Climate Action Day Engages the World with Science, 350


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A campaign is launched around the science of 350  and the world responds by participation unparalleled  for a global day of action on the Climate Challenge. The summary of 350: it  is the safe amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to stop global climate change.  According to scientific research, it is our target.  How do we get everyone focused on the goal target?  This  event generates momentum, a call to action, not just in the USA Senate or at the UN’s Conference in Copenhagen, but from each of us to ourselves.  As we become more aware of, and start to take personal responsibly for our environment.  This resonates true for many people, as we witness the length and breadth people went to globally to participate all around the world.  Their actions are captured in the photos taken on this historical day, here below is what we did.

World Team Now ended up being involved in the production of three events for this day.  Two within  our New York  communities;  and one in our base in Malibu, California.

Thanks to Principal Mrs. Edie O’Brian and supportive teachers at Our Lady of Malibu School, our World Team Aerial Art event was a success.   Our production team made it happen, and we appreciate the work done by Emma Cramp of SpectralQ, Nicole Picard and Laura Fercano of World Team Now.  Our goal was to raise awareness and have fun.

The  launch of  Our Lady of Malibu’s School’s new computer building, was schedule for the same day.  The original computer building burned down in the Malibu fires.  World Team started a solar roof campaign for Our Lady of Malibu School’s new computer building on Climate Action Day October 24th , with the first donation.  What was taken away by the fire, now newly re-built, might someday gain it’s energy from the fire of the sun, with a solar roof.


School children were the real stars, and after all it is for them we have to act.  A week of Causes, which gave them a break from their school uniform, wearing red and a smile for “Just say no to drugs”, and learning  from groups focused on service and change; 350, World Team Now and Spectral Q.

DSC01257DSC01261DSC01238After “Crazy Legs” Skate Club on Wednesday  at the Brooklyn Salvation Army, skaters for World Team Now made amends for the North Eastern that kept the masses away in Central Park last Saturday the 17th with the CPDSA event.  We played around with different ways to enbody zero missions.


There were still die hard skaters from CPDSA and World Team Now supporters, that showed up any way, evidenced by the photo below by photographer Fred George.This event occurred because of the support of a team of many but especially Michael from Tavern on the Green, Sinan Kamagate, Bob Nichols, and our ever dedicated board member and photographer Albert Boulanger.  Yes, World Team Now is growing!

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  1. Emma Cramp

    Hi, Emma Cramp here from Spectral Q and the Aerial Art Mosaic Project. Just wanted to say that working with the kids in Malibu was such fun! Thanks to everyone involved!

    The kids enjoyed it and when asked how do we keep our planet healthy, a lot of the answers where planting trees, picking up trash and drive electric cars! Very cool!

    So excited to be a part of this modern day revolution to save our planet! Stay green 🙂

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