Next year, June 4th  hopefully we all will be back in Rio+20 for  the United Nations’ Earth Summit 2012 to continue what was started many years ago . What is a “life call” for transformation within many of us—being stewards of our earth—may finally become important enough to motivate our world leaders to agree on strong global policy that supports our collective environment, for humanity, and our future.

It was a life changing significant journey for many of us who attended The Earth Summit/Global Forum in Rio De Janeiro, in 1992. “I wish I could capture the energy in this room and bottle it,” said Olivia Newton-John at a press conference. It further ignited a collective spark that fueled the fire inside of many activists, leaders—indeed, all of us who made it to Rio, and continued on the environmental path!

We all laugh at the acronym UNCED, thinking much is “un-said,” but there were significant achievements to come out of Rio with Agenda 21, The Climate Change Treaty which gave way to the Climate Convention (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – UNFCCC).  This was where the Biodiversity and Desertification Conventions got legs. There was the Rio Declaration,  for more on the  history of the Earth Summit, click here.

During this year long road to Rio+20 World Team Now will be focused on renewable energy and policy, with on the ground projects to demonstrate what is possible. To read about some coverage of recent renewable energy projects click here.  Or be inspired by Google’s solar energy goal to go “viral”, and make solar affordable for us all.  The scientists are our real heros, and most are behind the scenes quietly doing their research without the eyes of the world on them.  Several of the organization partners in the campaign Tck, Tck, Tck  including World Team Now, believe in 100% reliance on renewable energy in the future.   What once seemed impossible, like putting a man on the moon, becomes possible with bold declarations and commitment to execution.

World Team Now will also share some of the original video, stories and information from Rio 1992 when Suzanne Maxx wore multiple hats; a speaker, a performer, activist, journalist, and videographer for Jerry Brown (who was then running for President of the USA).  In the footage, we follow a VIP entourage that included many people deeply respected.    Our goal is to encourage all to participate now and wear the hat of being a citizen of our world committed to living in better balance with our resources.

If all of us, the people of the world push for global political will to drive towards united commitment, transformation can happen. On the eve of World Environment Day this is an invitation to join World Team Now virtually; from the past into our future, as we invite all to be present in whatever way possible next year at the reunion in Rio.

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