A visual example of a community microgrid courtesy of Innovations Toronto

1. Microgrids. WTN submitted a proposal to the 2015 NY Prize microgrid competition for a renewable energy microgrid in Orangetown NY located in Rockland County NY described (see below) in Orangetown Green Microgrid-World Team Now APRIL 28, 2015. In addition, based on learnings from our experience with the submission, WTN also submitted a proposal to ARPA-E (Department of Energy) in 2016 for a flexible microgrid controller called Micro Maxx.

Orangetown Green Microgrid-World Team Now

by Suzanne Maxx World Team Now found a rare opportunity in New York State for our renewable energy demonstration project after exploring projects in California, Colorado, Hawaii, and other islands, for the whole World Team project’s development.   We searched for a project to team-up on, and lead with the goal to serve a local community to show a real big ...