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Oceans’ Biodiversity: Dolphins to Sea Turtles

By Suzanne Maxx ©

Living on a developed barrier island, Ponce Inlet Florida, USA, and floating in the ocean daily has built an even more intimate relationship with nature.  What a contrast from the island of Manhattan, New York City to this island, and thinking back on the years being on the Small Island States, such as  Fiji and Samoa.  The opportunity to learn from biodiversity and interact with nature is immeasurable and teaches so much about how each species is organically wired to survive.

When I moved into a home on the beach during recovery to regain my health, floating with the dolphins led me to an ocean curriculum.  Then two mama sea turtles chose to make their nests on the shore of the beach where I live. We have learned so much about being able to witness the life cycles of sea turtles during this time and these precious endangered species we are called to team-up with others here to help protect.

The mother lays her eggs onshore and goes back to the sea.  Months later,  the sea turtle hatchlings’ journey to the ocean for the first time by themselves. Watch this little leader:

and rehabilitation from an injured sea turtle:

..and watching the monitoring of their nests by the local Volusia County Sea Turtle Patrol:

The learning that is unfolding is immeasurable and inspires the sharing of the love for biodiversity with new experiences in the wild with birds, fish, crabs, whales, dolphins, and sea turtles grows from being in the ocean.

Being immersed in the ocean and island, life breath by breath strengthens that interconnection to all species.  But the key is how to not merely survive, but to thrive, with interdependency on one another beyond siloed life systems, using both science, consciousness, and life’s ultimate mystery to discover how to better protect nature. Urgent action on both local and global levels to approach this change is needed, but it begins with becoming aware of the challenges and opportunities.

When we are immersed in nature, each one of us can come into a more balanced relationship, not just to the ocean, flora, and fauna, but one another. This island has a team that supports marine life, with wild species education, rehabilitation, all in the effort to support, conserve and preserve sea turtles, and more!  We have appreciated witnessing the Turtle Patrol in action.


Actions on Biodiversity World Team Now is taking include:

From a global view, biodiversity worldwide is rapidly decreasing. Urgent action is needed as witnessed in the United Nations’ just published 5th edition its Global Diversity Outlook.

There was to be a UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon Portugal in 2020 but that is moved to 2021, date TBD.

Leading to COP26 in Glasgow Scottland 1-12 November 2021.

Observing nature, and organically discovering natural-based solutions from the ocean, is leading to new pathways forward for our common future.

Every Breath We Take


Sunrise with the “Blue and Green” Photo by Suzanne Maxx

By Suzanne Maxx ©

Wishing you and your loved ones to be able to breathe in the abundant love that is here for us right now!   Then exhale all fears doubts, and surrender our mind’s idea of life in the past or time. Every breath we take in, can we give back out to the world loving compassion, in a spirit of contribution?

During this pandemic period, we have realized the key is to go within and notice the “pause” between each breath metaphorically— where we each are in our lives here now.

World Team Now continues to find our truth in nature.  The photo also represents our campaigns beginning with: the blue (ocean and sky), and the green (of nature), and the biodiversity in between. Nature and the highest part of our own human nature need to breathe. How do we take greater consideration in our “global economies” for our future?    Learning to better listen to, not only, our own voices within, but also the rising “collective consciousness” is a task for us all.  To live in consideration of the bigger picture that we are interconnected, and each of our choices matter, as everything changes.

World Team Now has focused on demonstrating solutions, but we have been a small handful of people that planted the seeds around the world: a possible “vision” for the future that might have more in balance with nature.  Our public electric vehicle chargers in California, and solar net meters in New York, were a small start. But the vision has been for a literal “World Team,” and the winning of the human race is to truly realize the potential of our species as human “beings”.

Organizing and acting for things we experience as “wrong” prescribes a judgment, that something is “right” when it is meant to merely raise awareness or move us to choose our truth for action or stillness.  The patterns in movement, of humanity, are changing along with the climate. We propose to rise even above what we “own” whether that be a possession, our own creed, which has carried us through this life journey.  We are being asked to remember or envision what indeed is the inspiration for a deep breath.

