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Every Breath We Take


Sunrise with the “Blue and Green” Photo by Suzanne Maxx

By Suzanne Maxx ©

Wishing you and your loved ones to be able to breathe in the abundant love that is here for us right now!   Then exhale all fears doubts, and surrender our mind’s idea of life in the past or time. Every breath we take in, can we give out? Can we give back

During this pandemic period, we have realized the key is to go within and notice the “pause” between each breath metaphorically— where we each are in our lives here now.

World Team Now continues to find our truth in nature.  The photo also represents our campaigns beginning with: the blue (ocean and sky), and the green (of nature), and the biodiversity in between. Nature and the highest part of our own human nature need to breathe. How do we take greater consideration in our “global economies” for our future?    Learning to better listen to, not only, our own voices within, but also the rising “collective consciousness” is a task for us all.  To live in consideration of the bigger picture that we are interconnected, and each of our choices matter, as everything changes.

World Team Now has focused on demonstrating solutions, but we have been a small handful of people that planted the seeds around the world: a possible “vision” for the future that might have more in balance with nature.  Our public electric vehicle chargers in California, and solar net meters in New York, were a small start. But the vision has been for a literal “World Team,” and the winning of the human race is to truly realize the potential of our species as human “beings”.

Organizing and acting for things we experience as “wrong” prescribes a judgment, that something is “right” when it is meant to merely raise awareness or move us to choose our truth for action or stillness.  The patterns in movement, of humanity, are changing along with the climate. We propose to rise even above what we “own” whether that be a possession, our own creed, which has carried us through this life journey.  We are being asked to remember or envision what indeed is the inspiration for a deep breath.

World Team Now’s stand is to demonstrate solutions that are nature-based, and we are quite enthusiastic about what has grown during this public health pandemic in relation to what we have organic encounters with now; the Ocean (an educational curriculum emerged) and more campaigns on the blue, the green and the biodiversity in between with dolphins; turtles, mangroves, and islands. Emerging is even a greater perspective of the journey’s story about what happened with people around the world when we tried to actually “tell-a-vision” — for a World Team.

We are enthusiastic about our SOS-IS partnership, even though it is at the beginning of coming together.  Our goals are beyond the construct of time, but ideally in the now we can act for future generations.

This week has many events to consider organized around the UN General Assembly.  A kickoff event on Sunday, September 20th is the New York People Climate Movement’s March for Climate Justice Through Racial Justice. World Team Now fundamentality agrees with the group’s statement and letter, call for justice, but has concerns related to naming-names and prescribing actions related to specific people in political power, and the time frame of these actions with consideration of the collective state of most people.

Statue of Liberty & Lighthouse Ponce Inlet Fl Photos by Suzanne Maxx

To shine the light of awareness now, we can only prescribe to be conscious of our choice, and be grateful. We cannot endorse, prescribe action, what to do, or how this moment will “benefit the public” yet.  We can share some awareness of what had motivated us in the past, now, and for the future we want.  This information is meant to just be shared, again we do not endorse the prescribed approaches or judgments to force law enforcement. Here is what we understand to being organized for the public in New York City locally and virtually:

World Team Now, a public beneficiary nonprofit, had to try to decide what is best for the public at large. Given where we are now geopolitically, this seems to be an impossible choice. That just reminds us that we are all in process of realizing what “I’m possible” means.

We encourage conscious choice.  We have been challenged to know what could truly be of public benefit to you all now, and confess we don’t know.  In the past, it has worked to act on a local level, and now it will take each of us within ourselves to just shine that special something only you can give.

Globally it does start with where we are now.  These above are not legal actions please note that if you choose to go.  The march falls on High Holy Days for many people, but it is your choice.

It’s the United Nations 75th Anniversary, and we do support the concept of having Global Goals aka Sustainable Development Goals!  But the “by when” and “how we will realize the SDGs” is up to us all.   We support the idea of the government’s private sector, corporations, civil society, and each of us coming together for something new.

The question of belief, ideology, and what is justice, comes back to “Just” Us,” each of us.

While our goal is to unite: the divisions can only be bridged through each person’s own truth. While there is a “March” tomorrow we had agreed to support in theory, but it is your choice to engage or not. We can just share the information of what is happening and do not endorse the prescribed approach to go up against the law, or law enforcement.  The consideration as New Yorkers to choose to engage or not, given the public safety, and lack of legal permitting, and prescribed measures, has to be one’s own. Your choice is your gift; the “present” of this moment’s possibility.

