The world is starting to wake up to transformation.  Renewable energy is up front and center.   The U.N. Security Council lead by Germany issued a declaration to world governments declaring Climate Change a real threat to our collective national security and calling leaders to be accountable to protect their citizens.  The severity of Fukushima, and other global catastrophes are accumulating.   We are all challenged to focus on positive action while being wide awake to the consequences of the choices humanity has set up to live within for the most important game we play, life.  How do we each live an, exemplary, existence during these times?

World Team Now succeeded to team up The City of Malibu, with Clipper Creek, for three new and upgraded electric vehicle (EV) chargers! This local effort hopes to be an example for the world as our city’s government is taking action for change, and one of the first to be recipients of the grant from the California Energy Commission. WTN’s journey with the Malibu Chargers is the beginning for the World Team pilot project.  To read the World Team Now’s press release click here. The charger installation will happen this week, along with a ribbon cutting ceremony of July 29th at 11:00 at the Civic Center in Malibu, so please join us.  To read the City of Malibu’s press release click here.

WTN plans to have some of the latest electric vehicles in Malibu courtesy of Hertz, which is bringing some of their EVs: the Tesla, Leaf and Smart for 2.  Some local celebrities will be there to drive and share their own vehicles.  World Team Now’s founder Suzanne Maxx will be driving the all-electric Nissan Leaf from the leading environmentally aware rental company, Hertz.   The goal is to raise public awareness with this installation and local event to inspire more electric vehicles to be purchased or just simply driven and support the accessibility of EV charging.  WTN encourages the EV chargers to get their energy from renewable energy resources, such as solar energy that ties to the grid for commoditization renewable energy sources.

World Team Now’s charging initiative is happening at time when the EV wave is breaking.  Check out these current EV events: Plug-In 2011 July 18-21, 2011, Raleigh, North Carolina that just happened and the IEEE Power & Energy Society 2011 General Meeting July 24-28, Detroit, Michigan whose theme this year is “The Electrification of Transportation & the Grid of the Future” and is happening now! Want more on EVs? Click on the following words: for our article, paper, newsletter, or blog.  Want to know about some new EVs? Click here.  To being electric, and charged with consciousness and action!