Cob building workshop starting soon

Earth day was “Yesterday” in the Pacific Island Region

Earth day is “Today” still in parts of the USA

Tomorrow Earth Day may be, “Every Day”

Wish it could be “everywhere” in the world, for “everyone”

Community based projects, nature based solutions, can rise– as can we now

To the conservation and focus on renewal of the land,

Regenerative agriculture and old growth trees

To the islands mangroves and large ocean states

To the pristine purity abundant flow of the water

To the transformation, health and protection of all species

Universal policy with Law of the Sea, sustainable fisheries

The ocean dolphins, whales, and all biodiversity

Wars heat fuels  prompt action,

Where can we  move hearts to have more compassion

From Volcano Goddess Pele’s tears or lava stands of hair

Fire will never say that it has enough

Remember justice, is just us

May we have miracles of peace and action in the works

More Earth Day Musings from Others

More Earth Day Musings from Others

For the love of birds My mom shared this news from local paper of Beach Haven “An Island for Birds Emerges Along the New Jersey Coast” – The SandPaper

Google’s Earth Day Doodle:

We Don’t Have Time:  Earth Day event:

Part 1, Stockholm studio:
Part 2, Washington DC studio:

Climate change basics with Climate Scientist on NBC;

Bill McGibben: Journalist/Activist/Leader and Teacher
Our favorite champion for putting the global pulse down in words in the New Yorker;

Suzanne Maxx: Response to Bill McGibben’s share above
We can only hope that the silence from leaders to guide the transition to electrify, our homes, and vehicles is to create the tension needed for all to rise, beyond what divides….Being independent with our energy and moving towards natural based solutions is now in the collective narrative.  Towards peace, we have each do what we can to grow more of our own, or at least keep it local, what we eat
Here is one more article by Bill McGibben, whose title I could echo ”Earth Day is a Time for…Anger;  (To motivate us to action)

Paul Winter’s and friends’ music and visions
Paul Winters and Henrique Eisenmann recorded a new piece, sent this and I’m sharing it with you all for Earth Day, and share it with everyone as a free download here;

We have titled it “Ukraine Spring,” to honor the people and their land. We imagined a piece that was both bittersweet and hopeful, a journey of reflection, that finally arrives at a quiet place, in the morning sunshine, infused with the promise of springtime.

Jump into one of World Team Now’s Heroes, Amory Lovins; The journey with World Team might have ended in 2002 if it wasn’t for Amory’s intervention inspiring to keep going preserve to believe that World Team had value;