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Now is the Time-Copenhagen COP15

By Suzanne Maxx

The Count Down to Copenhagen which we had posted on World Team Now’s Website is over, now is the time…. Left with dusty remnants of older blog conversations, “Think Global, Act for All, preparing for  COP15. Now you too, have the opportunity to participate at Copenhagen; at the bottom of our home page there are links to take you to Copenhagen, COP15 webcasts and bring you virtually there, without the travel.

The much anticipated COP15 conference officially began yesterday, for us at World Team Now, and all others committed to the environmental movement this event holds the possibility of bearing witness to a historical moment in our world; The possibility of a global treaty’s framework around Climate Change agreed to by 192 Countries around the world, is present—with our future at stake.

The meeting could be named “Last Chance for Humanity” but the official title is the 15th Conference of the Parties — in reference to all part of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) referred to commonly as, COP15.  Let’s hope the force of “COP15” can regulate like the acronym’s word, in regards to environmental justice.

More than 15,000 people made up of delegates, NGO’s and press gathered in Copenhagen for the opening of the conference.  Cultural experiences gave those good feeling chills, with inspirational speeches, a performance of  “All life is your life”, composed and accompanied by legendary Danish jazz trumpet player Palle Mikkelborg, and a short film, “Please Help the World,” about the nightmare of non-action- from a child’s perspective.

Unfortunately for much of the world, the understanding of Climate Change, and the way it has been presented in the media, has left most people at best confused, thinking that this UN Conference in Copenhagen might be futile; however the exact opposite may indeed be true. As if to highlight the point at the start of the Copenhagen climate conference, 56 newspapers from around the world published a joint editorial on Dec. 7th that urged world leaders to take steps that can limit rising temperatures.

“Kicking our carbon habit within a few short decades will require a feat of engineering and innovation to match anything in our history,” says the joint editorial. “But whereas putting a man on the moon or splitting the atom were born of conflict and competition, the coming carbon race must be driven by a collaborative effort to achieve collective salvation.”

Life happens, and I had planned to be there in Copenhagen today for the conference opening, and to be aligned with President Obama’s originally scheduled visit, on assignment for ENS.  It was fortunate President Obama changed his schedule participation to the 18th of December.  But I did not anticipate a press conference held right here in the US by EPA’s Administrator Lisa Jackson, to be the place of action today, so here’s to timing! This was bold action timed well to motivate the world to get down to some specific measurable results—for transformation.  Lisa Jackson spoke with clarity about the Climate Challenge in her speech today, (click here);

“The overwhelming amounts of scientific study show that the threat is real – as does the evidence before our very eyes. Polar ice caps crumbling into the oceans, changing migratory patterns of animals and broader ranges for deadly diseases, historic droughts, more powerful storms, and disappearing coastlines”.

But now after public response, Lisa Jackson demonstrated EPA is ready for action signing two distinct findings on December 7th,  “ I’m proud to announce that EPA has finalized its endangerment finding on greenhouse gas pollution, and is now authorized and obligated to take reasonable efforts to reduce greenhouse pollutants under the Clean Air Act.
She explained, “In 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down perhaps the most significant decision ever reached in environmental law. The Court ruled that the Clean Air Act, the landmark 1970 law aimed at protecting our air, is written to include greenhouse gas pollution.

This administration will not ignore science or the law any longer, nor will we avoid the responsibility we owe to our children and grandchildren. Today this long-overdue finding cements 2009’s place in history as the year when the United States Government began seriously addressing the challenge of greenhouse gas pollution and seizing the opportunity of clean-energy reform.

This action by EPA today says literally and symbolically that the US is taking Climate Change seriously, by proving that Green House Gasses (GHG) are indeed a public health threat and under the clean air act this gives EPA the authority and jurisdiction to regulate.   This declaration holds the possibility of power being exerted from top down, if it can’t be done from the ideal bottom up legislature on energy.  An Energy Bill has gone through the House, but the Energy Bill is stuck being debated in the Senate. The US needs more than image now, calling for action and now it looks to be within EPA’s power to regular not vehicles, and new construction, but also on new manufacturing facilities, if necessary.

