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World Team Now' 1st Gala Dinner Event

December 2, 2007


World Team Now' first gala dinner event was held to announce the launching of it's solar roofing proect for The Sunset Restaurant. The event was a success with the highlight being The Sunset Restaurant.


The Sunset Restaurant
(click the image, visit The Sunset Restaurant)


All of the myriad details involved in such a fabulous dinner were executed without a hitch. Many, many thanks to Franco Simplicio and Rudolfo Costella for hosting the entire event. They set up the entire banquet room for our dinner and actually closed the restaurant so that we could have a cocktail/VIP hour and silent auction in another section of the restaurant. Their entire staff was courteous, gracious and professional and the food was absolutely outstanding, from the hors d'oeuvres to the mouth watering dessert, and everything in between.


Franco Simplicio and Rudolfo Costella


(The Sunset Restaurant banquet hall)


Our honorary board president was none other than Mr. Larry Hagman. Mr. Hagman has been an environmental advocate for many years. He has three gorgeous solar arrays on his property in Ojai, drives a Toyota Prius Hybrid car and an electric Dodge Gem, and uses alternative energy sources whenever possible. An advocate for environmental causes, Mr. Hagman is a vocal supporter of Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), which brings renewable solar energy to developing countries. We were honored to have him at this event.

Larry Hagman


Our honorary board members included Ed Begley Jr., Rachelle Carson Begley, Leigh J. McCloskey, Stanislas Klossowski de Rola, Larry Hagman, Mariel Hemingway, Stuart Townsend, John Quigley and others.




Our corporate sponsors: Solar World, Castleblock Building, GreenXchange, Balance Bar, Energy and Essentials, and local sponsors; PC Greens, Becker, Malibu Colony Company, Planet Blue, Malibu Business and Shipping, Malibu Kitchen, among others, were great, see WTN's Event Program.


As guests for World Team Now' 1st fundraising dinner pulled into the valet at The Sunset Restaurant, they were able to gaze upon a breathtaking view of the ocean. Once guest entered the banquet hall, the view did not cease to amaze, there was more to see than a sprout from a whale and frolicking pods of dolphins in the surf.


(view from The Sunset Restaurant)


The SolarWorld Group is one of the largest solar energy businesses in the world and is dedicated exclusively to the business of solar energy. SolarWorld offers a broad and diverse range of products from PV modules for grid-coupled and grid-independent power generation to complete solar power kits and systems. WTN Title Sponsor, SolarWorld supplied five solar modules, which were on display, for the launch of the solar roofing of The Sunset Restaurant.


  (Representatives of Solar World) (solar module)


There were many donations to the evenings event. Musicians came and donated wonderful music for the evenings festivities, while a silent auction was held in another section of the restaurant auctioning off many desirous items.


(silent auction) (violinist)


An unlikely combo of celebrity, Larry re-united with "Dallas" actor/artist Leigh McClosekey, Max Gail (Barney Miller), Brother Bill Short (of Franciscan Mission San Miguel), and world re-knowned classical pianist/composer Carter Larson and in the center, their common connection; founder of World Team & World Team Now, Suzanne Maxx.



With the last rays of light from the sunset a beach-side fashion show, with a custom runway, was conducted. Johnny Casablanca's Elite Models, mixed with Malibu local girls, glided along the catwalk in Gorgeous Goddess Wear garments. It was a scene for the paparazzi, beautiful women modeling a sinuous flow of exquisite crocheted and beaded silk velvet with colors rivaling the beautiful sunset.



WTN's guests and models gathered outside after the fashion show, hand in hand, waiting for our cue from "Master", Larry Hagman. Larry led the on-the-beach countdown and at his direction out roared an exuberant cheer while we reached towards the sky in celebration of the sun. What was shared was an appreciation of the energy of the sun and light and acknowledgment of it's crucial role for all life. We also shared joyful recognition of the launch of WTN's Team Solar Energy Project (TSEP).



It was a local effort with The Sunset Restaurant owners Rudolfo Costella and Franco Simpicio. Below are highlights of the evening.



WTN would like to pay special tribute to Dennis Weaver in honor of his extensive and energetic activism. Whether Dennis Weaver was portraying an impassioned and environmentally enlightened Senator from New Mexico in "The Return of Sam McCloud", or traveling to the Soviet Union to bring the message of his daily, as well as professional life, he created a platform for the issues that are near and dear to his heart. By his example and his commitment, Dennis inspired people to help bring about a shift in world consciousness towards love and cooperation. To learn more about Dennis Weaver please visit


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