Clarity of Vision 2020

Yes, the sea level is rising and so are we,

Us, people, we remember what we can be,


Not just the indigenousness, refugees, women, and youth

But the scientists, the teachers, and all researching for truth


We look to nature, grappling to understand our own humanity

Aware of decisions embracing natural systems learning biomimicry

Being beyond illusion with human frailty, in perceived reality,

Embracing opposing forces and organized complexity


Machines living with humans gain a symbiotic path

True wealth shifts beyond banking on the numbers the logic or the math


Out of the smoke, the flames, the ashes, disease, and war

In our interdependent world, we wonder what we can endure


Will new priorities change our ways and our hearts?

We do have a choice and can begin again with new starts


This lives true, not just for some, but now for us all

To think of the earth, nature, our common home like a call.


Can our differences a wealth of diversity together withstand the night

In awareness, balance, compassion–doing what we think is best and maybe right.


Our roles in this big global world yielding to a smaller tribal community

Uniting beyond Nations, living Earth Day-every day, we can realize Laudato Si

With a step, an action, a charity, Cause- truly it’s what we each can BE


it is us all together and what makes this Divine

Is awakening to the gifts beyond words, thought or rhyme


It’s time for action with Movements of societal, and environmental transformation

To make good use of data, resources, not just for money, but for public education


To respond to this New Year, decade, in 2020 vision gaining clarity of sight

To reach global goals here on earth, with justice, peace, living love and light


Maybe we can live and be like a World Team Now

It’s a mystery to know when, and fine details of how


Beyond summer or Winter Solstice, your shortest or longest day of light

May 2020 yield the clarity of vision good health and perfect sight


For equality and freedom within the Northern or Southern hemisphere

Where all people realize one home and appreciate human nature on this sphere


To navigate the stars, sail through the ocean to the Hero’s journey lives the dream,

With youth from around the world coming together, we can all make World Team.


Beyond the money, there is a greater wealth

Wishing you, and all on our planet optimal health


Of justice, truth, joy, and love,

For our home on earth, not just above