Suzanne offers thought global leadership to creatively plant the seeds for collective trends to organically grow in the spheres of movement, team collaboration, to adopt alternative systems and structures for global goals. She approaches traditional structures with a renewed vision that can motivate a culture to work from their diverse strengths capitalizing on bringing out the synergy of people. If the system being worked on needs to be envisioned, integrated, with other systems for a transformed perspective, Suzanne Maxx consults with outside-the-box thinking for solutions.

From her World Team journey’s global experience, she brings an international perspective to projects, which started in Fukuoka Kyushu, Japan – Monte Carlo, Monaco – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Vienna, Austria and then went on    She has worked with other leaders in the social and environmental movement, royalty, private and public companies, governing bodies on local and state levels, ministries, industry, institutions and agencies on transportation projects, community microgrids, systems solutions, and industry leadership., for example: the Electric Vehicle Project in the City of Malibu, the Orangetown Green Microgrid proposal and the Net Metering Initiative in Lake Placid New York, which all  had multiple stakeholders who participated in the projects’ development.

She brings a wealth of experience from her prior coaching business Sports to the Maxx. She worked with over 3,000 people to go beyond what they believed to be possible in extreme sports for personal growth and professional success. This business also included life coaching to break through perceived limitations that translate professional leadership for individuals, companies and groups alike. She has a gift and talent to approach a situation to transform systems to generate the resources needed for greater sustainable solutions. With deep insight, she contributes strategy to global leaders, within the social and environmental movement.

She can often see collective challenges ahead of time, which face our planet’s natural resources in the current development models’ prioritization and she frames potential solutions which inspires leadership within a government, corporation, institute, community, village or tribe.  Her strategic thinking focuses on the application and implementation of small scale projects applied to large targets, like National Determined Contributions, NDCs, and the integration of systems around: renewable energy, alternative transportation, community microgrids, climate policy, indigenous resolution of laws, biomimicry applied to buildings, organic agriculture, green financial instruments, analysis of blockages towards balance, alternative healthcare, creative uses of water, earth, and air all beyond region.

By teaming up people, Suzanne creatively motivates all to find the “eco” nexus of economy and ecology. Her exposure to living in numerous diverse environments and applying capacity building gives her the experience to scale projects.  From her experience with island systems, her approach is using small scale models to demonstrate and to replicate for large scale adoption.  Public policy, innovative technologies, nature-based solutions, analysis of international systems, Global Goals (Sustainable Development Goals), ocean systems, biodiversity, agriculture practices, equality, distribution, the last mile of connectivity, and the Law of the Sea are within her realm. Suzanne is a dilatant of a myriad of concepts related to transformation, and with a team approach, stewardship can be successful. She supports the transition from silos to create whole new circles that overlap, and are put together.

She has a gift for thinking outside the box and helped to produce projects that break boundaries and motivate people, including youth.

She began as a youth activist beginning at age 11 years old through her 30-year journey with the World Team project, and other related social and environmental journeys from the United Nations’  Earth Summit 1992 through the UNFCC Cop events coming of age at COP21.  She is also a writer and public speaker and has captured the journey through the environmental movement with a series of articles, blogs, and books.