By Suzanne Maxx 

While Fiji is leading the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) @COP23 in Bonn, GermanyWorld Team Now has our feet in the sand on an outer island in Fiji.

This island is a strong candidate to begin our World Team pilot project.   We are creating life systems that renew an island, build a resilient village that will be a small-scale experiment of an idealistic utopian island, putting the interconnected global goals into action.  This island will be designed to organically be a place that optimizes systems of life that show what is best for human innovation and includes an eco-resort that will do more than using tidal energy.

For those who want to dive into the knowledge of ocean energy, The International Tidal Energy Summit is happening in London tomorrow.

With the USA being the only country to withdraw from the global Paris Agreement,  and as the rest of the world comes together,  our non-profit World Team Now decided it is best to start and be in action on an island, to “be the change you wish to see in the world,” as  Gandhi exclaimed.  We are pleased that our two home states California and New York were represented by true leaders in action, with Governor Jerry Brown, Michael Bloomberg, Arnold Schwartzenegger and a  team of others in Germany at COP23.

This is the first time Fiji, a small island nation (Republic) leads the UNFCCC, and we hope with the innovation on entrepreneurial mechanisms Fiji will lead not just the UN, but actually the people of the world for a more balanced future.  We at World Team Now are starting small hereon an island in Fiji, now.

Here is a little video of our journey to meet with the villagers, made by Ramanu,  from Koro Sun Resort.