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Help World Team Now by using Goodsearch as your search engine (and more)!


  • You can help World Team Now and its mission by using Goodsearch as your Internet search engine. Search engines generate billions of dollars in revenue from advertisers. You can make sure some of that money goes to Wold Team Now.
  • Powered by Yahoo!, Goodsearch is easy to use, produces high-quality results and can help send about a penny to WTN every time you search the Internet through it. Those pennies add up fast, so you can play a significant part in heling WTN in its mission. One charity has already received over $27,000 from Goodsearch and its affiliate Goodshop!
  • To get started now, go to
    • Click on the get started button
    • Type "World Team Now " into the box and then login. If you are new, you will be able to create a login.
    • Now, 50 percent of the revenue generated by your use of Goodsearch will go to WTN.
  • You can keep track of how much money Goodsearch has sent to WTN by clicking here. This page will provide you with a month-by-month chart and the year's total amount of funds raised, as well as a pull down menu to look at other years' totals.
  • Goodsearch and Goodshop are just the beginning! Read more about Gooddining, Goodoffers, etc. by clicking here
  • If you would like a reminder to use the search engine every time you open your browser, as well as the ability to click back to it at any time, Goodsearch offers browser-specific instructions on how to make it your home page. For even quicker access, you can make Goodsearch the default search engine in the built-in search box on your Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome browser.
  • Goodsearch also offers its own browser toolbar, which features a Goodsearch search box and options to use Goodshop to help WTN.
  • Goodsearch doesn't cost you anything, so it's easy to help WTN by doing something you already do. Go to and start changing the world one Internet search at a time.
  • Note: If your browser history is ever deleted, you'll need to return to the Goodsearch site and re-enter "World Team Now" as your chosen charity so you can keep contributing.
  • NOTICE: Fraudulent searches performed for the sole purpose of raising money for a specific charity are expressly prohibited. Search methods including, but not limited to, repeated manual clicks and the use of robots or other automated query tools will result in the user being blocked from the site and/or the charity being de-listed. WTN asks that you demonstrate integrity in your use of Goodsearch.
  • DISCLAIMER: This information is not an implied endorsement of any of the products offered by the thousands of companies found through Goodsearch, nor does it mean that WTN recommends that you only use Goodsearch for all your Internet searching.
  • Good Search FAQs


World Team Now is a 501c3 non-profit organization registered in both New York and California.
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