World Team Now’s consulting work began by seeing a need for alternative and renewable solutions that could benefit not only the systems but also potentially all on the planet. We realized an approach to the interconnection of technologies to make game-changing systems that support new structure. At the cornerstone of this real and artificial intelligence, we capitalize on the critical role of decision making with the wisdom beyond the siloes to circles.  We view technology as the wheels for movement. World Team Now has a myriad of approaches to the transformation of a variety of systems. We team-up and consult to find the synergy with government ministries, agencies, and departments to better execute projects that integrate new and alternative technologies.  We help to interface with outside funding sources from corporations, civil society, and bring resources together to contribute to the goals of the development of the technology, system or demonstration project.  We consult on innovative technology solutions to help encourage large scale public adoption. We consult on public policy that supports systemic change, and technologies. We come up with fun and unique ways to engage participants’ in education and the programs to the support learning of how technology works. Our strategy imagines the possibilities first and then works backward to creatively find ways to get the resources needed to achieve the desired results. For communities, World Team Now offers services to team up with other entities on renewable energy demonstration projects to raise awareness about emergent technology to benefit the public at large and encourage adoption. Part of the service WTN provides is finding a win/win motivation to come together. Through World Team Now and our partners altogether we are focused on supporting one another in the development, and adoption of emergent technologies and innovative systems.  We introduce technical solutions in the context of buildings, transport vehicles, and islands.

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World Team Now’s Consulting Experts

Suzanne Maxx’s Expertise

Suzanne offers thought global leadership to creatively plant the seeds for collective trends to organically grow in the spheres of movement, team collaboration, to adopt alternative systems and structures for global goals. She approaches traditional structures with a renewed vision ...
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Albert Boulanger’s Expertise

Albert is a pioneer in far-reaching energy R&D involving intelligent systems and machine learning in electrical power, renewable energy, smart buildings, smart grids, and smart cities for over 20 years. Albert consults broadly on technical strategy for other entities who ...
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Technology Services


1. Microgrids. WTN submitted a proposal to the 2015 NY Prize microgrid competition for a renewable energy microgrid in Orangetown ...
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Campaign on Electric Vehicles (EVs) Public Adoption

2. Campaign on Electric Vehicles (EVs) Public Adoption.  WTN provides technical advice and services to catalyze widespread adoption of Electric ...
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Policy & Permitting of Renewable Energy Projects

3. Policy & Permitting of Renewable Energy Projects. Similar technology and policy challenges exist in the installation of renewable energy ...
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Multimedia Platform

4. Multimedia Platform. The World Team multimedia project involves “extreme makeovers” of societies' large carbon footprints. WTN identifies, incubates, and ...
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Webinars and Annual Event

5. Webinars and Annual Event. WTN produces webinars to promote green technology and renewable energy. For its Annual Event, WTN will ...
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