I doubt that many anticipated this kind of bold action here on Climate Change from the US, who has a history of holding the rest of the world back from ratifying our first global agreement signed by all countries of our world since two generations of President Bushs’ (beat it around the..), when it was first named “The Climate Treaty,” at The Earth Summit in Rio, and when it grew into “The Kyoto Protocol”. May EPA inspire all working for an agreement in Copenhagen with the confidence that bigger forces are at work, and anything is possible in the US now..

“Every positive announcement will improve our chances of staying below the 2°C target,” said Danish minister Connie Hedegaard, who is presiding over the Copenhagen summit. “But we all know only too well, we are not there yet.

The set up leading to President Obama’s interaction at the end with the Conference with a team of policy experts  all working towards an agreement, and the US.gov with EPA team hosting over 70 events in Copenhagen, is quite a strategy for something powerful..

The US is taking steps to redeem global respect.   The possibility is a “home run”, with the bases loaded from the preceding work done.  Inside the hearts of many who empower President Obama with high virtues, virtues that collectively inspired great leaders of the USA to write the documents like, “The Constitution of the United States“, virtues that are at the core of “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, virtues that could reflect the soul of our world striving to live in balance with our resources.   Could the US inspire now? The stage will be set after this period of the conference for Obama to take a swing at global transformation having just received this Noel peace prize with the world’s eyes on him,  he will have the opportunity to demonstrate his stand for peace, and change with ideals he founded his campaign with, “Yes, we can”, by taking action at COP15 when many had given up on any specific measurable results.  He will have a chance to lead with the Light of respect, with the spotlight of the global stage shining on COP15 to stand for the highest good of our world.

Now for humanity’s sake let’s hope our timing and our efforts made, to come up with the first binding global treaty, that the whole world adopts, happens in time to bring  future generations a world they deserve.

Global Climate Action a Success- Now for More!



The global day of Climate Action orchestrated by 350.org was indeed a success if measured by the people and venues around the world who all participated.  What a fun way for the public to learn about climate science, through community team work.  We at World Team Now had our “O” make it into the North America 350 Montage, and were excited to be on the team that produced events. We all have to celebrate our moments of success especially now.  The tasks are daunting with the USA energy policy facing Congress, and with the hopes of a Global Energy Treaty coming out the upcoming international COP15 UN conference. It is time for our world to create policies with the best interest for all and commit to a plan of action for humanity to live in balance with our resources.   This  seems impossible, but knowing our future is at stake, based on Climate Science  presses the urgency of protecting our natural resources now while we can make a change. But the steps occurring, now like the funding for  smart grid projects,  electric vehicles, incentives and programs supporting green buildings & jobs, and  alternative energy projects  are  all  good places to begin a huge transformation.

Time for Global Climate Action

We may end up with a Climate Event in every country in the world, by Global Climate Action Day, this Saturday the 24th of October, thanks to the team work, lead by Bill Mc Gibbens and 350.org. Our participation at World Team Now started local this year, with events on both coasts in our home communities — New York, and California.

World Team Now (WTN)has teamed up with others to make our happen 3,5, & 0 happen: 350.org, SpectralQ, Unite Now, Central Park Dance Skaters Association (CPDSA), Crazy Legs, The Salvation Army in Brooklyn, and Our Lady of Malibu School. It’s exciting to align with people from all over the world demonstrating their passion for our future.

Posted on 350’s website is one extraordinary event after another.


Bill Mc Gibbens and Suzanne Maxx

Bill McKibben & WTN's Founder Suzanne Maxx

Bill McKibben 350’s founder says, “It is the single most widespread day of political action that the earth has ever seen.” Here are some highlights from around the world:

  • A Global 350 Mosaic: Organizers in Sydney and Beijing are forming giant human 3’s, while activists in London and Delhi make huge 5’s, and citizens in Copenhagen and Quito form enormous 0’s, together making a global 350, a symbol of the need for all of us to work together.
  • In Kenya, 350 Maasai children will perform a jumping dance, highlighting that for their pastoral lifestyle, climate change is already underfoot.
  • Across China, over 200 events are planned at iconic locations like wind-turbine farms, coastal cities, and at melting glaciers.

If you don’t want to see for yourself now, Saturday afternoon you will be able to view on a gigantic screen in Times Square and broadcast around the world. Like the Ball dropping to begin the New Year, this time the world will begin to count down the day to U.N. Climate Conference in Copenhagen (COP15) and hopefully we all will be reminded we have to really pay attention to time, and living in balance with our environment.

