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The Malibu Electric Vehicle Charger Project



  • The City of Malibu – property owner of the old chargers
  • Clipper Creek – maker of the electric vehicle chargers
  • The California Energy Commission (CEC) – state grant for chargers
  • Hertz – leader of EV rentals with the Smart, Nissan's Leaf and the Tesla
  • World Team Now – team up entities, public outreach, non-profit organization
  • EVConnect – subcontractor of Clipper Creek for the actual installation
  • Southern California Edison – supported initiative with utility information & onsite electricity


What: The installation and the upgrade of three public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Hertz' leading rental EV program will bring electric vehicles, and local residents will come with their EVs and World Team Now.


Where: 23555 W. Civic Center Way
Malibu, CA 90265-4804



  • July 27 th WTN shoot 9:00AM
  • July 29 th 11:00AM City Council Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Press Conference


In the heart of Malibu California, the high profile beachside city, will receive two new upgraded electric vehicle charger stations to support the breaking wave of electric vehicles (EVs) arriving this year. World Team Now will film the installation, and show the onsite charging of Hertz' Nissan's Leaf, Smart for 2, and the Tesla from the leading environmentally aware rental car company.


Local & global non-profit World Team Now helped to “team up” the key players to make this happen. The City of Malibu's public electric vehicle chargers will be upgraded to two new model CS40 with a J1772 Level 2 plug from the old antiquated non-working chargers. One original charger was upgraded to a working state by EVConnnect, for a total of 3 charging stations. This is made possible, by the manufacturer of the chargers, Clipper Creek, and the support of the California Energy Commission with a special program for municipalities. The City of Malibu was eligible for this time sensitive exclusive program. World Team Now wanted the community to benefit from this rare opportunity, and helped facilitate the team work between the different entities. World Team Now brought the EV Charger Grant program to the public through media, by building a constituency in our local Malibu community, and by gaining the attention of the City Council for action.


This initiative was part of an international and local campaign about public perception of EVs to demonstrated alternative forms of energy and transportation. Here are the WTN covered events and published papers and articles on EVs, infrastructure, and renewable energy sources in national and international outlets to raise public awareness: Vehicle Electrification Status & Issues, “The Karma of Electric Vehicles,” “ Copenhagen 'E-Race' Erases CO2 and Other Civil Society Adventures”


It takes many people and groups to work to be ready for the transformation of transportation, so it's time to be a World Team, Now.




World Team Now is a 501c3 non-profit organization registered in both New York and California.
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