World Team Now  produced two events associated with  Rio+20: “RIO Panel on Humanity & Environment = Our World’s Resources” and  at the United Nations People’s Summit, “Heart & Soul ‘The Call’ for Our Earth and a World Team”  Though this activity, we were a partner with TckTckTck/GCCA. WTN T- shirts were given to the indigenous leaders in Brazil.

We did a lot of work in finding a suitable renewable energy demonstration project that will be done in 2013: a solar carport was donated, presented  our solar carport project to the Malibu City Council, and explored  electric vehicle (EV) charging carport installations power by solar in several locations.  We also began a Malibu wind initiative to explore permitting residential installations with the city and state.

WTN continued our focus on vehicle electrification at the  NYC Auto Show, the AltCar Expo and more recently the LA Auto Show, to align and create campaigns with auto manufactures.  At the alternative vehicle test drive and special hearing at CSU Channel Islands with state senate members Fran Pavley and Lou Carrera we suggested changes on the rebate policy and legislation for the State of California. We are in process with a formal recommendation for public policy to ask for a rebate to come off of the sticker price.

Another renewable energy demonstration came when  WTN submitted a proposal to LA County for the use of the Zuma beach parking lot for a a activities center centered around skateboarding/roller skating and surfing activities with a renewable energy kiosk.

We are ever grateful for Dave Waltz  who was the head of the Center for Computational Learning Systems (CCLS) at Columbia University and passed this year. Dave encouraged WTN and helped in so many ways in our growth. We continue to explore a more formal relationship with CCLS.

Within World Team Now, we added new people— both on the board and volunteers. Liana Foksheneanu became a board member.  We continue to look for great people to build WTN. We were blessed that Edwards/Wildman has come on board to give WTN legal support.

World Team Now is meant to continue of the for-profit multimedia platform We intend to launch this platform in 2013 and look forward to growing the platform so all people can play to transform our world. We are than ful for this growth and all of the opportunities being presented to WTN!