Where the theory or the ideology lives into the future world we want, how it meets the present with action with respect of the law is the challenge now—  both the crises and the opportunity.  In the effort to share the information we realize that freedom, equality, and conscious breath matters.  May we each trust in the love that breathes through us, and realize we are in the midst of a painful birthing of a new paradigm and way to be with one another and in the world.

Breathing into a New Paradigm
by Suzanne Maxx



Larry left a message on my cell phone the day before we were to meet for another event where he played the real life role of “Honorary President” of our non-profit charity, World Team Now.

Some knew him as “Master” in I Dream of Jeanie, others as “JR” in Dallas but we knew Larry Hagman, as the Honorary President/Chairman of our organization and a strong advocate.. Larry was an innovator and inspiration for many, with his use of renewable energy! We loved his appreciation for nature and humanity— and his spirit! The spirit that lived through Larry’s voice even on a message remains memorable.

Larry had a big heart, not just for our charity, but for the world at large. He was dedicated to our mutual vision and goals to demonstrate the use of renewable energy— and to ‘play to transform our world’.  We shared a mutual inquiry of how to live in better balance with ourselves, one another and our global resources. World Team Now redefined the value of resources through the acronym of T.ime, E.nery, A.ction, and M.oney with the key being in the balance, and using our own lives as experiments. Larry very much lived into that.
When I first met Larry as journalist covering the Solar Expo where he was a keynote speaker, I was surprised to learn he had the largest collection of personal solar power in use in our country and arguably, our world.  His Ojai Ranch produced a surplus of energy, energy independence would be, “Heaven”.  When he showered the audience at the expo with his paper money— bills larger than the government printed, he demonstrated the spirit of “possibility,” that many of his characters mastered: to go beyond what was fathomable, reasonable or even possible. This act demonstrated his ideal that ALL people were to be included in abundance. It is in this spirit that he would become my friend and supporter of the dream with our World Team Now. I also learned Larry had been friends with my cousin Suzanne Pleshette.   Larry understood the big picture view of world systems and what motivated our world to action, and saw a need for change, and began that change. He also really understood what it was to be human, to embrace change and attempt to make use of the duality of the human condition— to learn from what didn’t work, to create what does work.


Larry stayed with us over the years through many changes, one of them was the name change— originally we were Team World Corps— to World Team Now. Larry was at our first event in 2007 at The Sunset Restaurant with SolarWorld.   I will always remember that after the fashion show, when the sun was about to set, Larry had us all hold hands as he led the countdown, “Ten, nine, eight….” He was waiting for the mysterious green flash— when it came time,  he hoisted our hands up in the air exclaiming, “Bong- Dong!” ImageThis was at the SolarWorld event, and it made my heart shine to know Larry later would end up being a spokesman for solar energy through SolarWorld.  He leaves the legacy of reminding us all to “Shine Baby, Shine”… and we are happy to see that energy shine out to our world.

Over the years, from 2007 to 2012, Larry supported projects and events. This past year, the event was to do an upgrade and installation of new electric vehicle chargers at the City of Malibu, which World Team Now cajoled the city to take action for this project.  This time, we brought a team of celebrities, some media and new electric vehicles from Hertz, like Nissan’s Leaf, and the Tesla Roadster, and we all participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony, and driving of vehicles.  Larry loved that he could sit in the driver’s seat of the Leaf with plenty of room to wear his iconic hat. Larry was eager to get his all electric vehicle, and ready to charge it to solar or wind energy.  He was an innovator. We still have to edit the footage from this event.  It is most challenging when people die and there are projects incomplete, thus is the case with Larry’s passing.

I decided to re-save and not delete Larry’s old message many times, as I would again the day before he died. After learning that Larry crossed, I listened to his message and on it was a voice I could hear eternally. I returned the call, hearing his voice message brought tears, “ You’ve reached Heaven South,” had new meaning. Larry kept me laughing, after life…

Spell “evil” backwards, and what do you get? Live. He has gifted many people the ability to live a better life. “Evil Does Good” is a great name for his new foundation; please honor Larry with a gift. He lived ‘Life to the Maxx,’ and he will live on through us all! In gratitude we offer this Universal Prayer!

