By Suzanne Maxx ©

Putting behind a year of a myriad of collective crises, we are grateful World Team Now has been able to continue to have the opportunity to research and explore natural based systems solutions, here on this island off the east coast of the USA.  We are especially eager to support renewed system solutions to islands, especially those in recovery from the category 5 cyclone, Yasa, in the Pacific Island Region, our friends in Fiji, who were at the eye of the cyclone.

Our hearts go out to all people in communities who we love that are now challenged.  With a myriad of collective crises, we can look past with a clear vision of our world in 2020.  Let’s move into the future we want to see, and the SDGs calls the campaign “A Race We Must Win”!  To winning and coming together in action as ONE, for us all then for future generations we will have WON.

Friday 13th Rocket Launch 2020

It gave hope to witness rocket launches from NASA’s nearby at Cape Canaveral which inspired contemplating private space travel and bringing satellites to islands and remote areas without connection, reaching out for communication to those needing interconnectivity.

What a gift to just breathe and be with the ocean surviving one of the most challenging times for us all. Now we are getting ready to share more formally through the writing of the World Team odyssey.