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Earth Day, Each Breath…

Cob building workshop starting soon

Earth day was “Yesterday” in the Pacific Island Region

Earth day is “Today” still in parts of the USA

Tomorrow Earth Day may be, “Every Day”

Wish it could be “everywhere” in the world, for “everyone”

Community based projects, nature based solutions, can rise– as can we now

To the conservation and focus on renewal of the land,

Regenerative agriculture and old growth trees

To the islands mangroves and large ocean states

To the pristine purity abundant flow of the water

To the transformation, health and protection of all species

Universal policy with Law of the Sea, sustainable fisheries

The ocean dolphins, whales, and all biodiversity

Wars heat fuels  prompt action,

Where can we  move hearts to have more compassion

From Volcano Goddess Pele’s tears or lava stands of hair

Fire will never say that it has enough

Remember justice, is just us

May we have miracles of peace and action in the works

More Earth Day Musings from Others

More Earth Day Musings from Others

For the love of birds My mom shared this news from local paper of Beach Haven “An Island for Birds Emerges Along the New Jersey Coast” – The SandPaper

Google’s Earth Day Doodle:

We Don’t Have Time:  Earth Day event:

Part 1, Stockholm studio:
Part 2, Washington DC studio:

Climate change basics with Climate Scientist on NBC;

Bill McGibben: Journalist/Activist/Leader and Teacher
Our favorite champion for putting the global pulse down in words in the New Yorker;

Suzanne Maxx: Response to Bill McGibben’s share above
We can only hope that the silence from leaders to guide the transition to electrify, our homes, and vehicles is to create the tension needed for all to rise, beyond what divides….Being independent with our energy and moving towards natural based solutions is now in the collective narrative.  Towards peace, we have each do what we can to grow more of our own, or at least keep it local, what we eat
Here is one more article by Bill McGibben, whose title I could echo ”Earth Day is a Time for…Anger;  (To motivate us to action)

Paul Winter’s and friends’ music and visions
Paul Winters and Henrique Eisenmann recorded a new piece, sent this and I’m sharing it with you all for Earth Day, and share it with everyone as a free download here;

We have titled it “Ukraine Spring,” to honor the people and their land. We imagined a piece that was both bittersweet and hopeful, a journey of reflection, that finally arrives at a quiet place, in the morning sunshine, infused with the promise of springtime.

Jump into one of World Team Now’s Heroes, Amory Lovins; The journey with World Team might have ended in 2002 if it wasn’t for Amory’s intervention inspiring to keep going preserve to believe that World Team had value;

2022, Thanks to YOU!

Slide 1
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May all things “New,” bring fulfillment to you,

Especially now, in year 2022,

With all of who we are, with all that the things we do,

Loving aloud, with compassion dreams realized as true,

In action for nature, with solutions, much to do,

For the health of the sky, and the ocean ever blue,

May we set sail, float; outrig, Drua, kyack, and canoe,

Heart embodied more than image of ink on skin tattoo,

Health reigning for all people through, and through,

Transformed systems to assess- consider and review,

Adaptation world peace – nature’s growing coup,

All would wonder how, when? And especially who,

Can we together find resilience, common ground to renew?

Balance and equality might make a debut,

On islands, Global South, look to Fiji, Vanua Levu

Priorities shifting health to overcome pandemic and the flu,

The change starts with just one, but together we make two,

Imagine the possibilities of what we altogether just might do,

Deep gratitude, for friends, family, community too,

Remember, the blessings and love there is especially for YOU!

Image is not available
Image is not available

GLOW light installation at New York Botanical Gardens(NYBG) through January 22nd 2022. NYBG grounds pass is free for all NY State residents on Wednesdays. Photo by Suzanne Maxx.

An Ocean of Thanks, Giving to Islands

Thank you! Yes, YOU! An ocean of thanks with your kind thoughts, willingness to listen and share over the years with our World Team project, especially with our 501 c3 nonprofit World Team Now.  We appreciate all who volunteer as we embark on the ocean,  atmosphere nexus and giving to islands.   The seeds planted the past decades have  landed in fertile ground, are watered,  and we’ve started to see the change embraced with growth.

Photo shot in Central Park, an example of a Heat Island, temperatures are warmer and the leaves are on trees. in late November now.

I am not only referring only to Climate Change, but the severity of the situation with social and environmental tension climaxing.  May these crises ultimately build greater health  for our world.  There is evidence that humanity is finally considering nature to be a greater priority, and it is about time.

At this “giving” time we are in a flood— yes of Noah’s time’s proportion— of not only information and data, but also incredible organizations all vying for resources.  We are encouraging the prioritization of your own well- being first and to consider where you can make a small change to live more intimately with nature, and plant more seeds of change.

We at World Team Now prioritized small islands in the Global South, as they seemed to have the “least,” in terms of development and yet  are “most’ vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We have realized that when it comes to nature we have much to learn from natural based solutions, to live intimately with the ocean, and in better balance collectively.   Now with the ocean, we all can support resiliency as a priority and together share the resources needed to meet the crises with opportunities.

