»Renewable Energy: Wind«

Low Wind Key to Success in Thailand

July 7, 2012


“I know that 70% of the area in the world has a low wind speed. I thought, if we want to promote the wind machine, 70% is a lot of the world”, says Dr. Roy. Dr. Wirachai Roynarin (or Dr. Roy as he is more commonly known), is a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at RMUTT […]

Wind and Tulips, Success in North Holland

June 28, 2012


“If I only grew potatoes and onions, then I wouldn’t speak with so many people”, says Jaap van der Beek. “You speak so often to these people because we all have the same interest. That interest is to build a big wind turbine.” Jaap van der Beek has been harvesting the wind for over 15 […]

Bright Future for Wind Energy in Nepal

June 28, 2012


“I have seen a bright future for wind energy in Nepal, because a lot of wind energy potential has been predicted,” says Aruna Awale, manager of the wind energy department at the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal. From the window of her office, she can see one of the few operating wind turbines […]

Megawatts, Community and Development in Thailand

June 7, 2012


“It represents modernity. So, they want this in their community. Hey, we are modern, they say. This is latest technology, and we are independent from Burmese gas and from imported oil. Our energy is produced here with our own resources, our own wind. Zero emissions, and we are proud of it!” That’s what it sounds […]

Co-operative Wind Energy in Ireland Builds Strong Community Spirit

May 31, 2012


Like many others, Pat Blount’s life changed on a barstool. Striking up a conversation with the individual beside him, Pat was soon deep in discussion with a representative from wind turbine manufacture,. Pat proceeded to pepper his new companion with question after question about the wind industry and when he left that bar, he set […]

A mayor with a vision transforms rural life in the Czech Republic

May 28, 2012


“I tried to change things but I had to recognize that it wasn’t possible,” says Petr Pavek, leaning against his adobe straw bale house.  He gazes out on his property over-looking the little town of Jindřichovice pod Smrkem in the Czech Republic. In the fields below grow organic vegetables, and cows for organic beef graze […]

Co-operative Wind Harvesting in the Netherlands

May 17, 2012


Cycling along the country roads of Flevoland, you can’t help but notice the wind. If one is lucky, it is behind you, if it isn’t… well, good luck. It is no wonder that windmills haphazardly dot the landscape. They fit. This is the Netherlands, a country where wooden windmills have dotted the landscape for hundreds […]

Wind Dreams in Nepal

May 9, 2012


Amrit points it out as we zoom past on his motorbike. If you look closely, past the Nokia sign, past the other motorbikes, over the jumble of electric wires, and let your eyes drift upward, you might see it. It is a solution to the energy problems of Nepal, turning in the wind. Amrit turns […]

I Love Windpower Brings Energy and Identity to Mali

May 2, 2012


I Love Windpower Brings Energy and Identity to Mali “If I had to sum it up in one word, I would say identity,” says Piet Willem Chevalier, owner and operator of I Love Windpower. “On my first trip to Mail, I saw this group of people that were really shy, that didn’t want to ask […]

Orthodox Community Embraces Renewable Energy in the Czech Republic

April 28, 2012


High on a windmill, hidden amongst the cherry orchards and the wheat fields of Eastern Czech Republic, is a painting of a raven with a piece of bread in its mouth. The prophet St. Elias the Tishbite was kept alive by ravens feeding him bread when he was hidden in the desert. This is the […]