by Suzanne Maxx ©

December 15th, 2019 I went on a Writer’s Retreat, after years of the World Team journey it was time to get still and go within, and better listen before I could speak. Shortly thereafter the world would do more than, “retreat” but lockdown. Now the World Team® project’s goal is beginning to be achieved, we are just beginning to use media to tell-a-vision and bring people together virtually for social and environmental transformation. We still have a long way to go with focused action but thank you in advance for your patience.   I may not be responsive in the coming months, to complete what was set out to do pre-COVID19 with the writing for the World Team vision.

While spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere, it’s not just a “March” it is becoming a sprint, springing into hyper-warp speed not only for “recovery,” but also for transformation.

Coming through an OCEAN of awareness, with collective voice rising for justice, through the tide of the; #ClimateCrises,  #COVID19Pandemic, #EconomicCrisis, #BlackLivesMatter, #Elections, #SacredPeopleSacredEarth,  #InternationalWomensDay. Coming into this week with #FridaysfortheFuture, #Equinox,#WorldWaterDay #InternationalHappinessDay, #InternationalForestsDay,#BioDiversity&Forrest, and now we are in the midst of #MonacoOceanWeek… building to more news on “EarthDay!  Blinded by the transformation tide, perhaps past the #DecadeoftheOcean or the SDGs, reaching for the UN’s #GlobalGoals on “time” #30×30 by year #2030.

We, humans, are meaning-making machines,  trying to fix concepts that could go from being one “day,” to every day –week or month to do more than “build back,” but to renew.  And the focused energy of our collective intent in time is key.

Atlantic Ocean USA

For the love of the Ocean and all above let’s make these more than a day, week, month, let’s make it our priority.  A priority that breathes through, and into the fabric of society beyond time, and into our world’s systems.  Perhaps after this Health crisis, and the myriad of crises we together have realized more about well-being, freedom, and nature, to be better motivated for both personal and collective action…

The love for nature grows. I have experienced reciprocity with the interactions I’ve had with some wild friends. These wild friends have kept me inspired to learn more about biodiversity, their species, from their repeated visits together, while here on this island, writing.

The Great Blue Heron I named, “Beauty”

If you would like to travel virtually to and for the ocean now, join in for Monaco’s Ocean week; We appreciate the work that Team World Corps/World Team Now’s first Honorary President, HRH Prince Albert II is doing and has done with The Prince Albert II Foundation and the team of entities that are focused on the future of the Ocean. Another special shout out to the proposed game-changing global approach to Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), from the Varda Group, who have worked tirelessly on the “Because the Ocean,” and “The Future We Want” campaigns. They have supported World Team Now’s efforts at Rio+20 and proven over time that team works. Their consulting knowledge of Fisheries, Law of the Sea, and dedication to the ocean proves to be significant. Altogether, with each one of us, it can happen beyond one vision.


Thanks for holding the vision that we together can be like a true #WorldTeamNow, as we prepare.