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World Team Now Campaigns

Here are some of World Team Now’s Campaigns to consider supporting.  

Nature-Based Solutions: As we view nature’s systems and consider biomimicry a solution we can imitate and reflect nature’s best; naturally. Here are some initial topics we have focused on projects. And more to come!  Please feel free to express your interest even if not listed below.

Oceans: The state of the ocean and how humans interact with the ocean is the focus of years of both personal and organizational work. Here are the initial projects:



Islands:  Having natural, integrated systems that will experiment with the balance of human and nature, and the environment going forward. The World Team project is on island locations with our vision.  WTN is working on the integration of small scale island solutions to systems that deal with the basics on islands; food, water, agriculture, education, transportation, energy, building, health care, and well-being. Here is what we have started with;

Systems Technology: WTN has worked closely with the non-profit Hydrogen House, as we see hydrogen sourced by renewable energy will be key to many technologies now in development.  Some of the areas we are interested in have been minimally approached by World Team Now, like tidal energy. Here are some of the initial areas we have focused on and wanting to grow

Movement: The nexus between change and moving into that change will build upon how we have rolled forwards, on skates for the earth, and used our athletic and physical bodies to do more than stand in the social and environmental movement.

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Donate to Campaigns

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Nature-Based Solutions
Systems Technology
Global Music & Movement