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Local Net Metering Energy Initiative Brightens the way for Global World Team Project

Saturday October 18, 2008


2:00 PM - 6:30 PM

24 Rasberry Way
Lake Placid, New York12946


On Saturday, October 18, the Mayor of Lake Placid, the municipal electric department, the region's energy efficiency program (IEEP), and World Team Now, (aka World Team Now), along with Lake Placid icon Betty Eldridge, will launch an initiative to showcase renewable energy options.


Now property owners in Lake Placid, New York, will have an opportunity to start saving money from their homes and businesses, with renewable energies.


Through this local team initiative, owners with renewable energy system(s), such as solar, will be gifted a "Net Meter". The Net Meter can measure, not only the use of electricity, but also the electricity produced on site by the home or business, which will be "bought back" from Lake Placid Village Electric.


The initiative is a joint effort between local/regional bodies, World Team and World Team Now, a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to activate a global forum to implement sustainable solutions for environmental and social issues. The program will give local customers an incentive to invest in renewable energy options through the use of this single device -- the net meter.

The first net meter purchased by the village will be installed, at the home of 68-year-old Betty Eldridge, former headmistress of local North Country School, and long time resident of Lake Placid on October the 18th.

"I'm tired of talking the talk and ready to walk the walk," says Mrs. Eldridge, who is known for her global work with Greenpeace and for serving on the local Board of the Adirondack Council.

"Betty is the perfect role model for this net metering initiative," says Suzanne Maxx, founder and president of World Team Now/World Team Now, and a former student of the North Country School. "She is a pioneer, like Eleanor Roosevelt."

With net meters, customers of electric power can measure not only how much energy they use, but also how much energy they themselves generate with the help of renewable energies as varied as solar, wind, heat/coolant, geothermal, biogas and hydro/tidal.

As with Mrs. Eldridge, the town's electric department will be supplying meters to all who apply, so customers need only pick out their energy pleasure.

"With these meters, you can start slowly growing your garden of renewable energy options," says Maxx.

"We are pleased to be participating in this metering initiative with World Team Now, World Team and Betty Eldridge, as Lake Placid has a long history of practicing energy conservation," says Jamie Rogers, Mayor of Lake Placid. "This step is extremely valuable given the concerns of our energy grid's pressure for the state, and the country."

The installation event on October 18 at Mrs. Eldridge's home will have information about alternative energy sources for the community. Curt Snyder, of Crest Solar Power Solutions, has worked on Mrs. Eldridge's solar system, and will be on hand, along with others, to provide information on geothermal heating, photovoltaic, and hot water solar systems. Please join us for this community event.



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