World Team Now’s stand is to demonstrate solutions that are nature-based, and we are quite enthusiastic about what has grown during this public health pandemic in relation to what we have organic encounters with now; the Ocean (an educational curriculum emerged) and more campaigns on the blue, the green and the biodiversity in between with dolphins; turtles, mangroves, and islands. Emerging is even a greater perspective of the journey’s story about what happened with people around the world when we tried to actually “tell-a-vision” — for a World Team.

We are enthusiastic about our SOS-IS partnership, even though it is at the beginning of coming together.  Our goals are beyond the construct of time, but ideally in the now we can act for future generations.

This week has many events to consider organized around the UN General Assembly.  A kickoff event on Sunday, September 20th is the New York People Climate Movement’s March for Climate Justice Through Racial Justice. World Team Now fundamentality agrees with the group’s statement and letter, call for justice, but has concerns related to naming-names and prescribing actions related to specific people in political power, and the time frame of these actions with consideration of the collective state of most people.

Statue of Liberty & Lighthouse Ponce Inlet Fl Photos by Suzanne Maxx

To shine the light of awareness now, we can only prescribe to be conscious of our choice, and be grateful. We cannot endorse, prescribe action, what to do, or how this moment will “benefit the public” yet.  We can share some awareness of what had motivated us in the past, now, and for the future we want.  This information is meant to just be shared, again we do not endorse the prescribed approaches or judgments to force law enforcement. Here is what we understand to being organized for the public in New York City locally and virtually:

World Team Now, a public beneficiary nonprofit, had to try to decide what is best for the public at large. Given where we are now geopolitically, this seems to be an impossible choice. That just reminds us that we are all in process of realizing what “I’m possible” means.

We encourage conscious choice.  We have been challenged to know what could truly be of public benefit to you all now, and confess we don’t know.  In the past, it has worked to act on a local level, and now it will take each of us within ourselves to just shine that special something only you can give.

Globally it does start with where we are now.  These above are not legal actions please note that if you choose to go.  The march falls on High Holy Days for many people, but it is your choice.

It’s the United Nations 75th Anniversary, and we do support the concept of having Global Goals aka Sustainable Development Goals!  But the “by when” and “how we will realize the SDGs” is up to us all.   We support the idea of the government’s private sector, corporations, civil society, and each of us coming together for something new.

The question of belief, ideology, and what is justice, comes back to “Just” Us,” each of us.

While our goal is to unite: the divisions can only be bridged through each person’s own truth. While there is a “March” tomorrow we had agreed to support in theory, but it is your choice to engage or not. We can just share the information of what is happening and do not endorse the prescribed approach to go up against the law, or law enforcement.  The consideration as New Yorkers to choose to engage or not, given the public safety, and lack of legal permitting, and prescribed measures, has to be one’s own. Your choice is your gift; the “present” of this moment’s possibility.

Where the theory or the ideology lives into the future world we want, how it meets the present with action with respect of the law is the challenge now—  both the crises and the opportunity.  In the effort to share the information we realize that freedom, equality, and conscious breath matters.  May we each trust in the love that breathes through us, and realize we are in the midst of a painful birthing of a new paradigm and way to be with one another and in the world.

Breathing into a New Paradigm
by Suzanne Maxx


As We, The People of the World Rise, for Better Balance!

Although many of us have held the vision for many years to play to transform the world, and we carry forward legacies from past generations, at this moment we each have a choice.  How to use each moment to live in better balance with nature?  Can we learn from the past, take action in the present, and move towards living into a powerful vision for our future?

