Photo courtesy of Dive4Life Fiji

In Fiji living close to nature, in and with the ocean – Earth Day is truly every day.  Living in wonder with each breath, I am perpetually amazed at witnessing the natural systems and experiencing island life, as we begin to build the World Team project. Under the ocean is a majestic world that amazes and captivates with each breath. Floating on the surface, a meditative ritual, that allows contemplation of the sea life teeming below the surface. To remember we have one common home – this Planet Earth and make our own conscious choices of how to use our resources of T.ime, E.nergy A.ction and M.oney (TEAM).

Dive4Life Pool Padi Scuba Diving Instruction Koro Sun Savusavu, Fiji

Even in “paradise”, I am reminded when I see plastic along the shore on an uninhabited island that each person’s choice, wherever we are in the world, matters. Each action counts. Are you willing to get involved? We are building a TEAM, it is growing but we need you, and that special something you only have.   We will show how each person’s gifts are unique and as we build the framework of TEAM, remember each of our lives can touch and move others, as the Earth moves us all. As the environmental community gathers for Earth Day in the USA and EarthX Texas, we all would like to be in several places at once, but virtually, we can be.  Happy Earth Day!  

Savasi Island Fiji Photo by Suzanne Maxx