By Suzanne Maxx

President Obama signed The Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law on February 17th since then the billions of dollars allocated to revive our economy, and create opportunity for transformation, bring to question: is money enough for a solution? With the inherit dysfunction of traditional large US banks and corporations failing, industry is being forced to morph in a new direction.  We are ready for innovative technology, alternative vehicles, re-structure infrastructure, and a smart grid.  It is time to give up the addictive dependency on fossil fuel and the quest for more money.  Maybe now we can invest in renewable energy and be more responsiblity of our resources.

The ARRA presents the opportunity with of infusion of “green” jobs and for funding too many of the projects that could sustain humanity. There are many possibilities open to not only World Team Now, but each of us individually with the ARRA. It attempts to call attention to that question that is emerging collectively: Will humanity be able to live in balance with our resources and one another?

The website,, is the main vehicle to provide information, about grants, biz /contract opportunities, loans, benefits, and view the time line. This gives us the chance to participate in the oversight, proving transparency to move policy into action with specific measurable results. Here you can watch, interact, or simply to learn more click here . The ARRA calls to mind the following word:

危機; pinyin: wēijī;

The Chinese word 危機; pinyin: wēijī; may better speak to the world’s view of the USA’s ARRA… The compounded Chinese word “crisis” is composed of two characters: One represents “danger”, and the other represents “opportunity” or more accurately translated to “crucial point”.