The rate of bold innovation and landmark actions for society’s transformation is quickening in direct proportion with the challenges presented for humanity’s future with our earth as both social and environmental challenges present.  As the shadow of nuclear rods melted, and other outmoded sources of energy by products wash ashore, the Solar Impulse takes flight, and human powered helicopters are tested.

The Solar Impulse breaks new ground being the 1st to fly a solar airplane internationally, from Switzerland to Belgium.  Pilot Andre’ Borschberg shared this dream at U.N.‘s COP15, Copenhagen in 2009 and today his dream is a reality, met with success.  A human powered helicopter also took flight for the first time today.  We need more groundbreaking possibilities in the face of the reality in Japan that the reactor damage is worse than expected.  The radioactive rods may have melted entirely.  In the USA the study ordered to review the status of the nuclear power plants in the USA comes back with dismal results only 1/3 of the way through the evaluation. With the aviation sector growing towards alternative energy, plus this past weeks’ progress with the IPCC report summary on renewable energy we may end up with a solution that will support escaping our energy problem.

Could this be perceived as a race for an exit strategy, or for innovation to transform our world?  The weight of these paths are symptoms, as is the recent eruption of violence of the long standing “social issue” between Palestine and Israel that permeate our lives — it would be much easier to choose a form of distraction, and focus our attention on something else.