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Team Leads “Charge” for Electric Vehicle Stations in Malibu




July 29, 2011


MALIBU, California, July 29 th 2011. Local and global non-profit World Team Now (WTN) utilizes team work for the public to have access to free electric vehicle charging stations in the City of Malibu.


“It takes a team, to transform transportation,” says Suzanne Maxx Founder and President of World Team Now. “If local governments can team up with multiple entities, to be an example – that is a start toward global policy that supports our environment and a possibility where humanity can live in better balance with our resources.”


The spotlight is not just on Malibu's two new electric vehicle chargers from Clipper Creek, but also on WTN's honorary President actor Larry Hagman in the hot red Tesla, along side of a Nissan Leaf – courtesy of leading rental company, Hertz. The program “Hertz on Demand,” and Hertz Entertainment Services allow these and more electric and hybrid vehicles to be available for the public and entertainment industry now.


Malibu's electric vehicle charging initiative is an example of team work. The City of Malibu had old electric vehicle charging stations that were not working at a time the new electric vehicle wave was arriving earlier this year. World Team Now knew there were funds available from the state through a program from the California Energy Commission to cover the cost for cities for their electric vehicle chargers to upgrade to the newly adopted universal plug standard SAE J1772. World Team Now built a constituency and approached the Malibu City Council who decided to accept the state grant. Manufacturer Clipper Creek won the grant to supply their leading electric vehicle chargers. EVConnect orchestrated the subcontractor Ibrox Electric to do the manual labor.


This local government action is a step in response to the United Nation's Security Council declarative statement issued last week that climate change is a threat to all nations' security and welfare, and further demanded governments to now take action on this security threat.



World Team Now is a 501c3 non-profit organization registered in both New York and California.
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