Get ready, ACTION!  And the action is becoming more coordinated now, and streams of events and activities role out publicly around the world, will you join in? The activities are vast, and actually, give us all a chance to take action and there are big things happening with the global climate movement. Your gift to choose to do what you can, whatever that is for you, where you are, thinking of us all, like a great big “World Team,” is key.  A World Team that is focused on the goals, the global goals for transformation with 2020 vision beyond, 2030.

Do you want to give of T.ime, E.nergy, A.ction or M.oney for future generations? Will you give a present of your presence, or consciously choose how to give in your life now? 

 There are events taking place with and for people to gather at a village, community, town, city, state government, and beyond national levels. We probably can agree that change needs to happen at all levels, in a myriad of ways,  every voice matters, and each step of action counts.  You can get involved with these daily, weekly as we begin the season for change with these events;

Thursday, September  6 Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice: Now is the Time for Action!!

Saturday, September 8th Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice &
September 8th  Rise for Climate

September 8th 10 AM Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice in San Francisco
Four Embarcadero Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94105

September 8-14th Solidarity to Solutions Week
Climate Justice Alliance

Sunday 9th 9:00 am: Intertribal Prayer, Teach-In and Direct Action Training
The event will be followed by a non-violent direct action training. Directions and details here.

Sunday 9th 12:00 noon: Expansion and Resistance: The Fossil Fuel Industry in the Bay Area
Soil not Oil panel featuring Amazon Watch campaigner Zoë Cina-Sklar and other local activists discussing the impacts of oil refineries and other fossil fuel infrastructure in the Bay Area. Tickets available here.

 Sunday 9th  4:30 pm: Aerial Mandala for Climate Justice
Join Dancing without Borders and Spectral Q at Crissy Field to co-create a visual message in support of climate justice. This iconic image will be captured from the sky and will send a message to world leaders about the need to join with us in creating a more just and equitable future. RSVP here.

Monday-Tuesday September  10 & 11: Ocean Hack
Salesforce headquarters, 415 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 San Francisco
As part of the build-up to Global Climate Action Summit and in pursuit of Global Goals 14, Life Below Water, Sustainable Ocean Alliance has partnered with One Ocean Collab and Salesforce to host a 48-hour pop-up innovation lab for the ocean.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH 8:00 am: Rise Against Climate Capitalism
You are invited to join us in a non-violent action that will include prayer, a teach-in, painting a street mural and direct action at one of the places where climate profiteers will be meeting prior to the Global Climate Action Summit. Details here.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH 12:55 pm: Keep it in the Ground: Building Movements for Climate Justice
Soil not Oil panel featuring Amazon Watch Executive Director Leila Salazar-López, a leader from Sarayaku, and and other organizers about inspirational campaigns to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Tickets available here.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11TH 10:00 am to 8:00 pm: Solutions to Solidarity Summit
This day-long assembly will highlight frontline communities’ solutions that address the interlinked crises of climate, economic, and racial injustice through interactive workshops, art, and music. More info here.

 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11TH 1:00 pm to 8:30 pm: Women’s Assembly for Climate Justice
Join the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) International for “Women’s Assembly for Climate Justice: Women Leading Solutions on the Frontlines of Climate Change” – a gathering of extraordinary women leaders from across the United States and around the world joined in solidarity to speak out against environmental and social injustice, draw attention to root causes of the climate crisis, and present the diverse array of visions and strategies with which they are working to shape a healthy and equitable world. Amazon Watch and indigenous leaders will speak at the following panels:

  • 1:30 pm: Women Speak from the Frontlines of Climate Change: Nina Gualinga, Kichwa from Sarayaku and co-founder of Hakhu Amazon Design
  • 5:55 pm: Keynote address by Mirian Cisneros, President of the Kichwa people of Sarayaku and Leila Salazar-López, Executive Director of Amazon Watch

More info here.


