© By Suzanne Maxx

Thanks for your interest in our work to contribute to islands, and ocean awareness. It is going to take teamwork and we plan to continue teaming up.

Although back now in my native island of Manhattan, after living on a barrier island to complete the journey through writing the book series. The ocean educational materials seem like a drop of water in the ocean.  We plan to share all that we are working to develop. Nature based solutions— the OCEAN Curricula grows with the work I continued to do with observation of wild dolphins, whales, sea turtles, blue herons, among many species with rich biodiversity. This has inspired a deeper educational path along the World Team© Journey.

From Artisanal Fishing, Sustainable Seafood to Law of the Sea, the ocean is paramount.  The ocean/atmosphere nexus comes into collective focus in this UN Decade of the Ocean.

Community Renewable Energy Microgrids, and EV/Hydrogen, Solar, Tidal and Wind Energy, are all becoming more “eco” economically viable and ecologically a priority and we continue to work to make renewable and alternative systems adopted.

A shout-out to the community in the social environment movement who continue the legacy for transformation since Rio 1992 Earth Summit/Global Forum where the emergency is declared within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). We are thankful and inspired by the rise of the youth movement and indigenous leaders now active in UK Glasgow at COP26 (conference of the parties) who are committed to see a renewed future.

While world leaders look to be struggling on how to move rapidly towards the 1.5 levels of carbon targets— unless there is a surprise on the global stage of action, we need to embrace a more resilient future.  As we rise to re-prioritize a quality of life together, the community based small scale projects will go further with greater public engagement for land-water based programs.  We are organizing to roll it out, and team it up for a healthier planet.

We will share more publicly (when the time aligns) with opportunities to participate in ocean clinics. If more people fall in love with the ocean from intimate experiences in the sea, the better chance we have in seeing the kind of change the next generation urges.

Living on islands and coastal regions most of my life, I witnessed that the vulnerability and need for resiliency continues to increase at a rapid pace. We continue to offer consulting on water, alternative transportation, EV charging, and green hydrogen with community microgrids of renewable energy. It is becoming more valuable to have the back-up power generation needed for independence from utilities. We are consulting with solutions.

The indigenous leadership on stewardship with nature-based solutions continues to inspire our approach to community-based projects unique to each place as we locally team-up.  How humanity lives in balance with nature is key to us, and we invite you to grow in that inquiry with us, together.