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World Team Universal Prayer




Published 2/2012


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Dedicated to Sister Mary Campbell, USA Ambassador Douglas Kmeic and Msgr. John Sheridan





This is the World Team Universal Prayer that is a reflection of The Lord’s Prayer that came through for Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists— for all people— everyone. It had come from visualizing the whole world saying the “Our Father,” in unison and realizing that just might not happen due to the way it is worded in language now, and how language creates meaning, and that meaning changes with time. That language can divide, unite, or change. This is true for all prayers.


One may choose to pray through Christ to God our Father, and believe the true meaning of Catholic is Universal. One may choose the Prophet Mohammad for Allah, or feel led by Moses or the words of the Torah, or have a Mantra from Buddhism for this life time, or follow Lord Krishna, or simply rejoice being in nature.The goal is that this prayer can speak to our hearts everyone's hearts. Regardless of one's choice we are all able to celebrate love in some capacity; this our breath, our common home we share. In that recognition we pray: 


World Team Universal Prayer


Eternal Love unconditionally in us, part of all energy in the Universe and realms beyond

Ineffable is your name

Our world can be love in all forms

We can live in love, with compassion for all

In balance with our resources gifted here on earth, as it is beyond time.

Give us our breath, the present, this moment; our health, food, sleep, shelter and water.

Forgive and enlighten our failings and weaknesses, as we forgive them in others as we remember we are all human, it is not ours to judge; but to embrace and transcend. It’s the learning, forgiveness, and enlightenment that matters.

All that has form is subject to duality; we can learn equally from both what we perceive as good or bad, right or wrong, dark or light— beyond death and life.

Lead us to lives of truth, balance, integrity, consciousness, patience, humility and love,

And may we realize our Eternal Unconditional Love that lives within us, and through us, now and forever. 


For All, so be it




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