Tuesday SEP 11 6:30-11PM Ocean Solutions Gala
California Academy of Sciences 55 Music Concourse Drive San Francisco, CA 94118

Wednesday-Friday Sept 12-14 Global Climate Action Summit

September 12, 2018 San Francisco City Hall Cities4Climate: The Future is Us 1PM-4:35PM
Co-hosted by C40 Cities, The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, and the City of San Francisco

Wednesday, September 12TH 4:00 pm: Grassroots Climate Leadership 
From California residents working to create a just transition off fossil fuels by solarizing their neighborhoods to Indigenous peoples protecting their territories from oil extraction in the Amazon, many of the most innovative solutions to climate change come from those most impacted by climate change and fossil fuel extraction. Come hear an Indigenous leader from Ecuadorian Amazon, a community organizer from California, and a First Nations activist from Canada speak to their experiences defending their lands from fossil fuel development and finding innovative ways to accelerate a just transition to renewable energy. RSVP here.

Wednesday, September 12TH 5:00 pm: Following the Money: Holding Big Banks Accountable for Financing the Climate Crisis
Join a panel grassroots climate leaders to learn about the growing international movement holding financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase accountable for their central role in perpetuating the global climate crisis by financing big oil and gas. RSVP here.

Thursday, September 13TH  7:00 am: Stand with Communities, Not Corporations
Jerry Brown’s promotion of continued fossil fuel production, carbon trading markets and other incentives to oil, gas and other polluting corporations, perpetuates climate change and decimates Indigenous communities, communities of color and other working class peoples throughout California and around the world. Join us for a family-friendly direct action to demand that the Governor and other politicians stand with people not polluters. More info here.

Thursday, September 13TH 7:30 pm: The Eagle and the Condor (Closing Night of the San Francisco Green Film Festival)
Four Indigenous leaders embark on an extraordinary trans-continental adventure from the Canadian plains to deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle to unite the peoples of North and South America and deepen the meaning of “Climate Justice”. This film documents the stories of these four well-known Native environmental spokespeople who are at the forefront of a perspective shift in the identity of their people, from forgotten voices to strong shared communities with the power to bring change to the entire world. Their path through the jungle takes them on an unexpectedly challenging and liberating journey, which will forever change their attachment to the Earth and one another. RSVP here.

 Friday, September 14TH 1:30 pm: Primary Forests: Key to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
Primary forests, particularly intact tropical forests, serve a critical role in regulating global weather patterns and sequestering carbon dioxide, house about half of the world’s biodiversity and are home to hundreds of indigenous peoples and traditional communities. These peoples have been stewards of their lands for millennia, but their forest territories face increasing pressure from industrial development and agribusiness. Tune in to our live stream: of a panel featuring indigenous leaders, journalists, and advocates discussing these issues and their work to protect forests. More info here.

Friday, September 14TH 3:00 pm: The Tortoise and the Tapir

Haunted by images of empty water reservoirs in the Brazilian southwest, filmmaker Eliza Capai tries to understand the gigantic constructions being built in the middle of the Amazon forest, including the imposing Belo Monte dam. Upstream, she finds spirited victory against hydro dam: projects in neighboring Peru led by Goldman Environmental Prize Winner Ruth Buendia. Tickets available here for this screening, part of the San Francisco Green Film Festival.

This just the beginning stay tuned for much more to come.

Our Mangrove Day ©

By Suzanne Maxx ©


Do you know what Mangroves are?  The 26th of July 2018 is what some call the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem.  You are probably thinking what, mangroves?  Our Sustainable  Solutions Ocean Opportunities on Small Island States (SOS_IS) joins the UN Ocean Conference Community of Ocean Action on Mangroves today in celebration.

Our approach to mangroves is not to just design an optimal preservation, but to also explore the best way to better educate ourselves and others about the experiential value of mangroves with their role in all that is rapidly changing.

We’ve also done some replanting with youth in Fiji, along the way for conservation.

We’ve educated tourists about the importance of mangroves, not only for the preservation of islands but also as a nursery for most aquatic life’s early years sheltering a host of marine organisms. We’ve witnessed mangroves to be a safe nursery for baby dolphins and other cetaceans to play and grow. We intend to show how mangroves are a breeding ground for baby sharks and other fish.

