We may end up with a Climate Event in every country in the world, by Global Climate Action Day, this Saturday the 24th of October, thanks to the team work, lead by Bill Mc Gibbens and 350.org. Our participation at World Team Now started local this year, with events on both coasts in our home communities — New York, and California.

World Team Now (WTN)has teamed up with others to make our happen 3,5, & 0 happen: 350.org, SpectralQ, Unite Now, Central Park Dance Skaters Association (CPDSA), Crazy Legs, The Salvation Army in Brooklyn, and Our Lady of Malibu School. It’s exciting to align with people from all over the world demonstrating their passion for our future.

Posted on 350’s website is one extraordinary event after another.


Bill Mc Gibbens and Suzanne Maxx

Bill McKibben & WTN's Founder Suzanne Maxx

Bill McKibben 350’s founder says, “It is the single most widespread day of political action that the earth has ever seen.” Here are some highlights from around the world:

  • A Global 350 Mosaic: Organizers in Sydney and Beijing are forming giant human 3’s, while activists in London and Delhi make huge 5’s, and citizens in Copenhagen and Quito form enormous 0’s, together making a global 350, a symbol of the need for all of us to work together.
  • In Kenya, 350 Maasai children will perform a jumping dance, highlighting that for their pastoral lifestyle, climate change is already underfoot.
  • Across China, over 200 events are planned at iconic locations like wind-turbine farms, coastal cities, and at melting glaciers.

If you don’t want to see for yourself now, Saturday afternoon you will be able to view on a gigantic screen in Times Square and broadcast around the world. Like the Ball dropping to begin the New Year, this time the world will begin to count down the day to U.N. Climate Conference in Copenhagen (COP15) and hopefully we all will be reminded we have to really pay attention to time, and living in balance with our environment.

Here is a sneak preview of one of our images we shot in Central Park last Saturday 17th “Rollin the “O”  .

Rolllin the O

Skaters for World Team Now in Central Park New York, USA

One image from this shoot with photographer Fred George will be put in a montage made by SpectralQ. Normally we have several hundred people there for the skate circle in the park and we were happy that there were a few that came out  to skate, despite what NYC skaters consider to be bad weather.  This was our first Aerial art piece and made us really appreciate artists like John Quigley of Spectral Q.  Skaters’ love to inspire others to get rolling, so we had fun out there! But we wanted to continue with our aerial art attempt on skates so we did an impromptu piece  at the Salvation Army in Brooklyn, NY.


Skaters for World Team Now at the Salvation Army in Brooklyn, NY after Crazy Legs “O”

Tomorrow World Team Now and Our Lady of Malibu School are joining together for an Aerial Art Piece lead by Spectral Q.  Students will make the 350, and it coincidences with two other events.  They will be wearing red because it is the “Just say NO to drugs week” as well.  Also two years ago during the Malibu fires, our Lady of Malibu School’s computer building had burnt down and tomorrow is also the launch of the new computer room opening.  When we pitched the idea to Our Lady of Malibu School’s principal Edie O’Brien, with our Solar Roof project at the Sunset Restaurant, we had the idea to start a Solar Roof Campaign for the school and Mrs. O’Brien loved it.  World Team Now is making the first donation for the Solar Roof Campaign at our Lady of Malibu School.

And if you haven’t found an event to join yet, you can find one here,

Or  hopefully by seeing some of our ideas you will be inspired to create your own event, it’s not too late.  No 350 is too small.

A global campaign of action based on sound scientific evidence is something that is all inclusive, so let’s join!

It takes a team!