World Team Now’ Overview of business units for our non-profit organization

“Team” is the model, to build in action and consciousness teaming-up people around the world. These developing four units of WTN helps us grow our World Team project.

World Team Challenge (WTC) – a business plan competition seeking original plans for long-term solutions to social and environmental issues. The World Team Challenge was founded by seeing public policy graduate students working together on Cap Stone projects that only had academic life. We thought these students’ plans had real-life potential application, and value for our world. We thought some of these plans’ solutions might be a real-life challenge to execute, in our media platform, World Team. The Team World Challenge invites all that want to team up with original ideas and technology – not only international graduate students but anyone that teams-up to submit a plan. The WTC winner will be evaluated and chosen by the Trinity Think Tank (TTT).

The TTT is composed of a broad perspective of various experts, coaches, scientists, and philosophers, who will unite, evaluate and then ultimately research and develop the winning plan, working with the students, or original team that submitted the plan.

Once the World Team Challenge’s winning plan is selected by the Trinity Think Tank, implementation will be augmented through World Team Now’s Team Volunteer Corps.

The Team Volunteer Corps (TVC), built of volunteers organized to help execute the plan in the world, going to the actual location and serving by committing several months of their life on location to this cause (think Peace Corps). In the Team Volunteer Corps, the location will be known and often seen ahead of time (in the World Team series and stream). The subject and issue you will be working on during your assignment will be one’s own choice.

The TTT will also judge the World Team project’s various competitions, awards, and prizes. The TTT will also inform the Platform Launching Alternative & New Energy & Technology (PLANET).

The Platform Launching Alternative & New Energy & Technology (PLANET). PLANET comes from the discovery of new solutions as they evolve, through our platform launching alternative, and new ideas, around energy and technology. PLANET will help to incubate, license and patent technology. The technology may also be integrated, marketed and promoted in the multi-media stream by our for-profit, World Team, to be visible to the world at large.

World Team Now will continue the causes featured in the World Team TV series to further solve the humanitarian and environmental topics brought to focus through World Team broadcast medium. The highlighted solutions in the broadcast will evolve with the help of a research team, experts, staff, donations, grants, and international volunteers.

World Team Now will call people from around the world to action to demonstrate what is possible when we join together to serve humanity with compassion and preserve our world’s natural resources.

Research and Development:

Environmental and Social “hot-spots”
  • The research team will identify major areas of concern and gather all relevant data to find solutions to world challenges: deforestation, desertification, global warming, ozone depletion, endangered species, overpopulation, world hunger, and nuclear, hazardous and toxic waste
Sacred and Inspirational sites
  • Raise public awareness in order to protect and preserve the culture and natural environment in the region
  • Examples include: the Pyramids of Giza, Machu Picchu, Ankor Wat, and Lalibela Rock Churches etc.
World Team Challenge (WTC)
  • Inspire higher education by awarding the project that presents the most promising solution
  • Ideas executed by the World Team Now
  • Monetary reward as well as a job opportunity
  • Motivate scientists to develop their ideas
Think-Tank of Global Experts (TTT)
  • Develop feasible, mutually beneficial, sustainable plans for solutions to the planet’s greatest problems
  • A platform for non-profit and non-governmental organizations to work together on issues
  • Host conferences and seminars to provide a forum for teamwork
  • Generate a network of experts to participate in panels and help judge the competition
Team Volunteer Corps (TVC)
  • Establish and run offices to continue the long term work highlighted in World Team
  • Staff each office with local community members
  • Establish a criteria for volunteers to serve for 9 months
Platform Launching Alternative & New Technology & Energy (PLANET)
  • Market, educate, and expose the off-the-grid technologies to the critical masses.
  • Showcase modalities for alternative transportation and efficient sustainable and renewable devices
Network of Global Members
  • Create a non-exclusive membership, open to every human being with lifetime membership

World Team Now will become a source of employment and inspiration for locals in the community where the issues are tackled, and ultimately will work to find solutions that will help to make the world a better place.