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Why has every major environmental conference failed to achieve the desired end result of a binding international agreement in favor of a sustainable environment?

At World Team Now (WTN) we believe it is not for lack of scientific evidence, and while interests of sovereignty and individual advantage inevitably intercede, it is not entirely or even largely national self-interest, so much as a failure of accessible first principles based upon a genuine ethics respectful of the truth of the human person that, upon close examination, will challenge out-worn assumptions that merely favor ever greater production to promote corporate profit structures at the cost of the individual worker and their families.

For years, developing nations have been indentured by debt buying into levels of economic production that cannot be sustained by the biosphere.

Now, Spain and Greece as part of the putative EU bailout are being mortgaged to large banking and corporate interests to the same end.

WTN has received accreditation from the United Nations to present before the nations of the world, the following message:

In this time of economic distress, it is not the moment to re-build an economy on measures of GDP that fail to account for:

  • The value of family formation and stability;
  • The volunteer efforts of charitable and community association, both religious and secular.

Economic forecasting is intended to be a tool in service of our genuine needs, not a marketing device to disguise artificial wants as needs, or to promote ignoring the estimated $16 trillion in so-called unpaid production, much of which is supplied by women, or to aggravate greenhouse gas levels with scarce carbon-based fuels.

The time is now for the good guys to take the field as a world team; by challenging economic suppositions that are little more than skewed political choices enriching a handful of nations and corporate interests at the expense of not just developing nations, but the long-term political, economic, and agricultural security of all.

News flash: solar production is halving in cost every 7 or 8 years and with improved energy storage already being developmentally tested the cost of energy is speculated to approach zero in 2025.

There is no point developing regulatory structures that prop-up old, environmentally-insensitive markets or that financially strangle investment in alternatives that promote a sustainable environment.

Solar production is halving in cost every 7 or 8 years and with improved energy storage already being developmentally tested the cost of energy is speculated to approach zero in 2025.

WTN operates on donation and its accredited presenters, former U.S. Ambassador and campaign advisor to Barack Obama, Prof. Douglas Kmiec, and Suzanne Maxx founder of WTN along with other staff, need basic travel and lodging support to make clear the importance of de-coupling our global future from economic models that defy human good.

Our goal in seeking and achieving UN accreditation, to RIO +20, is to lay before the participants the missing set of universal tenets that can contribute towards a global agreement on an energy policy that respects the natural order rather than destroys it.

To date, WTN members have given of their own time and resource to win a coveted seat at the table of world leaders.  If that seat is to be filled we now need your help to cover modest economy travel and lodging for our experts and presenters.

There will be vast numbers present, but we believe only WTN will be making the following points clearly on your behalf that span the  humanitarian, legal, scientific, and theological perspectives.


The moral worth of individuals transcends national, spatial and temporal boundaries.

  • Humanitarian is not just an adjective for WTN.  There is an ethical duty on the part of wealthy nations to provide resources for the poor. WTN will keep the proper focus of RIO +20 on what is the net wealth transferred to the poor.  WTN is not beholden to any corporate, political or economic interest.
  • Humanitarian is not just an adjective for WTN; it is a commitment.  WTN knows that the environmental goals are achieved locally as well as globally.  WTN’s Suzanne Maxx has been instrumental in arranging for electric vehicle supply points in her home community.  Ambassador Kmiec is the co-author of one of America’s most relied upon land-use treatise with his daughter, Katherine, the deputy legal counsel to one of the largest counties in California.  This father-daughter team has advocated, and daughter Kate is facilitating with well-designed regulatory oversight and encouragement some of the largest solar farms in the southwestern United States.  WTN is ever alert for local zoning ordinances to permit businesses in the home and other forms of sustainable communities that are both good culturally as well as environmentally


  • WTN is a legal realist.  No nation will join an international climate change treaty or promote alternative, non-carbon-based, renewable energy unless the treaty is perceived to make that nation better off.
  • WTN is a legal realist and it knows that a successful rule of law is one that demonstrates why reason and rational patriotism is not threatened by an international legal regime to support a sustainable environment.
  • WTN is a legal realist.  Nations, like other economic actors, seek to take advantage (rent-seek) of the environmental goods supplied by others.  Only WTN is advocating that this type of self-regarding nationalism in the face of present environmental need must first be signaled by the world community as unethical before it can be successfully made internationally unlawful.
  • WTN is a legal realist.  Shame precedes the crime, with individuals as well as nations.  Nations that persist in rent-seeking behavior in disregard for the world community should be internationally shamed.  As with the perpetrators of the violence in Syrian streets and villages, those nations or leaders of nations that do “violence” to world resources should be singled-out and isolated until rectification is made.
  • WTN is a legal realist.  The argument that a generic claim of sovereignty insulates a nation from internationally defined sanction for environmental harm must be rejected.  Sovereignty claims are particularly weak where nations have permitted de facto global governance by large, multi-national corporations and their investment sources.
  • WTN is a legal realist.  Democracy and free markets matter, but they fail when information is untimely, as it most always is when conveyed by the vote and prices. Conventional voting every two or four years is simply too slow and too cumbersome to provide adequate feedback on all issues. At the same time pricing mechanisms do not incorporate the full spectrum of social and environmental costs in the marketplace.
  • WTN is a legal realist because it is tech savvy. Accountability can be enhanced through the use of on-line voting both for candidates and issues. Democracy coupled with technology allows for the following questions to be answered more effectively than through traditional political means: 1. How to control our own population base? 2. How to redesign our production and distribution systems to operate within ecological tolerances so as to be sustainable over the long term? 3. How to clean up the backlog of toxic and hazardous waste conditions created by our unstable forms of industrialization? 4. How do we accomplish this equitably and therefore as peacefully as possible?

WTN is prepared to press these questions on behalf of the world team it represents, but it needs your help now.

Please don’t let this accredited voice of international, environmental sanity go unheard.

The world team needs its own genuine leaders to be there, but they won’t be without you.