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September 27, 2008

NYC Skaters Promote Net Metering, Green Jobs & UN Clean Up the World



Skaters from the Central Park Dance Skate Association (CPDSA) will wear green to New York City's skate circle, not just to honor national "Green Jobs Day" on September 27, and not just to promote their new recycling initiative as part of the global "United Nations Clean Up the World" weekend.

They are also wearing green to support pro skater, Suzanne Maxx, who, as the founder and president of the 501(c)(3) organization World Team Now' World Team Now, will be launching an alternative renewable energy program in Lake Placid, New York, on October 18, along with the Lake Placid electric department and the Independent Energy Efficiency Program (IEEP). The Lake Placid initiative is linked to Maxx's multi-media project World Team, which plans to bring an international global team into action taking on social and environmental challenges.

The joint effort between local/regional bodies in Lake Placid and World Team Now will give local customers an incentive to invest in renewable energy options through the use of a single device -- the net meter.

And it will all start with the installation the region's first net meter, purchased by the village, at the environmental model home of 68 year-old Betty Eldridge, former head mistress of local North Country School, and long-time resident of Lake Placid.

"I'm tired of talking the talk and ready to walk the walk," says Mrs. Eldridge, who is known for her global work with Greenpeace and for serving on the local Board of the Adirondack Council.

As with Mrs. Eldridge, the town's electric department and IEEP will supply meters to all who apply.

With net meters, customers of electric power can measure not only how much energy they use, but also how much energy they themselves generate, and can sell back with the help of renewable energies as varied as solar, wind, heat/coolant, geothermal, biogas and hydro/tidal.

"You can start slowly growing your garden of renewable energy options," Maxx explains.

"We are pleased to be participating in this metering initiative with World Team Now' World Team Now, and Betty Eldridge as Lake Placid has a long history of practicing energy conservation" says Jamie Rogers, Mayor of Lake Placid. "This step is extremely valuable given the concerns of our energy grid's pressure for the state, and the country."

The event demonstrating the installation of the first net meter will take place at the residence of Mrs. Betty Eldridge, on October 18, 2008. Renowned environmentalists and Adirondack residents Bill McKibben, Bobby Kennedy Jr., along with New York State Deputy Secretary of Energy Paul DeCotis are invited.

See for more information about a lead-up events taking place at Mrs. Eldridge's residence in Lake Placid on Sunday, September 28, and Saturday Oct. 4th. The events will involve a tour and cleanup.


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