Earth’s Day? Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill/ Fukushima Nuclear Radiation

 It’s Earth Month (EPA’s is celebrating) and this Friday, April 22nd is Earth Day.  At the one year mark of the Deep Water Horizon  Oil Spill –I remember the grief process that caused devastation, the loss of our resources, the harm done to the ocean, the air, the  biodiversity and all of us in the surrounding habitat. Last year I became inactive and silent.  This year, we hadn’t yet recovered when three more disasters in Japan have left radiation spreading from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. I have taken baby steps this time, to write this blog, to join Facebook and Twittter and producing a small  local event; please join us.  Please share this link!   

Local Event to Raise Awareness during Global Catastrophy

It is for the article on “Energy and Our Future with Earth” click here.  

When you view the first images of the Fukushima nuclear power plant’s explosion of the Japanese coverage  or the German coverage, it is understandable why it did not get wide visibility in traditional media outlets, as it would have cause public panic. How many people realize that these explosions at the nuclear power plant included the classic mushroom cloud?  It is also important for us to have the courage to look at the reality of the tragic situation, authentically with courage.  If the dark part of humanity can be embraced we have a chance at moving on to the Light.  This process is a path to true lasting change, looking deeply inside ourselves and within our world, and asking; “Is this what I choose?”

What is surprising is that I have heard this response when Fukushima is mentioned, “I thought that was done?”  No, like the Deep Horizon Water Oil Spill we really all need to watch this situation closely as it affects that status of not only Japan as a country but all of homes, the earth.

The story through videos;

Live coverage of Tsunami arising

Live coverage of Tsunami hitting Sendai CNN

The crippling first images of Fukushima nuclear power plant’s destruction

Mushroom Cloud Reactor #3

The explanation of what happened at the nuclear power plant CNN

The present situation thoroughly explained from a scientific perspective by nuclear expert Arnold Gunderson. We recommend viewing the past entries too, for a detailed understanding of what is happening see these sites.

Lewis Arms Control

Japan Atomic Industrial Forum

Tokyo Electric Power Company

Freedom, Choice – Independence Day

Independence, Freedom, & Choice

"The Statue of Liberty"- photo by Suzanne Maxx

By Suzanne Maxx

I love celebrating “The Declaration of Independence” and this year, Independence has great meaning on 4th of July in NYC.  True independence is within our vision, now evidenced by the sweeping changes abound;

We have a new Energy Bill thanks to representatives Waxman & Markey’s; American Energy and Security Act (ACES). It  just made it through the House of Representatives(HR2454). This bill is a step towards the first law of its kind for the USA, which could help us on the path towards Energy Independence and allow the alternative sources like solar; wind, tidal, geothermal to grow.  Obama  seems to be in favor of it, although there werelast minute controversial changes.

Independence from Oil, now that would merit a big celebration, and fireworks.

With “Copenhagen” in December there is a true possibility of the first ever Global Environmental Treaty ratified for our world.  We have more countries than ever before attempting to work together to take on the Climate Crisis, that is significant.

The USA is manufacturing electric vehicles and the automotive industry is transforming. is one example of how Service, Contribution, Integrity and Environmental Responsibility are being valued as a commodity and the world of business is being reformed.

The Web, social networks, streaming media, multiple channels of TV:  withviewer “Independence” and so much choice, the entertainment industry is transformed.

EPA declares Greenhouse Gases pose threat to public health–and a greater accountability from polluters is born.

The ARRA creates green jobs, and funds the kind of projects that will insure our independent future, and asks for a smarter electrical grid, and Utilities are being transformed.   Solutions are born.

Let us celebrate our greatest gift we have in this country-freedom.  It is so exciting to live in a time of change, where the possibility of creating a future independent from the past is real.

World Team’s green building (that intends to have the option to function independent of the electrical grid is closer to reality)—and a new for profit Delaware corporation ;  “World Team –Building LLC” that will contribute to World Team Now, is born.

In truth we are all dependent on the love that we need from one another and more that is ineffable: the air we breathe, water, food and something bigger and beyond each us— some call it “nature,” I say “God” (call it what you will, but let’s answer the call with reverence and respect).

May you realize the greatest gift that grows from Independence; Freedom

Freedom gives choice—how do you choose to use your resources; Time, Energy, Action and Money?

A twist of irony–to celebrate independence at a time where there is “dependence” on the Team of people who are all working on our growing World Team Now.    Thank you All— and we welcome All!

