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Photo Courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office

“Don’t bother me with your conscientious scruples, the thing is superb physics!” –Enrico Fermi’s quote is analyzed byJeffrey Lewis from Wonk Arms Control .  Jeffrey continues to inspire and captures the depth necessary to contemplate where we are in humanity with intelligent information about issues of significance.   It is terrifying to realize that each nuclear power plant with stock piles of stored radioactive rods has the potential to have the  similar results as a nuclear bomb.  We are facing that now with Fukushima. What could distract us more from the reality of Fukushima’s nuclear radiation spreading than the death of Osama Bin Laden?  Not much.  News is not only fickle and biased towards being new, and the first with the catchiest headlines hooking us with stories that superficially appease society’s limited attention span, and like junk food, fulfill an immediate gratification cycle.  When will global significance have the relevant place with depth, media coverage and public information deserved?  The situation is approached with depth from a philosophical and spiritual perspective in this article, “Energy and Our Future with Earth“. Below are some topics and links that hopefully help to better understand “the situation” that many believe to be over, regarding the radiation at Fukushima, Japan.  Radiation is a real challenge as we can not see the effect it has or it’s presence. When it comes to our resources like water, air and our earth why is this not #1 for us all?  If we don’t have these resources, we can’t survive, so why is this not a priority?  Maybe the responsibility is too difficult to embrace—perhaps it’s like the “Titanic,” we realize (even if unconsciously) that we might as well have a party while we are sinking—if it is going to sink anyway.  That is the only way empathy can be given to humanity’s lack of willingness to be educated on this serious environmental situation.  Yes, it is difficult to look at this, but awakening to the truth is a way transformation and lasting change can occur. Fukushima is far from over;

Fukushima meltdown confirmed by experts around the world confirming gov’ts wrong (video interviews):
Here is the IAEA’s report for today:
Video proves there is still water in storage pools:
Concrete emitting 900, 000 msl per hr;
Radioactive water release hits new heights;
Just the fact on reactors:
Domestic nuclear situation:
Ethics & discovery of nuclear fission quotes:


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