We are examining other regions in different parts of the world’s mangrove parks and preserves for design, and how they made use of mangrove trees, with gazeboes, providing canopies for this natural arboretum.

The mangroves root system’s water purification has much we plan to look at more closely for bio-mimicry, design, and observation of nature’s critical ecosystem for public education.

We have updated our SOS-IS‘s website here:

Here is a recent relevant blog post on our World Team Now Blog



For the Love of the Ocean


By Suzanne Maxx ©World Team Now

June 21, 2018, Summer Solstice Malibu, California, USA

I know I’m not alone when I say I love the ocean! I think there is value in organizing people to focus around the action in a day like “World Oceans Day,” (which was June 8th) or “Earth Day” or even one’s “Birthday”!

The love for the ocean is something most of us have in common.  It’s when summer comes, (or when we go to another part of the world), that is when most people begin to build ocean consciousness.  Ocean consciousness is usually around going to the beach.  So how do we show appreciation, and celebrate the way the ocean gives to the planet, and interacts with life beyond country,  all over the world?

Last year we celebrated by participation in the United Nations Ocean Conference and registered our multi-stakeholder partnership Sustainable Solutions Ocean Opportunities on Small Island States (SOS-IS) inside the United Nations platform for the Sustainable Development Goals. We also launched the website

World Team Now gave the “Pioneer for the Planet” Award to Aquanaut and Ocean Explorer Fabien Cousteau and had a World Team Now Gala around the ocean events with a celebration at the Grand Banks Boat/Restaurant.

It was an honor to participate in the United Nations Solutions Panel as a speaker.  Also, I covered the conference as a journalist.  With a death in the family simultaneous at the events’ climax, I learned that it was too many roles to play at the same time. Here are some past tweets, a Facebook post, and a newsletter to give you the feel of the diversity of experiences:


Suzanne met with and interviewed Peter Thomson, Fijian diplomat and President of the General Assembly of the United…

Posted by World Team Now on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

This year, Oceans Day was celebrated at the ocean itself: being with the ocean and holding conversations locally at the beach with people about the ocean’s meaning and importance related to islands and a myriad of solutions to plastics and individual choices. Most people at the ocean had no idea about World Oceans Day or the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #SDG14, so this work took on a different value, and tone.

This experience brought up the question: Is the love we carry for our common home, nature, and the ocean prioritized in our daily lives now, even if we don’t live near the ocean? I thought I had prioritized the ocean until I lived on the ocean in Fiji, literally for a total of six months working on our World Team project. I lived in a villa actually out on the ocean.

From the back porch of the villa, I could dive into the ocean.  From my bedroom, I looked out on its vast, ever-changing horizon mirroring some of the most beautiful sunrises ever. From the opposite side of the bedroom, each sunset was better than the last.  The living room was actually a “living room,” with large glass circles as the floor, a window to watch the wildlife in the ocean: colorful fish swimming below my feet at high tides, and the pink and aqua blue neon florescent crabs in the sand at low tide.

I realized the ocean breathes too –inhaling and exhaling, as waves go in and out and with the high and low tides – breathing a way to organize life in and around Oceania. The two category 3 hurricanes that came through while I was there caused a great loss for people and island life. It is significant that when we consider the big picture, in the past few years, the extreme weather and tropical storms have increased globally. Do we all realize that the choices we make here in the developed region of the world dramatically affect what happens in other parts of the world with Climate Change?

Yet the stewardship of the ocean in the Pacific Island region’s culture is considerable, and there is a lot for the developed world to learn from how the native islanders interact with the ocean.  Passed on from generation to generation are ways to not just look to the stars for navigation, but to the ocean for understanding life.