Copenhagen”Off Sets” –The Big Picture Game

Courtesy of NASA

Courtesy of NASA

Copenhagen Cont’d. 

Think Global: Act Local Act for ALL

by Suzanne Maxx

We put the countdown to Copenhagen’s Climate Conference up on World Team Now’s website with exactly how much time we have left, because of the mounting pressure to have some specific measurable results in Copenhagen (UNFCCC).  The importance of raising awareness about this critical global treaty for our world is palpable — especially now before the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012 as per the road map created in Bali, approved by the 2007 UN Climate Change Conference.  There are several events designed to increase the chances of Copenhagen’s success from the UN’s framework; one announced at G20 by President Obama.  The USA will host a “Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate” in a preparatory session with 16 major economies, April 27th & 28th in Washington DC. to help facilitate a U.N. agreement on global warming according to The White House, inviting both “developed” and “developing” counties. The U. N. scheduled events leading up to Copenhagen, the first round was March 29th –April 8th, the others are June 1st-12th and then August 10th-14th all of these in Bonn, Germany; September 28th-October 9th in Bangkok and last November 2nd-6th with the location to be confirmed.  In addition to these events Media Mogul turned Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi will host a conference in La Maddalena, Italy in July, riding G8. These events intend to strengthen communications, and step up points of agreement such as deforestation and clear-cutting of tropical rainforests, global levels we can cut carbon emissions that will at least create sustainability, a deadline date, and a plan for enforceability, all so the Summit in Copenhagen we will end up with a global treaty with targets that are reasonable.  So far the areas of agreement are around clear-cutting our trees and rainforests, the precious lungs of our planet — the logging and burning of which accounts for a fifth of CO2 pollution. When I flew over these sites of deforestation I wept with the pain of bearing witness to a massacre.

There is a need for a leadership position here amongst all the countries that are members of the UN that demand “the lead by example” model of accountability. With the help of some behind the scenes experts and people who have spend years in the financial world designing a market made of “carbon offsets”, or the cost of pollution, like the UK & USA team, Blood and Gore-they have a first movers advantage as does the USA now with “green” opportunity.  I am not sure if China’s push for a global currency reserve should be dismissed easily. This is one of the first times in my life since beginning World Team in 1989, which I have not been embarrassed about being born in the United States, since embarking on this mission.  Obama’s stand for change shows he is willing to pick up where Gore left off with regards to the environment, and to carve out an action plan by 2012 on the premise of the Carbon offset game that would auction the U.S.’ emission trading credits and cut back to 1990 emission levels by 2020. The Dec 7-18 conference will map out what is next for the future with an emission reduction plan, and hopefully spell out a game of carbon credits, wherein the caps-and-trade are offsets and will become a global market with commodities that will re-value and transform our monetary system, but with new legislation, if all goes according to plan.

In time for the events that happened in Bonn this March and perhaps going by the “big picture” plan, Chairman Henry A. Waxman of the Energy and Commerce Committee and Chairman Edward J. Markey of the Energy and Environment Subcommittee drafted clean energy legislation for the USA. The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES) is a comprehensive approach to America’s energy policy that charts a new course towards a clean energy economy.  According to Waxman, “The American Clean Energy and Security Act” will create millions of new clean energy jobs, save consumers hundreds of billions of dollars in energy costs, enhance America’s energy independence, and cut global warming pollution and for more detailed information visit the Committee on Energy and Commerce’s site,

The stakes are high, it is our future and if you still don’t believe all the scientists who have proven that our planet is warming by human activities, NASA‘s look and this new report from the National Snow and Ice Data Center shows the decade-long trend of shrinking sea ice cover is continuing at a surprisingly fast rate. New evidence from satellite observations shows ice caps thinning as well. Researchers from the Snow and Ice Center report the largest cover this winter was 278-thousand square miles less than the average largest cover for 1979 to 2000, making this winter’s maximum ice extent the fifth-lowest on record. They explain, “Arctic sea ice works like an air conditioner for the global climate system. It naturally cools air and water masses, plays a key role in ocean circulation, and reflects solar radiation back into space. Scientists believe ice cover to be an important measure of the health of the Arctic.  Look at the vanishing ice to bear witness to the change of our earth.

If you are wondering what you can do about all of this besides trying to understand it, join World Team Now, and allow the synergy of team to move us all into a responsible future, and join us in celebrating Earth Day,

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