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World Team-Building LLC

World Team Now (WTN)

Suzanne Maxx

  • Founder of World Team project the Acting Executive Director/President of World Team Now B Corp-Start-up
  • Entrepreneur, independent international producer, writer, team builder for innovative media
  • Driving force for the City of Malibu to install EV chargers and prompted the town of Lake Placid NY to permit net metering
  • Leader of renewable energy campaigns, public policy promoting renewable energy adoption, local and global with U.N
  • More about Suzanne here.

Albert Boulanger

  • VP and Director of Technical Strategy of World Team Now, and Partner in World Team Building, LLC. California
  • Broad experience in optimizing decisions with electrical components integrating uncertain factors such as weather.
  • Deploy software that optimizes the microgrid operation for reliability and efficiency.
  • Prior:  Director for Smart-X {Cities, Buildings, Grids} group within Columbia University’s Center for Computational Learning Systems and before that,  Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.
  • More about Albert here.

See a video on the Malibu EV Charging Station Installation.

Our extensive activities in Renewable and  Electric Vehicle Adoption are described on our Technology Services page.

See the 2011 IEEE Proceedings review paper Suzanne and Albert were co-authors on, Vehicle Electrification: Status and Issues 

Albert Boulanger was a member of the winning team of a GE Ecomagination Challenge Innovation Prize in 2010 to apply machine learning to optimize electric delivery truck charging schedules with GE, FedEx, Columbia University and Con Edison.

Since 2004, while at Columbia University, Albert Boulanger has participated in multiple Consolidated Edison Contracts on distribution grid reliability. This work is summarized in the paper Machine Learning for the New York City Power Grid.

Renewable energy sources are often variable so new ways to accommodate and optimize grid operations with these variable sources are needed. Albert Boulanger was a co-author on a paper describing a class of algorithms for doing so, describe in this paper:  Adaptive Stochastic Control for the Smart Grid

Other examples from our Renewable Energy Transportation Campaign

  • ”Solar Carport Project” – Seek to find recipient with a location for installation of donated solar carport – continue diligence with the potential recipient.
  • Campaign for Electric Vehicle (EVs) and Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PHEVs) public adoption (ongoing).
  • Circle-Up on Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicle Ride and Drive was an event produced by World Team Now that was part of the local community Earth Day Celebration, Malibu, CA.
  • “Connecting the Dots” with renewable energy, transportation, and leading thinkers. Had a role in the  Solar Impulse’s all solar aircraft’s landing at JFK — WTN helped to raise public awareness and demonstrated solutions. Worked with NYS Governor’s Office. Began the concept of Pioneers for the Planet” award and campaign.
  • Renewable Energy Networking – Participated in a series of meetings and events including Elon Musk at NASDAQ, and Tesla’s Showroom as part of Bloomberg’s Clean Energy Week, New York.
  • “EV Charge Campaign”-Vehicle Electrification – Helped many people go a deeper shade of green with our coverage of auto shows by writing articles and sharing with the public to adopt through social media
  • Worked to find California legislators we can move forward with on renewable energy initiatives – vetted local policy to adopt.
  • Platform Launching Alternative & New Energy & Technology (PLANET), part of World Team Now, identifies, catalyzes, and nurtures the commercialization of key technologies within the mission of the Wolrd Team Project.
  • The Pioneers for our PLANET Award was launched and the first award was given to Fabien Cousteau  June 9, 2017.
  • More campaigns at the WTN Campaigns Page
  • World Team Now’s Newsletters
  • Environmental News Service articles by Suzanne Maxx