World Team Now’s 2012 Nissan Leaf Charging

2. Campaign on Electric Vehicles (EVs) Public Adoption.  WTN provides technical advice and services to catalyze widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles. WTN acts as an ambassador to inform, educate, and demonstrate the use of electric vehicles. We strategically aid overcoming the hurdles of new technology, with both technical, and financial, challenges as well as public perception to enforce widespread adoption of EVs. WTN works with the public, communities, corporations and all stakeholders, from electric vehicle manufactures to municipal governments and Principalities. We have brought in emerging vehicles like Tesla, Fisker, the Leaf and others for events like The Malibu EV Charger Installation, Earth Day, and other global EV activities.

Jim Boysen, John Sibert, Lou LaMonte, Laura Rosenthal,Jefferson Wagner, Suzanne Maxx and Larry Hagman at Malibu’s EV Charger Installation Ceremony

With the City of Malibu, we worked to upgrade and execute an EV Charger Installation. We first built a constituency to encourage the City of Malibu to accept the grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) for the J1772 new plug standard for new Chargers. We gained local support through media and letters to the editors, then through petitioning the City Council. We teamed up with Southern California Edison, Clipper Creek, and local citizens interested in seeing the chargers installed. We organized a public based constituency and brought representatives to the City Council meeting. We then coordinated with The City of Malibu’s Department of Public Works, EV Connect and other entities for the EV Charger’s installation, and produced our World Team short film. We coordinated vehicles from Hertz Entertainment Services and Hertz on Demand, along with celebrities like actor/activist Larry Hagman and other public figures.

Teaming up with the City of Malibu, WTN has sponsored and participated in several Earth Day Events. We coordinated EVs, and produced for several years the annual is events included with the Malibu Chamber of Commerce and the Malibu Country Mart for Earth Day with the support of several OEM’s like Nissan of TO, with an EV Ride & Drive, and public expo. We publicly promoted EVs by sharing materials constantly in demonstrating their use at local Malibu events like the annual Malibu Chili Cook-Off, and we continued to discuss this topic as far away as at the United Nation’s Rio+20, EVS21 Monaco, and the EV America campaign, where we drove across the USA, Coast to Coast. We have filmed many of these events & activities to make shorts to promote electric vehicle adoption.

Environment News Service 06/09/ 2011 article by Suzanne Maxx on the Karma EV.

Breaking News and EVS Research. There are policy barriers that currently hinder the adoption of EVs and associated charging technologies, and WTN is involved in the introduction of new policy and the changes in the existing policy. WTN has written technical articles on electrification of vehicles including current assessment, the enabling technology, and the remaining technology and policy hurdles, to widespread adoption. WTN also has written in the popular press on similar topics. WTN continues to seek demonstration opportunities, of totally renewable energy charging of electric vehicles with the installation of EV chargers. WTN plans to install a donated solar carport as a demonstration project to support EV’s charging to a renewable energy source.


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