAM to balance with winning’s greater than the World Cup; 20141215_205208 We could choose planet over profit for us people, a future to endorse, World Team helped to choose clean energy, consider our environment, and create a new course; All people realized the possibility of a World Team, woven together in all hearts, A platform, of oneness for all, where change could go past fits and starts; We looked back on the conventions, protocols, and the effort to define the way to unite all Nations, Explored going to Mars, living on others planet, leaving earth behind, was more than temptations; 20141215_205244Each person chose to think first of the other, the whole, our planet, our water, air, real food and our earth, With a willingness to change even before buying, consuming, and choosing what might be for their own individual worth; We could sing “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me” We could read from the Bible, Torah, Koran, Gita; and say “let love be…” 20141215_205432Can the spirit within, and upon us manifest devotion to action, and a change of life? A world where law was just, enforcement was not forced, and public servants served the people beyond all strife; All people spoke their native language and were truly understood A world beyond language where hearts ruled, and we realized they could; We remembered we are the power, Divine Love is our source, When we choose to all work together, we can make a strong force; We envisioned a future beyond all of our history,20141215_205413 In the gift of the present we gained reverence for life’s ultimate mystery.

  © By Suzanne Maxx 2014