World Team Now
“Picture Our Renewable Energy Future”
A Contest for the Vision of a Sustainable Future for our World

Imagine living in a dream home that generated energy instead of consuming it: one that used Solar, Wind, Tidal, as well as heat pump Geothermal technology in order to create a surplus of energy that could then be sold back to the electrical grid to provide extra income. Imagine working in a building with gardens on its walls, ultra-thin insulating panels, and materials that were durable but biodegradable --including compost fertilizer from toilets and food growing both indoors and out. Imagine driving a vehicle charged from your home's natural energy sources. Sound far-fetched? All of these ideas and more form part of the vision that today's architects and engineers are already working on for tomorrow's buildings and cities. But there is so much more to be done since one energy source alone is not enough to generate the level of change needing in our environment. We are looking to see our quality of life improve through the interaction of people in an ideal building. This would not only help to create green jobs but promote an active global community, one that unites people from as many countries as possible.

So, if you could live or work in a building that used a combination of solar, wind, and water for energy efficiency, what would you choose? Make your voice heard and create a vision for the future. Your winning image will be used as part of the Global Multi-Media Project World Team, to launch our Team Renewable Enegy Education Scenes. Send us your sketch for a home or building of the future that uses multiple renewable energy sources, and get the chance to win prizes. Rules will be posted here later. Contest deadline is Earth Day April 22nd, 2010.

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