The ocean reaches us all, and we found ourselves starting at home first these past two years.  If you have resources to give, know they will go to one of our campaigns: our ocean experiential educational curricula, barrier islands, nature-based and renewable systems solutions, our alternative energy and transportation projects, planting seeds, net zero buildings, heat islands programs and biodiversity, beginning with the ocean, and with what floats ( like the mangrove seed). The cheerleader in us says, “give us a T. E.A.M.” T.ime, E.nergy, A.ction or Money, it takes TEAMwork for the clichéd dream to work. We appreciate it if you are able to participate.

Islands also include the “Heat island” phenomena that we are experiencing in large cities, like in New York City. As temperatures rise the quality of life, on the island of Manhattan related to nature; water, air and food, and the amount of pollution and waste to combat, is considerable.  We are a long way from  sustainable development, the SDGs and reaching  global goals. ‘Islanding” can also be caused by power outages, fires, mudslides, floods like we experienced in California and this includes barrier islands too, where we have also been based.  We feel obligated to give back especially knowing the history and the legacy of how land, and many forms of “ownership”  has played out through “civil society”  in his-story, and we all realize it is time for a new story, our story– each story,  us all together.

Purple Phalaenopsis, by Suzanne Maxx

We are still gathering the larger scale resources to use media to tell-a-vision, and we are so thankful to experience the myriad  of options to connect us virtually.   The format of media with advertising, that is used in social media, is what we have to work with now. We are eager for the change and using social media at the request of others. For this campaign we chose a modest amount, in proportion to building World Team to scale. We will be reaching out here more going forward.

More people  are prioritizing these collective challenges, just take a look at the youth moving into action, and indigenous people.

Embracing this conscious change for systems change moves us closer to both the personal and collective transformation needed for the future we want. Yet it will take the whole world to be together as a team to play to transform our selves, and the world.

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed, fulfilling, and peaceful Thanksgiving.




Onwards for the Ocean and Islands

© By Suzanne Maxx

Thanks for your interest in our work to contribute to islands, and ocean awareness. It is going to take teamwork and we plan to continue teaming up.

Although back now in my native island of Manhattan, after living on a barrier island to complete the journey through writing the book series. The ocean educational materials seem like a drop of water in the ocean.  We plan to share all that we are working to develop. Nature based solutions— the OCEAN Curricula grows with the work I continued to do with observation of wild dolphins, whales, sea turtles, blue herons, among many species with rich biodiversity. This has inspired a deeper educational path along the World Team© Journey.

From Artisanal Fishing, Sustainable Seafood to Law of the Sea, the ocean is paramount.  The ocean/atmosphere nexus comes into collective focus in this UN Decade of the Ocean.

Community Renewable Energy Microgrids, and EV/Hydrogen, Solar, Tidal and Wind Energy, are all becoming more “eco” economically viable and ecologically a priority and we continue to work to make renewable and alternative systems adopted.

A shout-out to the community in the social environment movement who continue the legacy for transformation since Rio 1992 Earth Summit/Global Forum where the emergency is declared within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). We are thankful and inspired by the rise of the youth movement and indigenous leaders now active in UK Glasgow at COP26 (conference of the parties) who are committed to see a renewed future.

While world leaders look to be struggling on how to move rapidly towards the 1.5 levels of carbon targets— unless there is a surprise on the global stage of action, we need to embrace a more resilient future.  As we rise to re-prioritize a quality of life together, the community based small scale projects will go further with greater public engagement for land-water based programs.  We are organizing to roll it out, and team it up for a healthier planet.

We will share more publicly (when the time aligns) with opportunities to participate in ocean clinics. If more people fall in love with the ocean from intimate experiences in the sea, the better chance we have in seeing the kind of change the next generation urges.

Living on islands and coastal regions most of my life, I witnessed that the vulnerability and need for resiliency continues to increase at a rapid pace. We continue to offer consulting on water, alternative transportation, EV charging, and green hydrogen with community microgrids of renewable energy. It is becoming more valuable to have the back-up power generation needed for independence from utilities. We are consulting with solutions.

The indigenous leadership on stewardship with nature-based solutions continues to inspire our approach to community-based projects unique to each place as we locally team-up.  How humanity lives in balance with nature is key to us, and we invite you to grow in that inquiry with us, together.


By Suzanne Maxx ©

Putting behind a year of a myriad of collective crises, we are grateful World Team Now has been able to continue to have the opportunity to research and explore natural based systems solutions, here on this island off the east coast of the USA.  We are especially eager to support renewed system solutions to islands, especially those in recovery from the category 5 cyclone, Yasa, in the Pacific Island Region, our friends in Fiji, who were at the eye of the cyclone.

Our hearts go out to all people in communities who we love that are now challenged.  With a myriad of collective crises, we can look past with a clear vision of our world in 2020.  Let’s move into the future we want to see, and the SDGs calls the campaign “A Race We Must Win”!  To winning and coming together in action as ONE, for us all then for future generations we will have WON.

Friday 13th Rocket Launch 2020

It gave hope to witness rocket launches from NASA’s nearby at Cape Canaveral which inspired contemplating private space travel and bringing satellites to islands and remote areas without connection, reaching out for communication to those needing interconnectivity.

What a gift to just breathe and be with the ocean surviving one of the most challenging times for us all. Now we are getting ready to share more formally through the writing of the World Team odyssey.

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