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By Suzanne Maxx



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Living love in each breath today as a few thousand of us gathered in Central Park, New York to share YokoOno’s vision of an aerial art piece;  “Imagine Peace”.  It was a glorious day that was packed full of fun.  Our bodies were the font of the peace sign in honor of John Lennon’s 75th Birthday coming up on Friday, October 9th.

A few of us from our World Team project basked in the aligned vision of possibility for humanity living peacefully with all of creation, visualizing, singing; “and the world will live as one”.  We have just begun to live this into reality with our World Team  http://www.worldteam.tv , I keep saying ‘it feels like we are being towed into a tidal wave’.

School children’s exuberating voices, and a festive scene inspired the next generation to live into the words of the song “Imagine”.  Laughter, cartwheels, and all singing along with more enthusiasm I have ever heard in unison from a prayer, makes one’s soul sing. Appreciate the works of LennonBus,org bringing the gift of music to youth.

This sound was a welcomed break from the serious discussions and issues facing our world now and last week at the U.N., with the Sustainable Development Goals, REV New York, and Climate Week. Sunglasses and T shirts thankfully replaced suits.  Youth now stood in the place of seated leaders with country placards- who were paving the way for the COP21 in Paris, where we are all hoping we have a significant global agreement later this year.  These children here are the next generation, our future leaders, and their joy is contagious.  The smiles, harmony and cooperation of all, ignite a spark of hope.best kids 20151006_124111

The sunshine, on this glorious warm fall day, left hearts open, as did the Beatles and all of John Lennon’s songs plus radio broadcast 104.3 live. We appreciate the love that transcends time that Yoko Ono holds, and augments through her art. Yoko said, “Imagine a dolphin dancing in the sky. Let it dance with joy. Think of yourself at the bottom of the ocean watching.”  Us Sarah Lawrence alumni are rare indeed, with the degree comes an  inspiration to make our lives a work of living art– a constant creative education.  I am thankful to share an Alma Mater with Yoko Ono, thankful she envisioned this event—but the “Guinness World Record”—loss was predictable, as it is not exactly aligned with the spirit of a love that can be measured— is ineffable, immeasurable, and eternal…angel20151006_125625

What a fabulous day!


350 Climate Policy Rollin’ Forward

By Suzanne Maxx ©


CPDSA and World Team Now will team up to organize a human zero,  “O”,  made up of in-line and roller skaters in New York City’s Central Park.  Saturday, the 17th from 4:00-5:00 we plan to be part of a global action for the upcoming U.N. Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December, and to make a zero, “O” on skates, to get back to 350 CO2 emissions levels.  We will be on wheels, that are a “clean” form of transportation.  It will be shot from above, and when we start moving, rolling along, it will symbolize the movement we need to have with world leaders to ratify an international Climate Treaty, and for the Energy Bill stuck in the Senate. CPDSA and World Team Now will team up with 350.org, Spectral Q., for a human montage to post on Unite Now part of the global Climate Action Day-October 24th .

Our “movement” will symbolize the environmental movement and demonstrate the importance of the Energy Bill moving through the USA Congress, and encourage world leaders attending the upcoming international COP15 UN conference to move to create a global Climate treaty. We will team up to make the “O” for SpectralQ’s 350 human montage, .  The other 3 and the 5 will be made in cities like Copenhagen and Kyoto.  Scientists say that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe limit for humanity. Skating is a zero emissions form of transportation, we are more than a stand, we are a movement, for net zero buildings,  Zero emissions, for meeting the 350 emissions target, plus national international Climate Action, and for a World Team Now.


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