May Ocean day, today, now become a tide of change.

A time of reflection, of new choices a season to rearrange

Can time be measured by counting merely one-day’s actions?

When it is a tide coming to change mass movement not small fractions

Is Doomsday the keeper of the ocean in humanity’s time?

United Nations Ocean Decade, judgement to be counted as sublime

Humanity’s peril existences blaring sound, sea level rising, revolt and alarm

To move beyond prioritizing fossil fuel habits, farmed fishing subsidies and geo-political harm

Oceans forgiving font of injustice abuses greedy power of humanity’s nuclear folly and plastic fears

Higher wisdom applied, timeless nature, transform age, enlightened minds stretch tides past years

Depths, resources, resiliency incomprehensible wealth amasses coming of a treasured tide

Could not all fall in love with the rich fluid, unchartered territory of wondrous loving waters to abide?

How to see the ocean a new, from large ocean states perspective and view

Open hearts to remind there is so much to do, to keep ocean in focus and not go askew

Majesty knows no bounds body freely floating in the ocean

Breath of life aligned one primal penultimate flowing motion

Bringing life force through body, spirit and renewing mind

Calibrating to universal order priorities, beyond the world to find

Nexus in atmosphere unifying source of life for us all

Boundaries of no division open beyond one’s rule, laws or Call

Oh but the healing powers, the body effervescence, can we embrace the intimacy coming of life force

Rejuvenating spirit keeper of most reflective powers above and below growing humanity’s new course

To apply respect, scientific knowledge navigate a transformed way, led by nature and the ocean of life

The solutions, based within natural forces will present like a husband coming in union with fertile wife

None other can birth captivate like ocean’s infinite sparkle to cleanse and reflect

Sun’s golden rise, moon’s face on full life force sets sail universal truths to eject

Preservation of species, marine protected areas, renewed policy for sea and shore

Next gen to live love of ocean, youth in action to core lasting solutions evermore

© 2022 Suzanne Maxx