“Chimneys” Photo Courtesy of “Dive 4 Life” Fiji

Prominent is the biodiversity of species and preservation; fish as a considerable food source, and coral reefs as life-sustaining.  The ocean is central in the Pacific Island Region of Oceania, and people have learned to listen and watch the ocean and its tides and species for how life can be better organized and prioritized.  By nature, the respect and love of the ocean is core to the culture and village communities I spent time within Fiji.

Next to the villa along the shore of Koro Sun Resort in Savusavu was “Dive 4 Life” where they teach and lead ocean journeys scuba diving (PADI Certification & Instruction), snorkeling, and fishing adventures.  We will share more about Dive 4 Life coming up.   Nearly every day in Fiji, one can experience a way to become more intimate with the ocean.

I wonder how it can be that when I arrived on one of the most pristine, untouched outer islands left in the world, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with virgin sand from human footprints- there was plastic garbage from other regions of the world washing up on shore. Plastic waste, the shipping industry, nuclear hazardous and toxic wastes, ocean acidification, climate change, overfishing have all challenged the ocean we love. We all now have heard that if we keep going at this rate with plastics, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.  On the outer Fiji island, where our nonprofit, World Team Now, has been working, local villagers reported recently that right where sea turtles usually come up on the beach to lay their eggs, instead, there was a giant sea turtle strangled by plastic. Time for action: Here are 20 ways to plastic proof your routine.

So many of us enjoy what the ocean gives us: seafood to eat, waves to wide, sunsets to reflect upon – we think about the ocean related to fishing, surfing, swimming, sailing/boating, snorkeling, wave energy, and tidal energy – what we can get out of the ocean.  I wonder how many people are truly aware that not only is the ocean beautiful, and evokes wonder, but that it actually helps us breathe and is critical for the balance of earth systems. Oceans actually breathe in for us by the plankton absorbing carbon dioxide, as much as 50% of what we humans are polluting into the air since the beginning of the industrial age. The challenge is that the change in the temperature of the ocean influences the ability of plankton to ingest the carbon dioxide. Plankton forms the base of the food web on the ocean.  The temperature of the ocean and the atmosphere are coupled as a cause and effect; mirroring. Thus we face a dire positive feedback condition of warming, causing more CO2 to remain in the atmosphere.    It’s time to think about how to give back to the ocean.  Our World Team project is so eager to begin to show some of these solutions in real time, on an island and we are gearing up for action now.  We plan to have many of you join us at least virtually next year.

Just the same way we created this mess with plastic and other wastes, we can altogether work to clean it up.  There are innovative solutions now. In Fiji, I learned how to re-plant the ever important mangroves.  We can replant coral.  We can repopulate and protect fish.  We can create monitoring systems to address illegal fishing and protect endangered species, we can choose alternative renewable forms of transportation, and all of these systems are indeed connected.

Every morning I awoke to the sound of the ocean breathing in and out its waves as water splashes up against the villa and nearby shore.  To be put to bed by the soothing sound of the oceans gentle waves is a grace to grow living with the ocean.

Do you wonder what the world would look like if we focused our attention, to giving respect and appreciation of the ocean in each breath? Let’s consider organizing our effort by each breath, thought, word and action.  Maybe then we could make Oceans Day, Surf Day, and Earth Day be every day. What if their principles and elements at the core of these singular days happen every day?  Are you willing to consider the power of choice to aggregate the collective consciousness to take action for the ocean every day?  Could we make a world of difference?

Here is an excerpt of the lyrics of World Team’s rap song first performed at the United Nations Earth Summit/Global Forum 1992.

What’s the solution for the pollution of our ocean?

Education, information, cultivation, preservation, restoration, conservation,

It’s time to make a change and rearrange

A shift of power, now’s the hour

For peace, a big release,

World Team, it’s a dream and for finality,

Let it be reality.


May we remember the ocean is all of the time, ever-changing, yet consistent in gifts? On this day of Summer Solstice in the Western Hemisphere, may we see the light of perspective for oceans value; every day.







Fiji Pacific Island Region, Oceania Photo by Suzanne Maxx

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