Here is a sneak preview of one of our images we shot in Central Park last Saturday 17th “Rollin the “O”  .

Rolllin the O

Skaters for World Team Now in Central Park New York, USA

One image from this shoot with photographer Fred George will be put in a montage made by SpectralQ. Normally we have several hundred people there for the skate circle in the park and we were happy that there were a few that came out  to skate, despite what NYC skaters consider to be bad weather.  This was our first Aerial art piece and made us really appreciate artists like John Quigley of Spectral Q.  Skaters’ love to inspire others to get rolling, so we had fun out there! But we wanted to continue with our aerial art attempt on skates so we did an impromptu piece  at the Salvation Army in Brooklyn, NY.


Skaters for World Team Now at the Salvation Army in Brooklyn, NY after Crazy Legs “O”

Tomorrow World Team Now and Our Lady of Malibu School are joining together for an Aerial Art Piece lead by Spectral Q.  Students will make the 350, and it coincidences with two other events.  They will be wearing red because it is the “Just say NO to drugs week” as well.  Also two years ago during the Malibu fires, our Lady of Malibu School’s computer building had burnt down and tomorrow is also the launch of the new computer room opening.  When we pitched the idea to Our Lady of Malibu School’s principal Edie O’Brien, with our Solar Roof project at the Sunset Restaurant, we had the idea to start a Solar Roof Campaign for the school and Mrs. O’Brien loved it.  World Team Now is making the first donation for the Solar Roof Campaign at our Lady of Malibu School.

And if you haven’t found an event to join yet, you can find one here,

Or  hopefully by seeing some of our ideas you will be inspired to create your own event, it’s not too late.  No 350 is too small.

A global campaign of action based on sound scientific evidence is something that is all inclusive, so let’s join!

It takes a team!

350 Climate Policy Rollin’ Forward

By Suzanne Maxx ©


CPDSA and World Team Now will team up to organize a human zero,  “O”,  made up of in-line and roller skaters in New York City’s Central Park.  Saturday, the 17th from 4:00-5:00 we plan to be part of a global action for the upcoming U.N. Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December, and to make a zero, “O” on skates, to get back to 350 CO2 emissions levels.  We will be on wheels, that are a “clean” form of transportation.  It will be shot from above, and when we start moving, rolling along, it will symbolize the movement we need to have with world leaders to ratify an international Climate Treaty, and for the Energy Bill stuck in the Senate. CPDSA and World Team Now will team up with 350.org, Spectral Q., for a human montage to post on Unite Now part of the global Climate Action Day-October 24th .

Our “movement” will symbolize the environmental movement and demonstrate the importance of the Energy Bill moving through the USA Congress, and encourage world leaders attending the upcoming international COP15 UN conference to move to create a global Climate treaty. We will team up to make the “O” for SpectralQ’s 350 human montage, .  The other 3 and the 5 will be made in cities like Copenhagen and Kyoto.  Scientists say that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe limit for humanity. Skating is a zero emissions form of transportation, we are more than a stand, we are a movement, for net zero buildings,  Zero emissions, for meeting the 350 emissions target, plus national international Climate Action, and for a World Team Now.


3347453775_d45f9301a8_o (1)

United Nations-Specific Measurable Results?


By Suzanne Maxx ©

The UN is back in session, and the world looks for “Specific Measurable Results”  towards global transformation.

Yves de Boer, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, has said the key to the success of the Copenhagen conference – also known as COP15 – will be how much industrialized countries (Defined as “Developed”) are willing to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases and how much India and China (Defined as “Developing”) are willing to limit the growth of their emissions.

Perhaps there is a better way to define a country? To work with countries of our world within the framework of the words the UN has labeled as “Developed,” “Developing, and Least Developed”, has an orientation of values that may not be in the best interest of humanity’s future on this planet earth.

Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations, defined a developed country as follows. “A developed country is one that allows all its citizens to enjoy a free and healthy life in a safe environment.”

Perceptions of freedom, safety and health can be relative.  It is important to consider that presently there is no established convention for the designation of “developed” and “developing” countries or areas in the United Nations system.

Do these words, defining how each country can play in the world game restrict our world?   Is there a better way to define countries that will inspire better co-operation, a more level playing field, so all countries can approach global treaties truly looking out for the benefit of humanity?  If we are going to use defining words, perhaps there could be an established convention for designation?  World Team Now seeks alternative definitions.

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