It’s impossible to engineer for  “Black Swans” *  from Fukushima we are reminded that the risk of nuclear energy is too great whether analyzed from a public health, safety, or security perspective. Obama’s budget proposal for 2011 would add $36 billion in new federal loan guarantees to $18.5 billion already budgeted but not spent – for a total of $54.5 billion. The new $8.3 billion in federal loan guarantees will go toward the construction and operation of a pair of reactors in Burke County, Ga., by the Southern Co. Federal loan guarantees are needed to spur construction of new reactors because of the huge expense. This puts the US taxpayer at risk given the industry’s record of cost overruns and loan defaults. The argument about the cost causes bi-partisan combustion, but regardless the cost conversation is mute and overridden by the underlying risk. World Team Now ‘s stand is that is time to pause to reflect upon and consider giving this kind of funding/subsidies and loan guarantees to the renewable energy sector instead. This could jump start tidal energy, and geothermal energy or build out an infrastructure for new transmission sources. Keep in mind the fission spectrum from radiation released in a nuclear power plant has a longer life than the radiation release from a nuclear bomb.  It would be wise to re-examine the action of the Health Ministry that raised the legal limit of radiation on March 15 to 250 millisieverts, when 100 millisieverts per year was the maxim prior to the Fukushima crisis – and that amount was already controversial.  There is much to consider now, regarding the nuclear situation: Our children & Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant’s effect on people:

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*”Black Swans” are perfect storm disasters that engineers  can’t reasonably design to cost-wise and can occur at rates that take engineers by surprise (“fat tails”) .